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  1. Bonesaw

    Well yeah....
  2. My Union

    Great stuff! Coin and Strongbox look really natural
  3. irondesk's minis

    Its been great to get back into it. I was impressed at how many of my old citadel paints were still viable. Most had dried out to the point of no return but about a third were still good. Heck I even had a couple pots of Ral Partha that were still usable!
  4. Any tips for speeding up your play?

    This is my problem. I have fun playing so many different teams. I really need to narrow my focus of I'm going to get faster.
  5. Clock Questions

    Ok thanks, that helps. The 1 minute running out and finishing your current action rather than activation was what was tripping us up most. So it seems like if your clock runs out with more than a few minutes difference to your opponent's you are well and truly cooked. Has that been people's general tournament experience?
  6. irondesk's minis

    My last Kick-Off Mason...Honour And a group shot...
  7. Clock Questions

    Played my first game using the clock and I just wanted to clarify some things. We read through the clocked games section of the regional cup document here on the website. It states that when the clock runs out, the player goes to one minute intervals and gives up a victory point at the end of every activation. Then during one of the examples It states that you give up a VP immediately when the clock runs out, but it doesn't say that in the body of the document itself. So which is it? Give up a VP when the clock hits zero AND at the end of each activation ( including the one in which the clock hit zero? ), or just at the end of each subsequent activation? Also, the document doesn't actually state what happens at the end of each 1 minute interval. I assume I am I forced to put down my dice and forfeit the rest of the model's activation. So not only am I bleeding out VPs at a crazy rate I am also unlikely to be able to finish the activation of any model with more than a couple influence on it?
  8. irondesk's minis

    Thanks for the encouragement! Marbles...
  9. irondesk's minis

  10. irondesk's minis

  11. irondesk's minis

    My next mason.... Harmony. Skin tones seem to be my nemesis
  12. Stats on the Longshanks

    That makes sense. Thanks
  13. The statistics on the Longshanks site - do they represent the current season only, or the whole life of the game?
  14. irondesk's minis

    Haven't picked up a brush in almost 10 years, but enjoying this game so much I thought I'd give painting another whirl...
  15. Just downloaded. Thanks very much!