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  1. Cant_win@all

    Farmers union?

    Has anyone used the churches in their 10 man line up and how did they fare??
  2. Cant_win@all

    The church dudes and dudette

    What are people's views on them? I'm contemplating using them in the following: Vrage Strongbox A n G Grace Benny Mist Rage and A n G are the breadsticks,Benny is the tank and mist and grace are the goal threats. I am curious as to weather I'm taking the right mascot.
  3. Cant_win@all


    Glad it's not just me then...
  4. Cant_win@all


    I understand why they've had to think of a new term, but all this one does,is remind me of British soldiers
  5. Cant_win@all

    All praise the plastic!

    ^^^ This. I help my brother in law build his first age of sigmar models yesterday and forgot how tedious it was.
  6. Cant_win@all

    All praise the plastic!

    I've just cracked open my farmers,massive improvement of the blacksmiths,with regards to quality
  7. Cant_win@all

    Guild ball era??

    Just curious really, if guild ball was set in our world,what period would it be in??
  8. Cant_win@all

    Ideas about minor guild

    What about the quarry guild?