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  1. IHatethePuppy

    March Team Tournament in New York

    Hey everyone, New York is running a Team Tournament out on Long Island in March, we're capping out at 20 teams and looking to trying and fill it all the way up, it would be great to see any of you guys there! https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1896
  2. IHatethePuppy

    S4 - Morticians vs Butchers

    Silence is great because of how flexible he is fire blast is a fantastic way to slow a butcher down, and combining shut out with abilities like heavy burden lets you just sort of say you're not gonna get to use this model's influence the way you wanted to this turn, alot of silence is about recongnzing when you can afford to spend the time and influence on the things he wants to do. Graves1 is still fantastic and graves2 is good now, but I don't really think you need the tools either brings in this match up, thier models are squishy enough that some crowd outs and obulus can kill most models they'll be playing just fine, and thats assuming you dont just kill them with cosset. I think V hemlocke is good but she's much better with scalpel, I just didn't really want MO or blind in this matchup. (the range nerf to blind hurts alot when they can just walk up to you and hit hemlocke for 2 with each swing even after blinding them. I hope this helps/ makes sense
  3. IHatethePuppy

    S4 - Morticians vs Butchers

    I played against ox five times at SCUS, won all but one of those games. My line up for them was Obulus vileswarm casket silence ghast then a swap between either bonesaw or cosett by the end of it i was favoring cosett though. I think What you want to do is create a little bunker, use puppet master and lure if you have cosett in your 6 to drag in one target at at time while trying to isolate the rest of their team, the threat of puppet mastering away ox is a huge presence they need to think about even if you never actually do it. If they're playing boar using him as a way to set up unmasking as a way of repositioning their models to spots they don't want to be in is a huge deal of course. Casket and silence can control their team pretty hard and make their engages pretty inefficient, being able to shut out/ tuck people along w/ heavy burden. I won most of my games w/ a casket time two other take outs and a goal run. Their models aren't too hard to kill. Only really weird thing to be aware of is if they have the owner up on their models casket is NOT the tank he is in other match ups, hes still annoying to kill but not almost impossible to like he is in other match ups so be careful with his positioning. It's a scary match up because of how squishy we are but I think if you play obulus you're favored.
  4. IHatethePuppy

    Model distribution needs to change

    What sort of policy does SF have on stores breaking up boxes and re selling them? That seems like a nice easy solution of game stores if it's allowed, at least until SF can figure out a way to fix things.
  5. IHatethePuppy

    Who to kick with?

    from the few games I've played I've liked kicking off with V graves and deploying super hard towards one side of the pitch. Walk up position the ball in a spot where if they want it theyre gonna have to get it turn one or graves will get it back. Then they either need to team work dodge back after they make their pass or have their receiving model get sucked farther into the team by graves and grave-diggered.
  6. IHatethePuppy

    Scalpel's time is now!

    So I played a game last weekend against Mike Klein from anatomical precision playing scalpel with v hemlocke into ballista engineers and I was VERY impressed with how much Hemlocke improves scalpel. I think with the upgrade midnight offering brings to Scalpel she may finally be good enough to consider in a few more match ups. As is I think I like her into blacksmiths, engineers, and alchemists (specifically smoke but I assume thats what they'll drop into us 70+% of the time) expect a more detailed write up as I test her into more teams, but everyone let me know what you like scalpel into!
  7. IHatethePuppy

    Veteran Hemlocke

    I remember hearing somewhere that Scalpel trained her to do a bunch of new voodoo stuff. I'd love to read the fluff for that, especially since despite how much I love Ob Scalpel just feels much more like a person in the story.
  8. IHatethePuppy

    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    I'm not sure I'd call scalpel as bad as bonesaw, she has her place and with a few tweaks I could see her being a viable option, maybe if her her playbook was 6 or if she was a 3/8" kick as opposed to 3/6. I think skulk is very similar to her in that he is very good against a specific thing but is more a threat than an actual thing you'll take very often, at least in my experience with skulk. That being said thats the great part of the current morts line up, theres plenty of options that could all be viable.
  9. IHatethePuppy

    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    Yeah its fantastic, I love how many options we have.
  10. IHatethePuppy

    Veteran Hemlocke

    No we haven't? Our union options for S3 are A n G, minx, rage, mist and fangtooth
  11. IHatethePuppy

