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  1. Right, so how does fathoms heroic interact with skatha and therons abilities to place terrain? It says the aoes are fast terrain or forest terrain, and are pieces of terrain not an aura.
  2. I just wanted to confirm that Fathom use her heroic and dodge from Caskets Foul odour? Relevant rules: If this model is within 1" of one or more pieces of terrain it may make a 4" dodge Enemy models treat this aura as rough terrain.
  3. Surely you can just push the model out of the aura and then apply the damage so that it doesn't trigger. As per the clarification on reinforced plating
  4. With the changes in S4 to superior strategy being friendly model - could i please get clarification of how this interacts with Avarice & Greed. 1) Does it provide both of them with a extra activation, as they activate simultaneously? Who is allocated the influence? The target model or both? 2) If it only provides the target model an extra activation and both have not yet activated that turn does the other model have to use its activation as well for their first activation or can it hold it over to the 2nd (and does this depend if greed is on the pitch or not?) 3) If only one gets an activation what happens with the other model during the second activation as it says they activate simultaneously and they can not do so?
  5. Stephen78

    Locus the great?

    The rules as currently written support it being measured from the Locus model with the ball path being taken from the actual balls location. Page 15 states ". The model in possession is considered to be the current location of the ball." Locus remote control states " this model may may a kick as if it were in possession of the ball. The starting point of the ball path for this kick is the current location of the ball instead of this model"
  6. Stephen78

    Spending MP

    def stance wouldn't stack with itself as its for the duration of the charge. But the dodges are considered "actions" in the rulebook as it states on page 23 at the top. Technically the above poster seems to be correct despite this possibly not being the intent
  7. Why tapper and not esters? Seems like its a good game for ester with buffs for decimate and able to blunt sweeping charge attacks etc.
  8. Cheers Vince, i certainly agree they are strong but i think other guilds have more tools to deal with them now. Their worst match up used to be fish but removing a+g helped. I suspect it will now be hammer. (I actually agree with you in that in the top tier). Im intrigued by your general consensus of where rats place?? I think they have a very high skill cap and as you said are a hell of a lot of fun to play. Timmy and I have both been having a lot of success with them. Have you guys spoken about them on another podcast or is there a reason you rate them as you do?
  9. Really enjoyed this guys especially botts dying when rundas was up 😂 I actually preferred this format to the podcast, hard to pin down why. You mentioned it but then didn't actually get around to talking about it. How do you think the falconers impact hunters and their tier placing?
  10. Stephen78

    Vs Farmers

    I tend to counter pick. Obulus seems a good choice as he can puppet thresher away and farmers arent great at holding the ball so he'd be my captain choice.....although i have found a lot more success with scapel and v.hemlock into match ups i didnt expect. She is a huge goal scoring and take out threat. B+m and dirge also seem solid shouts for reasons stated but B+m is also more of a reactionary pick based on their choices. I do like v.graves but this means you intend to fight them which is generally a bad idea as huge hp pools and you have lots of non mom damage in general.
  11. Yes as its movement even though you have returned to the same place. This will trigger effects such as minefiels, skulks ability etc though
  12. Stephen78

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    I tried 3 games using rats into variation of the list using ploughman and honour. 18inf a turn and that turned into approx 11mom a turn. Fallow and grange do a lot of work and the fact you an power her each turn in the maintenance phase means that running over harvest markers etc doesnt really help at all. My opponent had 5harvests every turn even with taking all 5. This cost one or 2 inf max. The biggest problem is holding the ball against fast scoring teams and in this match up jackstraw is probably required. That said it was very easy for my opponent to threaten take outs and use the ball to extend ranges. Tried variations with tater for the counter charge and harrow instead of grange. I also think the skill gap between my opponent and myself played a part. Id certainly consider it into brawler or 2-2 teams and perhaps look at the line up into rats, shark etc.
  13. Stephen78

    When do we take Mataagi over Minerva?

    I feel people are not factoring in eyespy for your main damage dealers. For me minerva is much more useful in a game where you expect to be fighting rather than playing at range. Jeacar with effective tac 8 and anatomical plus potential harrier is a scary prospect...additionally you have snared and kd in the team. Activation order issues aside....one advantage is eyespy cant be removed unlike conditions
  14. Stephen78

    Playing into new Hunters

    Try original siren and lure to remove one of the obstacles