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  1. I don't come to a good conclusion, which captain i would better take into ratcachers. On one side they profit from enemy scrums with they're disease-spreading. So a well spread out shark-team seems to be better. On the other side, when i look at pipers and skulks possibilities, they seem to me as a perfect shark conter. Corsaire could profit more from they're disease by knocking them down and ignoring it by itself. So what would you field and how would you play against them?
  2. Swissmade's Masons

    The Dark leather is gw dryad Bark and gorthor brown, toned down with druchi violett . Then toned up with a bonish tone
  3. Running Fish into Blacksmiths

    I’m a quiet new Guildball Player. In January i started with masons and now i had my first games with shark. Last three games i Played against Blacksmith. Three different Players used the same Squad. These are Ferrite (Capt), Iron, Farris, Bolt, Hearth, Alloy. Their intention was clear, fast movers to ruin sharks game. First Game i played shark, salt, angel, oSiren, jac and greyscales. Angel did nothing, so i changed her to sakana and third game i took hag insted of jac. I don’t know how to respond to the speed and hitting power with a shark matchup. First game i lost, cause i made mesurement mistake while kicking out with shark, then he ripped my whole team appart. Second game i won, but it felt bad. I shot a last activation goal with shark but in respond he shot a one activation goal with bolt, the rest of the game ran like that. Third game was nearly the same with the difference that he shot a first activation goal with alloy after kicking out. I had the luck that he missed two tappin goals later. But i don’t know how to stop their goal runs, they are so quick, that it needs just one activation after goal kick. In combination with their hitting and kd possibilities it’s very hard. I Always had sakana an greyscales on the sides around the middle line, shark in the middle in max. tap-in range or dodged back to threaten the goal kick, hag/jac, salt and siren in the back-middle. How do you position shark after the goal, how do you allocate the influence (standart situation). Do You have some tipps? (beside the ones from the « how to shark like pro » Thread)
  4. Swissmade's Masons

    Hi guys! I'm quite New to guild ball, started this year and entered the game with masons and Fish. Before i post a ton of Questions, i want to deliver something. So here some pictures of my freshly painted masons. Feel free to comment and Make critics! Some better foto's of hammer, brick and marbles are following.