    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    Now that every model morticians are going to have access to for a long while are out in the open I think it may be a good time to walk through our whole roster and choose a line up, I think with the morticians this is going to be especially interesting because we want to have a tool box of different control elements in our roster, but we also need to have output models in our line up. Let's start by breaking down our model choices. Obulus- The best model in morticians. Unless you're brand new to this guild you're aware of how strong this guy is. Puppet master is arguably the best character play in the game being a threat extender a way to strip the ball and a very strong control piece, his legendary is incredibly strong so much to the point where the threat of it is more powerful than actually using it is sometimes and 2" reach unpredictable dodge on one means hes one of the most frustrating models to attack in the game. He is only fourteen boxes so mind that hes pretty vulnerable if they can actually catch him, ranged character plays are particularly good against him. Scalpel- By no means a weak captain but often out shown by obulus. She's fast, can delete most squaddies in the game with tooled up and can pull off some pretty nasty goal runs in the early turns of the game between her speed and legendary. Her heroic makes her fantastic at hit and run and tormented agony is great against teams that have one or two pay off models and a lot of support pieces, such as black smiths. DIrge- The better of our two mascots, his great speed makes it very hard for our opponents to kick off the ball in a spot that we cannot reach if we deploy counter to them, and dark doubts makes him annoying to kill. He does have singled out on one but he is only tac two and now that we no longer has sic 'em he very rarely actually attacks. He is very good at providing crowd outs and gang ups and he's pretty sticky with follow up. He's a very passive mascot. Vileswarm- Our other mascot, an "output" mascot that can only take two attacks is in my opinion fundamentally flawed. He requires 2 inf and tooled up or vet graves heroic to actually get work done but event then on a 4/1 model he'll on average deal five damage, because even on a charge he's only 22% to wrap. Compare to other output mascots like fahad. He's simply too inefficient in a guild that already struggles to use our resources efficiently. Bonesaw- Our only dedicated striker, bonesaw is very consistent at getting the ball in the goal if he can get there with meditate, that being said he has a very hard time getting there. Bonesaw starts the game as a 4/0 until he can trigger his offensive defense, and as such he is a very easy target for many factions to kill. He has a 16 inch base goal threat, and his main form of increasing this threat is taking dodges off of football dervish, unfortunately they gave him this ability it a team of 2 die kicks, making it incredibly inconsistent. Bonesaw has a very hard time getting the ball, he is a 50mm base meaning he is particularly easy to crowd up and gang up upon, and because he is only one inch reach he has a hard time just fitting in a spot where he can engage the model holding the ball sometimes. He does have unexpected arrival meaning when need be he can attempt to break up a scrum with a charge but his unexpected isn't until 3 and he starts at tac 4 so charging on a 4/1 he's only about 60% to hit it and that's assuming they don't def stance because at that point it goes down to a 25% chance. Bonesaw is a very interesting model, but he doesn't do anything he is designed to consistently enough to be worth while in most situations. Brainpan- Brainpan is one of the most flexible models in our faction, being equal parts midfield striker, and consistent momentum generating beater. Memory having tac 5 and a 4 long playbook, all of the results being momentous means that in most cases brainpan's worst case scenario will be four damage done and four momentum, a tooled up memory with a few gang ups (which our team is very good at providing) will take a pretty big chunk out of most models, and thanks to One! Two! and/or I'm Open! Both memory and the puppeteer himself have very reasonable goal threats. Casket- One of our better control pieces, between the natural rough ground he generates and heavy burden he can bring models to a grinding halt, he is one of the few tanky models in our faction between tough hide and reanimate making him near impossible to kill in alot of situations, and of course casket time is a VERY powerful ability allowing us to remove a player from the game for two turns, taking away inf from our opponent and granting us extra VPs, he has a mom 2 on two so he can deal a good chunk of damage himself while tooled up but he generally wants to be set up by other models in the team for a consistent casket time. Cosset- Cosset is pretty unique in morticians in that she is very influence efficient. 