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  1. WaRm0nk3y

    Remove Bases From Farmer's

    Fantastic! Thanks for the info. I look forward to this now!
  2. WaRm0nk3y

    How do I play against Morticians?

    Thanks for the tips!! Won against Morts and stumbled into hiding the ball behind vKat. I put smoke directly behind vKat and forced Obulus to come get it or ignore it and try to win via take outs. Dumped loads of conditions on them and waited it out. With the exception of vKat having some really crappy dice tonight, it worked well. Can't wait for the next game and making it even more difficult for them. Alchemists for Life!
  3. Completely new to miniature games but have started to custom base my models. I bought the Farmer's and would like to remove the player from the base and customize them but I have no idea how to do this without destroying the model. Does anyone have how-to's on this? With the minor guilds coming out already assembled I figured this would be a handy trick to have up my sleeve for future builds. Thanks!
  4. WaRm0nk3y

    How do I play against Morticians?

    Awesome...thanks for the advice!
  5. I'm a new player in a league ( have less than 15 games under my belt) and I'm facing the Morticians for the first time. Any advice for strategy? What's the game plan? I have all the alchemists plus Decimate and Harry if that helps. Any help would be appreciated so I can give this game a helluva try. Thanks in advance!
  6. I have been playing for 2 weeks and have about 5 games under my belt. After deciding that the Alchemists were the team for me and signing up for a local league, I was wondering if there was some information about general strategy playing against other guilds somewhere. The league is structured so that we play out of one of the two team boxes ( I picked Midas). I'm just looking for some general tips and ideas for playing against other guilds. Or point me to somewhere I haven't yet seen. Thanks in Advance!