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  1. Mailuft

    Vs Farmers

    What about Skulk? He is the squaddie which scores the second most goals in my games after Obulus of course. With ‚Follow Up‘ and ‚Lightnig Reflexes‘ he can get up the field in no time and he has a quite good playbook with a low tackle on two, a mom double dodge on two and mom 2 on three. And of course 2“ meele. For me the new spooks star player!
  2. Mailuft

    Living in the new reality

    I like Skulk. My new favorite model. He is a great control piece with ‚poised‘ his great playbook and of course the back of his card and he scored in every single game so far. Besides him I score mainly with Obulus. Just won ‚most scored goals‘ at an event. I like Bonesaw but I‘m very careful with when to use him and how to keep him from harm until he can score. Lately Casket is one of my most important players. He controls the middle of the pitch and with his movment shinanigans he can really ruin the opponents turns. And ‚Casket Time‘ is a pure joy! I won a few games with two goals, one Obs and one Skulky Boy, and one Take Out with Casket Time. I‘m thrilled for Pelage and what she will change. Skulk is just brilliant! Good job with the minor guild so far.