2/2 with furious charge and crazy means with the proper set up she'll be able to kill almost anything she touches, being able to get up to +2 dmg between tooled up and assist, and being able to re roll failed hits with confidence makes for some devastating damage. She isn't all charging either, lure allows her to be a very powerful control piece as well, however she is very fragile at 4/0 with only 12 boxes so you'll very often be trading her for any take outs she provides. Ghast- Ghast is an anchor for the center of a scrum, rising anger and fear are very good at making him a less than optimal target to attack, along with his pretty good counter attack having either a knock down or a double push on two. Ghast is our best access to early knock down, and his 2 KD on 3 is a fantastic result for starting the beat down on a model. He can deal a good chunk of damage between that and his mom 3 on four, but his 3 inf cap will make it hard for him to finish off a model by himself. He's very good at setting up casket time between his damage and decent re-positioning ability. The unmasking can be useful for breaking up scrums or dealing good chunks of damage to multiple models at once. Graves1- Graves is an auto include in most 6's for me which means that he'll for sure make my 10! He does just about everything, he has two inch reach making him decent at providing gang ups/ crowd outs, he has tooled up to greatly increase the damage output of one of our models, making one of our mom 2 on 2 models very scary or turning memory, pelage, or Cosett into an absolute death machine. His play book is also very good, crucial artery means even on one success he's inflicting bleed, a tackle on one makes him pretty good at taking the ball away or even just holding on to it, and his late scything blow means if the situation arises you can load him up and have him go to town himself to kill a few models. That's all without mentioning he has damaged target, giving him an 11" threat range against hurt models, AND he has a 3 die kick in the faction of 2 die kicks. Like I said earlier Graves really does do everything. Graves2- Veteran Graves is an odd bird, if his name wasn't graves I'd take him every now and then but as is he's a hard sell because taking him means losing access to tooled up. Because of how uncommon it is to take vileswarm the back of his card is essentially blank, he has some decent pushes which are at a bit of a premium in morticians which is good, he has the ability to inflict knock down and bleed with one play book result, and he maintains his decent kick stat and two inch reach. There's not much else to say about the model really, except that he is the only veteran who has ever lost a tac since his original iteration, take him if you value the KD and pushes more than access to tooled up. Hemlocke2- I am so excited for this model, for starters she has a 20" goal threat on her own between a 1 cost midnight offering and a sprint making her a very strong early turn goal threat, she is another two inch reach model to aid with our gang up/crowd out game plan and she has blind a very powerful control ability that compounds very nicely with the control aspects that were already in morticians. She's a model at home anywhere from having zero inf to act as a battery and cut to blind or being completely loaded up and going for long range goal runs and almost anything in between. Pelage- Pelage is an interesting model, her 10 boxes make her very fragile, but the fact that you cannot make MOM off damaging her makes killing her a little less appetizing, her killer male ability coupled with tooled up will delete most male models in the game when she's loaded up, and even when she only has one or two on her she can just go in and single someone out. Her passive aura of 3 dmg or snared at the end of her activation and 3 dmg at the end of opponent's activation make her very hard to ignore even when she has to influence on her, meaning she can do some work loaded up or with barely any inf on her as well, her 3 die kick is also something to take note of considering the rarity of relatively accurate kicks in the faction. Silence- Silence is another strange model, his two unique character plays tucked and shut out are very high risk high reward, due to the inaccurate nature of one cost character plays, fireblast is our only way to deal damage or inflict conditions from afar and can be very good at minimizing the threat range of a particularly scary model with the proper positioning. He is a 3 die kick base with kick assist dirge meaning he can actually have a 4 die kick, making him the best model in the faction to football dervish off of. He has a mom 2 on his second playbook result meaning in a pinch he can be a beat stick, and it also means that he can relatively easily generate the mom to bonus time a tucked or shut out by himself. Skulk- In true morticians fashion skulk is a goal keeper in a very sideways way. He is extremely sticky between lightning reflexes and follow up making it very difficult for strikers to get away from him. His poised makes him very difficult for strikers to bounce off him with his tac 6 tackle or double dodge on two, and horrific odor and pest control make enemies using the ball near him nearly impossible. With all this in mind here is my line up- Obulus, Scalpel, Dirge, Graves, Casket, VHemlocke, Brainpan, Ghast, Silence, Pelage In my opinion the following models make up the "core" of our line up models that you'll see in every line up Obulus, Dirge, Graves, Casket, brainpan, VHemlocke These models are preference Skulk, Silence, Cosset, Ghast, Scalpel, Pelage and these are models I give little to no consideration when building a line up Graves2, Vileswarm and Bonesaw That is my sweeping review of the faction as a way of choosing a line up. I hope people will find it as helpful to read as I did to write it, and I hope it creates some interesting discussion in the replies!
  12. IHatethePuppy

