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  1. Swissmade

    My Fish

    I thought about the same for my masons, but I found it quite Hard to stripe the Shirts. The Change from the Torso to the Arms made me headache.
  2. Swissmade

    My Fish

    So, the last brushstrokes are done:
  3. Swissmade

    Throwing paint at models to see what sticks

    Fantastic paintjob on This Model! Like You're skintone a Lot! Very smooth transitions.
  4. Swissmade

    My Fish

    That's Not good. I See the pictures, try to fix them. I renewed the links, are they ok now?
  5. Swissmade

    My Fish

    Here two vip pics of the corsaire on my painting-Table. Silvers and Hair aren't finished. But corsaire will be soon complete. Hope You like it.
  6. Realy great painting. Great transitions, cool color choice, very cool nmm! Great Work!
  7. Swissmade

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    You're vibrant Green is astonishing! Realy pops out, great Work!
  8. Swissmade

    I came as a rat

    I like you're Miniatures a Lot. Great color-choices, specially the purple with red- and blue-tones!
  9. Swissmade

    My Fish

    Thank You malritch and kueller! Had them today the First time painted on the Pitch. Was Realy great, now i'm motivated painting corsaire.
  10. Swissmade

    My Fish

    Greyscales! The Gras and the signs of the bases are missing, but they will come! Hope You like it!
  11. Swissmade

    Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    Very very cool conversions in the whole thread. Great creativity!
  12. Swissmade

    Attempt at Nonmetallic Metals

    I like her dagger a Lot. Very big contrast There. Perhaps a little blue or turquoise as midtones to soften the Black-white contrast. Unfortunately, I don't See the Chain very well.
  13. Swissmade

    My Guilds

    Realy cool color-compositions!
  14. Swissmade

    My Fish

    My first Fish is Ready. Tried to find a warm-meditarean-scheme. I'm quite happy with the result, only the base could be more interesting. Looking forward for You Re comments and improving Tips. Other pics will follow
  15. Swissmade

    Running Fish into Blacksmiths

    So, now i had my first game with corsaire against blacksmiths. I gone with Corsaire, Tentacles, Greyscales, Sakana, OSiren and Gutter. I received and started with 3 on Greyscales to get the ball, 4 on Corsaire, 4 on Sakana, 1 on Siren and 1 on Gutter. The Influence on Siren and Gutter was a mistake, would be better to give one of them two. I Managed a last activation-Goal with Sakana and pulled in Bolt with Corsaire (had the feeling that Corsaire can’t do much, when you focus on first turn goal, perhaps i just had to allocate him full 6 influence and nothing at Gutter and Siren). Blacksmiths positioned in Front of me for hard beating in second turn. He started with the ball on Farris. But activated another Squaddie to take out the already reduced Gutter. My Siren seuduced Farris for a Pass and a snapshotgoal from Sakana. But Farris missed the pass. Then i made in third turn a second goal with Sakana after a missed goalshot from Farris and took out Bolt. Blacksmiths took out Osiren. Then we stopped, cause the hobby store was closing. Long Story short conclusion. Greyscales is very good against BS with Iron. I played tentacles very poorly. Corsaire and Gutter didn’t do much to Iron and Farris, even with Osiren for a tripple corwd out. So if BS are hiding theyre other apprentices, it becomes tough He played Ferrite as cpt. With Iron, farris, bolt, furnace and cast.