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  1. Beric

    Wrecker, anyone use him much

    I always have Wrecker in my tournament 10 and use it in games when I am going to try a pure football strategy and try to win by 3 goals. It does not happen often, but against Farmers and Brewers I prefer to use the Armadillo. He is great to disengage an endangered model and can make place for the ball retriever if the opposing team is trying to kill the ball. I always find something useful to do with Wrecker, and sometimes it can be game changing. In my last game against Farmers, the ball got loose and their mascot took it and tried to run from Honour. It ended up 12 inches from my captain, so a nice push from Wrecker put him in the right spot for Honour to get the ball back. Said that, if I think I will need a take out I always take Marbles. I think the assist is too good to be ignored.
  2. Beric

    Which Kat?

    Yes, I get what you say, but my question was more about against which team is usefult to get vetKat. I was thinking on using him against heavy beating teams, when you cannot get so much into the fight. So instead of 2+2, I can focus my attacks on 1 players and get the 12 points with 2+1 and Witness me!. Anybody agrees?
  3. Beric

    Which Kat?

    I have played a few games with the Midas box and yesterday I got the rest of the team. I think I understand the role of every player, except for vetKat. I think both Katalyst versions are interesting, but I feel that the original is a bit better. And what I really fail to understand is how they could perform different in the field. Without having played vetKat yet, I have the feeling that both are intenchangeable. Against which teams/strategys do you use one or the other?
  4. Beric

    Counter Charge Discussion

    I play mostly with Masons and think that counter charge is really amazing. You can place Brick in a central position and do not use a single influence on him in the whole game, and he is still contributing. In this way you have more influence to fuel your captain. If the opponent decides to engage Brick to avoid counter charge, he has 2 options: - engage with a weak/not beating model. Then he is risking an easy take out as soon as Honour/Hammer helps a bit -engage with a tough guy. Then he is "wasting" that model on Brick, who can take a beating and last for some time, and not pressing weaker models like Flint, Tower or Mallet In any case, it is a favorable situations for Masons. For me Brick is one of the autoinclude models.
  5. Beric

    Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    I had always tried Chisel as damage dealer and it has gone pretty bad. After reading this post I wanted to try her as ball retriever and the results were interesting. I took her to a small tournament and used her only in my last game against Blacksmiths. He kicked, I moved the ball to Flint in the right side and he sent Iron and Alloy very deep to try to get it. It lead to a couple of rounds of beating and not much ball playing, so Chisel just stayed in the middle of the field in cover not really doing anything. Finally I managed to send Flint up and score, and he kicked the ball to the left side, where he had a clear advantage. And then it was when her time arrived. I position Chisel, generated a lot of momentum and managed to win initiative. She charged, got the ball, attack again for a dodge and kick it kicked it to the other side. There was nobody in range to get the past, but she managed to put the ball in an open space where I had a clear advantage and I end up winning the game. So she just got one real activation in the whole game, but then she did what she had to do. I would say that if you are facing a team whose ball carriers have 1 inch melee she can be a good choice. But you have to accept that she has a very specific role and it is not going to help a lot in other tasks.