    Veteran Hemlocke

    She's great! In a-lot of match ups I was using silence as a way to protect from long threat ranges by positioning a fire blast, but being able to blind then midnight offering out of their threat range is so much better, she can provide a pretty damn consistent turn one goal especially when receiving, then from there she can become a SUPER efficient battery, providing that 2 inf and blinding while she has nothing on her. She relegates silence to match ups to where I can afford to not have a heavy hitter or the extra control he provides is super valuable or consistent like blacksmiths shark fish ect, but I'm super okay with that. Could not have reasonably asked for a better model.
  13. IHatethePuppy

    Tournament Report

    Esters tends to be better at playing a cagey game against us, but they'll only take her when they're receiving for that exact reason. She can play a gun line game and a tooled up esters throwing out two aoes is actually scary for us. She can play a non-ineractive game going for heroic play goals at the bottom of the turn with friday trading her for a take out for us, and as long as they keep hooper or now v decimate engaging all their important models we cannot impactfully puppet master them out of position since they can just knock their own guy down of the parting blow. With morticians I feel like our game plan needs to be very flexible, like whatever our opponent's mistakes lets us capitalize on more is what I go for, of course certain teams we'll have ideas in mind to start but we need to be able to change it up on the fly. That being said I think with the loss of mist we definitely have a much easier time getting take outs rather than scoring goals with our squaddies. Obulus of course is still very good at scoring but he isn't very influence efficient at it.
  14. IHatethePuppy

    Tournament Report

    Mako, the match up tends to be very grindy, they're very dependent on their buffs so being able to control when who activates or mess with their positional synergy goes a really long way. Alot of people don't like memory into them but if you play him sort of cagey and he only goes in once you're able to crowd out/gang up on a model a whole bunch a tooled up memory will wrap relatively consistently and delete most brewers and its gets even better once they're knocked down! All that being said the match up gets rougher if they take esters but a similar game plan still follows.
  15. IHatethePuppy

