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  1. Swissmade

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    I completely agree with voting for champ
  2. Very cool Idea! Looks Realy like they are just in an old Pub, which just closed.
  3. Swissmade

    Starting in S4

    At 8th octobre we Know more about corsaires 2/2 game. We will loose all mom. damage, just corsaire will get mom. for take outs. I think the 2/2 game will be still possible, but we want generate Lot of Momentum over damage and take outs.
  4. Swissmade

    My Fish

    Now Tentacles is Ready to share some ink!
  5. Swissmade

    Tonio's workshop

    Great Work! I like You're skintones generaly and the dirty white on This Model a lot!
  6. Swissmade

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Thanks Frank! I'm with You for Amber, champ or kami 😎
  7. Swissmade

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    If kami had kill the ball, she could break the Standart anti shark Tactic by laying the ball down behind the lines. But I don't See the Benefit of cut lass. Most of the time I Hope that my enemies are shooting a goal, cause I will then become the ball back
  8. Swissmade

    Free Cities Draft

    Sounds good With the New blogpost in mind I would Change and Stick to the Plan of goalgetting. So I would go for Layne, Kamin (perhaps a kill the ball) or champ
  9. Swissmade

    Free Cities Draft

    Knuckles is a very (or til now for me the most) interesting Player. He could be a very good corsaire Supporter. And we should Focus more on corsaire, cause with fathom and horizon we have new players, which are fitting a little bit more into the shark playstyle.
  10. Swissmade

    Veteran Siren shown at WTC

    It becomes hard for the enemies to play near the flanks. Horizon, Jac, Shark and vet.Siren together can push a Model nearly from the middle from the pitch. I see vet. Siren as a good piece to interrupt the enemies first turn pressure. From now they have to add 3 Inch to they're range and give out a momentum after kicking out.
  11. Swissmade

    Free Cities Draft

    With fathom and horizon in mind, we could need some support for Corsaire with perhaps a little damage output (dreaming should be allowed ;-). So center or defensive midfielder or Center back.
  12. Swissmade

    Gut and String

    Hope so, think it would be more useful than stagger.
  13. Swissmade

    My Fish

    Thanks biosfofo! Now she is finished, just the base is missing.
  14. Swissmade

    My Fish

    There is a spooky Lady in progress :
  15. Swissmade

    The most recent Blacksmith character

    I like you're contrast between the greyish tones and the Red Orange. Perhaps a little bit more Highlights on the true metallics. But tmm on Fotos has mostly less contrast than in reality.