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  1. Rise of Zarola

    Yep. He received and early game used it to move the bear up and then stand to block a push back from deadbolt. So it kept a forward momentum and pressure from seenah and jaecar across bith flanks. Egret was also key, applying poison pressure to eat into mp. Werner from germany 2 played a really tactical tight defensive game - super enjoyable. Ended 12- 6 i think. Jaecar did miss a 2 dice tap in as well 😂 Also zarolas a great ball holder into match ups like butchers
  2. Rise of Zarola

    I played her in every game at the wtc, she was vital into ballista where i played seenah and skatha. Midnight offering was her main stick, also scored a goal for me in one game.
  3. Congrats to Germany 1 winning WTC!

    England 1 played englnd 3 round 5 due to how the final pairings worked out, this meant we couldnt all go 4-1. Fantastic event and well done to all the players, especially the Germans and Germany 1.
  4. This has caused some discussion so thought best to clarify. If mother or hoist uses burrow to be placed and then attacks a model, can that model spend mp to counter it. The arguments have been that: Burrow doesnt specify declare an attack which is required (page 43) for a model to counter. Similar to how damage sponge couldnt be used vs a charge. The counter argument is: Burrow states that the model may make an attack without spending influence, therefore it follows all the rules of a normal attack but costs 0inf.
  5. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    I think other teams can pose difficult questions perhaps not in the same way though....an example is masons with counter charge, resiliance and striking out from it. Alchs with a clock through conditions and fast strikers or heavy damage models. I dont think unless something just clicks or changes , that i will be taking hunters to a open tournament at present. Whilst ive done well with them, my win-loss record is the worst ive had with any team and as has been highlighted the mental gymnastics is hard on a player. I think this is due to their unforgiving nature and a couple of very tough match ups i cant seem to find an answer to. Corsair, leaving the ball on greyscales, dragging players in and just pummeling me to get ahead and then pretty much scoring when they want is a tough one. Hag negates snare, siren for anti theron and lure, low kd on players, and a+g remove a player once they have been brought in and set up for the mom take out. As i have previously said they certainly seem better into other fighty teams, as they have a means to try and keep at range or control rangea. We'll see how they do at the WTC where to some degree you can pick match ups.
  6. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    Having played a fair few games with hunters now, i am with reluctance coming to a similar mindset as Chris in some regards and overall position as lower mid tier. And sorry - big post incoming. Hunters have some control but it is hard to pull off and unforgiving when it fails or you make a mistake, thus against certain teams it requires a very high skill cap to play them. I am yet to beat a corsair team with hunters, and alchs are a very tough match up (smoke or midas lead), engineers also very tough with their resiliance, goal threat and close control and ability to take and score so easily. The issue seems to be getting to a win condition for hunters. They seem to be a 2-2 team but really struggle on the goal side of things. This is down to a combination of things, other teams defensive tech (unpredictable, counter charge, close control etc), having low kick stats in the main for shots, passes, activation order issues and an inability to hold or retrieve the ball, additionally generally lower base moves and middle defence stats. Not one aggressive player has a mom tackle on 1 or even on 2 where it is comparible to other strikers (T on 2 at tac 5 is not the same vs T on 1 at tac 4). Majority of the hunters tackles are not momentous. The odds of T against 4/1 are 68% compared to 50% respectively, when comparing tac 4 T1, tac 5 T2. Against def 5/0 this changes to 83% and 53.9% ....with a charge attack/def stance vs 4/1 upto 5/1 its 80.5% compared to 62.3% and against def 5/0 upto 6/0 its 76.7% and 45.7% When considering factors like close control and non mom tackles it illustrates why the team struggle to get the ball vs most players who would hold it Also there is only one player (ulfr) who is subpar that can aggressively attack to claim the ball from an unpredictable move model or try and get around counter charge. Hunters seem to struggle into aggressive football teams that can play 2 strikers, midas/vitriol, pinvice/velocity, fish (shark, siren, sakana), as we have no where to keep the ball safe. Our control options seem to control 1 player alone and we cant reliably get snipe on 2 striker players due to their positions/def. Lack of 2" melee, acrobatics etc means they struggle with midas/smoke/obulus and counter charge models so goalies really cause issues. The engineers double goali threat means that the hunters are not likely to be scoring at any point needing 5s 2inf to kick, around counter charge, model in way and most likely kick 3/6 or 3/8 effected by this, with their inefficiency of not having momentous T this stops goal scoring into them. The issues mentioned with egrets range, vs tough hide, seenah's inf, zarola all have merit. Zarola can only score if she has blessing on her with a range of 19" on goal which is activation issues and she doesnt get around any of the counter tech or provide her own mom. Best case is theron pass to her and then shoot someone to generate mp twice and heroics on her. This doesnt get around her vulnerabilities to midas, smoke, velocity, flint, mist, any 2" melee. Ulfr has a realistic threat of 17" with a run, where go, attack and shot. With his mom tackle dodge on 3 he doesnt reliably get the ball and generate mp 34.4% against a 4/1 and 32% against 5/0 providing hes not near friends, and as has been mentioned this doesnt aid his kick to 4/8 so hes likely to tackle (65.6% and 64.9%) on non mom T on 2 and then do nothing (again needing activation order issues to generate mp). Total reliable threat ranges in a single activation are less than other teams that threaten 2/2 and get around many of the counters to goals. A quick review of players threats where they can tackle and generate mp to score - total threat range caveated by a run/charge and not factoring a wrap on playbook although for mist/flint/velocity this is often possible Honour/harmony - 23" sup strat etc Flint 20" Mist 18-20-22" depening on team etc and whether needs to generare mp Midas 18" + reliable mom dodges Smoke 17" Velocity 18" Vitriol 18" Shark 17" + reliable mom dodges Sakana 19" Pinvice 18" Majority of these models have close control, 2" melee, high def to hold the ball against a counter attack which the hunters below dont have. And now hunters: Egret 17" Zarola - cant do it Jeacar 16" but vulnerable to counter as 4/0 Chaska 14" vulnerable to counter as 3/1 Hearne - cant do it as T too high Hearne 2 - 12" Theron 13" Skatha 20" with fast, snowball dodge, T, dodge, shoot. Against close control/unpredictable cant do it. Charge attack T ignored, attack again T, counter attack T, final attack gets the ball (53.9% chance vs a def 5model to actually T not on the charge vs their 80% to tackle back so this is best case) Further hunters can only really present 1 goal threat a turn skatha being the best and then can't reliably score again. A 2nd good goal threat would push them in my opiniom towards a 2/2 along with a consideration for the above. Now, its not all doom and glood. Hunters seem more rock paper scissor into match ups which is why at tournaments they have for me had more spotty results (last tournie 3 alch players back to back). They have done very well for me into butchers, masons, fighty union, brewers.( i would imagine blacksmiths and farmers although not played these). A team that relies more on a solo captain and/or has lower def is more vulnerable to being controlled by them. They seem to play a grindy attrition game and quite defensively however do lack some defensive tech options. They seem to do well early game and then struggle late your opponent has managed to close due poor overall damage/defensive stats. They do pose problems though and most of my opponents have clocked with me up by 10min or so even into unfavorable match ups - they are taxing to play with and against. The clock is another resource to use, so use it wisely. I find that i tend to score 1 goal late in the game after my opponent has scored or if they miss i try and hold it to deny them the movent part from passing (yes butchers do out football hunters, mainly 3/6 kicks) to maintain the contel i need. The control element is something i enjoy when you manage to pull it all together. Pinned on a model and moving behind a barrier or obstacle, forest blocking LOS, or jaecar gut and stringing fillet, snaring her and leaving trap behind and darting back to safety...then pulled back by zarola..6 inf wasted for your opponent...creating that puzzle for them. They arent an easy team but can be fun and frustrating in equal measure depending on how things go. I am hopeful the GIC will make some changes to them, or other things in the future. So please playtest and feedback on them, the more constructive and well reasoned feedback the better. Also if anyone has any secret tech vs engineers/alchs/corsair please feel free to share. 😊
  7. Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    I get what your saying on the table but copy a vassal layout or from a streamed game on twitch/youtube if you think it isnt random or representative. I get that tracer rounds are good but they would be less useful in hunters looking at models that would likely use them. The model youd want it on is theron who wouldn't benifit. Thank you for the civility 😊, happy to agree to disagree.
  8. Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    I think as they say, proof is in the pudding and this is all about testing things. So test this GIC rather than being so sure its terrible - if you go into it with an open mind and it is, then fair.... The things that stand out to me - 1) Average healing rate compared across GIC's 2) MP drain on your opponent more so than the hunters player for gliding. 3) LOS blockers are probably more useful for a team like hunters who in general have faster move speeds and back to the shadows and also save furious models prefer to not charge in the main. 4) Synergies with both hearnes and chaska, and allows a more diverse team selection with both captains due to this. 5) Can influence where and who kicks, as well as deciding to kick or receive. Do you really want to receive when your opponent may then have a forest for hearne to pop out off within goal threat range ready made (opponent selects table edge). From my initial playing of this and impression, it can be situationally very good depending on the table set up and rewards skilled play as do the hunters in general. They aren't a forgiving team and have a high skill cap and use of this GIC seems to fit in with that.
  9. Perhaps try games on vassal and/or play stuff through the first 2 turns only and talk to your opponent about why you are making the decisions you are. Mason are a very strong and versatile team and only have a couple of bad match ups which have got easier with the release of lucky
  10. Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    It might be useful to consider the mp impact this might have over the course of a game. Blocking los and making players spend mp to glide is good. Jeacar will love this being able to gut and string, snare and dodge away out of LOS with back to the shadows etc and be in a safer position.
  11. Hunters v Fish

