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  1. Dragonzassassin


    Thank you i got mixed up between inf and momentum
  2. Dragonzassassin


    Hi if a player has tackled a player with the ball are they able to make a pass if they have momentum left? Just curious
  3. Dragonzassassin

    Hello from Tamworth

    Thank you all
  4. Dragonzassassin

    Basing query and new sets

    What kind of base are you thinking of putting them on once you have removed them
  5. Dragonzassassin

    Guild ball ball

    I want to see this as well
  6. Dragonzassassin

    Hello from Tamworth

    Yeah mate
  7. Dragonzassassin

    Guild ball ball

    I've only got the ones that come in the starter set. It looks like it's landed on a mole hill Thanks for the idea of the gravel might look like it's just bounced and the dirt has risen with the ball
  8. Dragonzassassin

    Guild ball ball

    Hi was just wondering how you guys paint and base your guild ball balls. I've been away from gaming and model painting for years and just trying to get back into it. I've just got the kick off set and the balls that come with it are slightly raised from the base. Do you guys just use static grass to cover this slight raise or do you cut away the ball and place it flat on the base? thanks for any advice just wanting to learn and who best to learn from but you guys
  9. Dragonzassassin

    Hello from Tamworth

    Hi all just wanted to say hello. I've just picked up guild ball kick off its my first table top game in years after stopping for about 20 years. So can't wait to dive back in