    Tournament Report

    Hey everyone yesterday I played in a ten man local tournament at TWS Game Center in NY (they have an event the first Saturday of every month!) with the morticians I'm going to break down the three games I played. My roster was Obulus, Scalepl, Dirge, Brainpan, Skulk, Bonesaw, Ghast, Casket, Graves and Silence. I'm aware that because Rats haven't come out yet mist is more optimal than bonesaw however these events are all about practicing for steam con for me and using mist in morts is sort of a moot point in terms of practice at this point with rats only two weeks away. Round 1- Corsair Fish Round one my opponent took Corsair, Tentcles, Jac, Gutter,Sakana and Siren1 I took Obulus, Dirge, Brainpan, Silence, casket, and Graves. My opponent won the roll off and chose to receive I chose the table side with more cover to attempt to mitigate drag and lure. My opponent deployed in such a way that I could kick off with silence and put the ball in a place it was only viable for corsair or gutter to get the ball, I position Silence just out of drag range and the ball scatters about as well as I could've hoped for. My opponent activates corsair first and gets a little greedy- he sprints up with corsair snapping the ball and passes it to gutter, he then uses his team work action to dodge up corsair and attempt a drag on silence which he hits, knocking silence down and swinging on him for momentous damage with the rest of his stack. This is a bit of a mistake, because it allows me to activate obulus and puppet master corsair into threat range of most of my team as well as isolating him from most of his. Over the course of the rest of the first turn between a casket charge and a loaded up tooled up memory I put corsair to 3 health- my opponent spends the rest of the turn attempting to salvage the position and go for a goal run. The turn ends and I win initiative allowing me to casket time corsair the top of turn two. We get a few more activations into the turn before my opponent concedes after a tooled up obulus with 6 inf declares his first attack into a ganged up on gutter. This is a match up I've written an entire post about before so I won't go into too much more detail about it. The game boiled down to my opponent making a marginal positioning error that allowed me to run away with the game. Win- 12-0 1-0 Round 2- Ballista Engineers My opponent took Balilista, Mother, Ratchet, Colossus, Hoist and Gutter I took Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, Graves, Casket and Silence I once again lost the roll off and my opponent chose to recieve, this table was covered in terrain and I chose the side that was closer to a larger amount of the cove- because there was an obstruction almost dead center of the board it would force my opponent to split his team if I could get the scrum to set up in the center of the table. Turn one my opponent played very well playing his entire team in his deployment line and staying out of threat range of puppet master while throwing out AOES, I believe I don't play the turn one into ballista engineers very well as I always let them soften up my team more than I should be, I make a slight positioning mistake that allows him to double dip on aoes onto graves and Silence, I just eye balled the positioning instead of actually measuring it out which was of course a mistake. My opponent's puppet master denial plan did allow me free reign to position my models how I wanted turn one and get a decent amount of board control however which was good. I end up rigor mortising here to win the initiative race because it will allow me to set up a casket time on gutter the next turn. Turn two I activate obulus early and puppet master Gutter towards him casket and Ghast, then I smack her twice to generate some momentum off of obulus' dodges. The turn plays out with my opponent beating on silence and taking a hoist goal run with he makes, I kick the ball out towards obulus to threaten the counter goal. Ghast and Casket beat on Gutter generating a bunch of momentum and setting her up to go in the box top of the next turn. Turn 3 I win the initiative and chose to go first. I first activation box gutter and manage to wrap into a heavy burden on hoist I then unsnap the ball on him and put it onto ghast, the logic here was that my opponent could not charge me with colossus because he was engaged with silence and ballista would not be able to get the ball off of him with dead bolt him through fear since he only allocated two to him. My opponent goes with ratchet and takes some swings into silence the last one spikes and wraps dealing four damage and killing silence, this is huge because it denies my ability to use momentum to heal silence to keep him a relevant road block for colossus, he then over-clocks colossus. I go with graves and put him into cover and heal he is at about half health at the start of the activation so I'm afraid of colossus plus ballista finishing him off. My opponent charges ghast for free with colossus wrapping and hitting, tackle knock down double push, attacks obulus knocking him down ( I didn't unpredictable away here because if I had ballista would threaten obulus) , then kicks the ball off into space. I activate obulus stand up and take a bunch of momentous dodges off of colossus to build momentum. My opponent uses mother to retrieve the ball and kick it off towards hoist. I Stand up ghast and walk him to the edge of his 2' melee with hoist threatening to wrap and knock him down with my parting blow. my opponent activates hoist and walks away from ghast with his mighty 3 inch sprint because of heavy burden, I bonus time my counter attack and come up with 1 success only dealing one damage to him. He scores his goal with hoist. I activate dirge and heal graves up to 13 my opponent activates ballista and bonus times a dead bolt onto graves hitting it. My opponent wins initiative and chooses to go first he walks up to graves with a loaded up ballista and kills graves ending the game 12-4. I feel I made a quite a few small mistakes that added up to my defeat in this game, ballista vs obulus can be a very grindy match up but I failed to realize the aggressive shift my opponent took until far too late, expect to see an in depth write up on this match up once I have more experience in it. L 4-12 1-1 Round Three Tapper Brewers My opponent took Tapper, Scum, Firday, Hooper, Siggot1 and Pintpot I took Obulus, DIrge, Casket, Brainpan, graves and Silence I win the roll off and choose to receive. My opponent stays on the side of the table he was set up on, likely because there was fast terrain towards his side of the pitch. He deploys his team off towards the side with the fast terrain on it, so he'll be able to abuse it to get any taken out models back into the game. My opponent kicks off with scum and the ball scatters wide. I use dirge to retrieve the ball and get it onto memory. The turn is mostly him getting into position until he mis-positions pintpot allowing me to puppet master him in, gang up on him a few times and beat on him with casket and memory generating a bunch of momentum. I win the initiative and choose to activate casket first who puts pintpot in the box and walks to put his rough ground closer to my opponent punishing the brewers already slow movement. My opponent then goes in on casket with tapper smacking him several times to knock him down and put up commanding aura. I start to position my models to gang up on tapper so a tooled up memory can start wrapping on him later on in the turn. My opponent sends a tooled up hooper into casket triggering his reanimate but failing to kill him. I manage to kill tapper between attacks from obulus and wraps with memory, I heal casket. From here the game turns into a scrummy grind fest, my opponent tries to send models into the murder ball that I've set up and they each get eaten. Spiggot gets sent in and meets a similar fate to tapper. At this point I try to go for a goal run with brainpan dodging several times off passes and I'm open but I miss the initial pass to silence and the ball scatters onto friday, I use the rest of brain pan's influence to dodge memory into engagement with friday From there my opponent makes a goal with Friday and I try to kick the ball out to obulus, but it scatters wildly and lands on hooper. My opponent passes the ball to friday and goes for a three die snap shot which misses scattering to just be on the mat behind my goal line (since it was my opponent's kick I can still generate momentum). I then put grave's attacks into friday to set up a take out on her next turn. Top of the next turn a loaded up obulus kills firday, dealing the one damage that was needed to finish her off, he then puppet master's hooper into 4 gang ups and confidences one more attack to guarantee a knock down on him. Hooper cannot do much since even with heroic he will only be a tac of three against any of the models that are engaging him and he eventually dies to memory making the score 12-4. W- 12-4 2-1 This was the end of the event and I ended up in second place on tie breakers. After this event I am the second best morticans player in New York the twenty fourth best in the Country and the 93rd best in the World according to long shanks not impressive yet but I'll include this ranking at the end of each of my tournament reports to track my growth as a player. Thank you everyone for reading and I'll be back Thursday or Friday with my review of Veteran Hemlocke once she's out.