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  1. Updraft Duration

    My understanding is its a timing thing when using these interactions. Starts in harrier and uses updraft for a standard jog or sprint with +2speed and then takes flight to be able to make a 5" standard jog which has the flight rule and ignores terrain penalties/bonuses for the move (also bases if he can clear them). Total possible move based on these two rules is 14" and costs 2inf.
  2. Lightening reflexes vs dodge 0"

    Thank you for correcting me on lightning vs lightening, duly noted. Typing in the spare minutes between other tasks on my phone but no real excuse. You have been consistant in stating that a dodge of 0" does not trigger lightning reflexes however i am trying to understand a rules basis for this decision rather than just the statement as all previous posts have related to movement in one form or another. Further, I am in full agreement with this, my contention is that a dodge reposition of 0" fulfills the criteria when it ends within 6" to trigger as a dodge was taken even if there is no movement. There is no stipulation in distance or any movement as a trigger for this trait. I apologise if I am labouring the point, and im certainly not meaning to come across as argumentative but the key part seems to not be answered in any previous responses.
  3. Lightening reflexes vs dodge 0"

    Thanks Henry, for clarity are you stating that a dodge reposition of 0" which ends within 6" then does not trigger lightening reflexes?
  4. Lightening reflexes vs dodge 0"

    I also found this thread which unfortunately doesn't seem to address the (same) question either as the answer given is again around "movement". And whilst i understand your point Ben, i believe the distinction here is the difference between moving and ending which hasn't been covered previously due to the wording on this rule. You elect to take a dodge of 0". As you havent moved this doesn't trigger traps and anything that triggers from movement. Which has been ruled previously and is consistant with wording for the triggers on those rules. Lightening reflexes however triggers from ending the dodge which you have done, as you have selected the dodge result and a dodge is from 0 - 1" depnding on the amount of >s. It is irrelevant the distance or lack of moved as long as the model ends within 6".
  5. I realise that this has been answered in this thread: However, i believe that the assumptions used for this ruling were incorrect and wanted this clarified as it comes up often in games. I believe that this was ruled based on assumptions for things like minefield and things which require movement of one form or another into, which this does not. Lightening reflexes state it takes effect when "an enemy model ends a dodge within the aura". A dodge of 0" fulfills the criteria to trigger as it has ended within the aura and the criteria does not state any requirements around moving/advancing. In my game on stream at Vengeance my opponent triggered a push/dodge result, pushing me and dodging 0" to avoid this based on the previous ruling. Could this please be re looked at?
  6. VHemlocke Play Test

    I find she works really well with bonesaw and gets him up field without needing to dodge from his passes. Confidence on him for the charge to goal as he is normally in position allows for unecpected arrival and uaually a wrap to a dodge, meditate and goal.
  7. The Casual Mortician

    Id still be tempted with casket over ghast....to be fair ghast isnt even in my 10. Also i find silence an odd choice but you made it work. Scapel with v.hemlock and tooled up is awesome, and utilising casket to slow or punish people coming in (heavy burden and blind are great together). I also use bonesaw especially when receiving but i tend to use the puppet to get the pass back from as it over the turn position aggressively and not really give much away. Glad you finally beat the brewers
  8. Does this include the dilema damage from Pelage's cloak of rats? I would assume yes but its a bit of a weird one because its a) its a trait and not a play or legendary your opponent chose the damage option not the active player. Rising anger does say damaged by an enemy model and doesn't specify how and technically the damage comes from Pelage. Clarification would be good.
  9. I hate painting as im rubbish and never have the time as im also really slow and much better at the game so prefer to actually play....that said, im actually in agreement here. I think there should be a painting requirement the only exception being for models released at that event. Ie ratcatchers on release day or exiles for vengeance. This for me also translates into an issue when streaming competative games. Imagine 2 morts playing and both unpainted plastics.
  10. Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    Useful into unpredictable movement models that already activated. Triggering the unpredictable for the main killer to go in next or risk you hitting the character play on the charge and walking them into a friend. Also dont forget that his tag along triggers on this walk for the crowd out if you wish. I did try him with graves heroic but it was underwhelming in general....the 1 net hits is useful after disease has spread. Hes actually quite good into high def low hp models with the heroic as its a reliable 6 damage even if you miss every roll.
  11. Morts at Spring Fling!

    Firstly well done on the results and with scapel. I agree v.hemlock will add a lot to the team overall. Reading through I notice no casket and quite a lot of silence? Is this just your prefernce or any particular reasoning? Also no Brainpan and memory? I have found these two so useful for blocking charges, drags, crowd outs (which scapel likes) and for reliable damage. How do you find scapel into ballista? For me that seems an unusual choice given how safe engineers can hold onto the ball with close control which forces you into a grind game.
  12. How to Splat the Rats?!

    Morning. I'll be honest and preface this with the fact im a uber competative and top end gamer. I think you captain choice is correct but after that you need to look to counter pick and it depends on if you are kicking or receiving. If kicking i wouldnt take bonesaw. Since they have more chance to receive and tend to play more goal orientated id expect my line up to be something like the following (depends on there picks obviously). Obulus, dirge, brain pan + memory, skulk, graves 1....final slot it depends but i often run casket. The additional control element can be great as can the extra vp. Just remember to not bunch for rataclisms, puppet doesnt have an activation so is good into pelage and almost 1 rounds her with tooled up.
  13. Scalpel's time is now!

    Agreed. The exiles in general will shake up the meta a little. V.Hemlocke does play well for both captains but especially for scapel. Interestingly i think you want to be kicking with scapel and it is still match up dependant.
  14. Faction or other specific line up choices

    Yeah tooled up and he out threats her quite considerably really as he has 6x2" dodges and 1" melee. With obulus shes in a pickle as pulled forward and crowd outs she dies very easily. Obulus is the likely captain as it makes goal scoring difficult as holding onto the ball is hard and only a couple of models can get into him. I guess it does also come down to the skill level of your opponents. I played into Rats yesterday and received. Went 4-0 up early with a bonesaw goal. Start of 2 puppet mastered a pass for obby to score but the 3dice pass missed. He recovered and passed to bonesaw who missed the 3 dice snap shot. After that the rats managed to get back into it but only because i played so aggressively to what should have been 8-0 up. Finished 12-9 to morts despite that.
  15. Faction or other specific line up choices

    Pelage dies horribly to the puppet as he doesnt have an activation.