    This is a match up ive struggled into as well. ive got the first turn down and and win that even if kicking but once a+g get involved they delete a player and grab loads of mp. Snare and gut and string doesnt stop them with hag (+ legendary) and drag. Although ive won it a few times im wondering if skatha is the better drop, but then perhaps a little bit list chicken?! Any thoughts would be good. I expect them to play corsair, hag, tentacles, siren 1, a+g, sakana or greyscales. I normally run theron, snow, zarola, jeacar, egret, hearne 1 Perhaps skatha and a more goal orientated team playing wider?
  12. Sell me on Zarola

    Decent goal threat herself even if only on 2dicd, good ball holder with unpredictable and high def. Allowd last activation in a turn to be someone like jaecar with 4inf into prime target, to swing mp to you or to allow a goal threat from no where with a player with the ball. Jeacar and minx are good examples
  13. Jaecar v Minx

    I find jaecar going early and putting gut and string on important targets like fillet who was my pinned target the turn before vital. Crippling speed and lowering defence makes them less inf efficient and less likely to commit that model as it will likely die and be a more favorable trade to you. If they dont activate that model next consider whether pinning it or another is better based on hp and inf spread.
  14. Who to kick with?

    Depends on on who im playing against and with and terrain. Generally kick with theron to threaten an important player. Or with skatha to get a turn 1 goal.
  15. British Championships

    A+G and seenah do different things and bring different tools. I think seenah is harder to use and more match up dependent.