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  1. Why tapper and not esters? Seems like its a good game for ester with buffs for decimate and able to blunt sweeping charge attacks etc.
  2. Cheers Vince, i certainly agree they are strong but i think other guilds have more tools to deal with them now. Their worst match up used to be fish but removing a+g helped. I suspect it will now be hammer. (I actually agree with you in that in the top tier). Im intrigued by your general consensus of where rats place?? I think they have a very high skill cap and as you said are a hell of a lot of fun to play. Timmy and I have both been having a lot of success with them. Have you guys spoken about them on another podcast or is there a reason you rate them as you do?
  3. Really enjoyed this guys especially botts dying when rundas was up 😂 I actually preferred this format to the podcast, hard to pin down why. You mentioned it but then didn't actually get around to talking about it. How do you think the falconers impact hunters and their tier placing?
  4. Stephen78

    Vs Farmers

    I tend to counter pick. Obulus seems a good choice as he can puppet thresher away and farmers arent great at holding the ball so he'd be my captain choice.....although i have found a lot more success with scapel and v.hemlock into match ups i didnt expect. She is a huge goal scoring and take out threat. B+m and dirge also seem solid shouts for reasons stated but B+m is also more of a reactionary pick based on their choices. I do like v.graves but this means you intend to fight them which is generally a bad idea as huge hp pools and you have lots of non mom damage in general.
  5. Yes as its movement even though you have returned to the same place. This will trigger effects such as minefiels, skulks ability etc though
  6. Stephen78

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    I tried 3 games using rats into variation of the list using ploughman and honour. 18inf a turn and that turned into approx 11mom a turn. Fallow and grange do a lot of work and the fact you an power her each turn in the maintenance phase means that running over harvest markers etc doesnt really help at all. My opponent had 5harvests every turn even with taking all 5. This cost one or 2 inf max. The biggest problem is holding the ball against fast scoring teams and in this match up jackstraw is probably required. That said it was very easy for my opponent to threaten take outs and use the ball to extend ranges. Tried variations with tater for the counter charge and harrow instead of grange. I also think the skill gap between my opponent and myself played a part. Id certainly consider it into brawler or 2-2 teams and perhaps look at the line up into rats, shark etc.
  7. Stephen78

    When do we take Mataagi over Minerva?

    I feel people are not factoring in eyespy for your main damage dealers. For me minerva is much more useful in a game where you expect to be fighting rather than playing at range. Jeacar with effective tac 8 and anatomical plus potential harrier is a scary prospect...additionally you have snared and kd in the team. Activation order issues aside....one advantage is eyespy cant be removed unlike conditions
  8. Stephen78

    Playing into new Hunters

    Try original siren and lure to remove one of the obstacles
  9. Stephen78

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    I do find it funny that there is a reliance on including harrow in every list, whilst i agree tooled up can be strong i have found that farmers (grange especially) dont need to rely on it as much as other teams. Harrow is the one i drop from most of my lists as he has the most victim like stats and someone that i find contributes very little over all after the first turn when he tends to not be near the captain. I actually agree with aarons team selection as a viable one, and millstone may also be a flex slot depending on what you are playing into....but i tend to almost count her as a auto include for goal defence. I also think that you can consider dropping jackstraw for ploughman which nets you 5 harvest markers a turn if you so wish for little inf cost. (Activation order dependant) 1 for rough ground, grange =2 harvests, millstone = 2 harvests, honour =2 harvests for the cost of 1 inf overall woth honour actually being able to legendary and then still create harvests for the team after allocating inf for a net of 5inf 2 harvest markers at the cost of 2 inf The other lists you have put with harrow in (typical thresher list as an example) starts with 12 inf, and gains 4harvests at a cost of 2inf. So overall the team efficiency and ability to turn the harvests inf and then into mp after turn 1 is stronger than that line up. You should be able to play turn 2 onwards with 18inf a turn without plot cards counting in that.
  10. Stephen78

    Updraft Duration

    My understanding is its a timing thing when using these interactions. Starts in harrier and uses updraft for a standard jog or sprint with +2speed and then takes flight to be able to make a 5" standard jog which has the flight rule and ignores terrain penalties/bonuses for the move (also bases if he can clear them). Total possible move based on these two rules is 14" and costs 2inf.
  11. Stephen78

    Lightening reflexes vs dodge 0"

    Thank you for correcting me on lightning vs lightening, duly noted. Typing in the spare minutes between other tasks on my phone but no real excuse. You have been consistant in stating that a dodge of 0" does not trigger lightning reflexes however i am trying to understand a rules basis for this decision rather than just the statement as all previous posts have related to movement in one form or another. Further, I am in full agreement with this, my contention is that a dodge reposition of 0" fulfills the criteria when it ends within 6" to trigger as a dodge was taken even if there is no movement. There is no stipulation in distance or any movement as a trigger for this trait. I apologise if I am labouring the point, and im certainly not meaning to come across as argumentative but the key part seems to not be answered in any previous responses.
  12. Stephen78

    Lightening reflexes vs dodge 0"

    Thanks Henry, for clarity are you stating that a dodge reposition of 0" which ends within 6" then does not trigger lightening reflexes?
  13. Stephen78

    Lightening reflexes vs dodge 0"

    I also found this thread which unfortunately doesn't seem to address the (same) question either as the answer given is again around "movement". And whilst i understand your point Ben, i believe the distinction here is the difference between moving and ending which hasn't been covered previously due to the wording on this rule. You elect to take a dodge of 0". As you havent moved this doesn't trigger traps and anything that triggers from movement. Which has been ruled previously and is consistant with wording for the triggers on those rules. Lightening reflexes however triggers from ending the dodge which you have done, as you have selected the dodge result and a dodge is from 0 - 1" depnding on the amount of >s. It is irrelevant the distance or lack of moved as long as the model ends within 6".
  14. I realise that this has been answered in this thread: However, i believe that the assumptions used for this ruling were incorrect and wanted this clarified as it comes up often in games. I believe that this was ruled based on assumptions for things like minefield and things which require movement of one form or another into, which this does not. Lightening reflexes state it takes effect when "an enemy model ends a dodge within the aura". A dodge of 0" fulfills the criteria to trigger as it has ended within the aura and the criteria does not state any requirements around moving/advancing. In my game on stream at Vengeance my opponent triggered a push/dodge result, pushing me and dodging 0" to avoid this based on the previous ruling. Could this please be re looked at?