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  1. A New Morticians Player Says Hello

    Yep! I am in the Alamo City and we have a thriving community here...
  2. Hello to all of my fellow Guild Ballers out there, I finally pulled the trigger and have started playing Guild Ball. I am looking forward to many exciting games piting my Morticians in friendly games against like minded gamers...
  3. Clearing the Haze

    Thanks for sorting that out for me, and my assumption must be right as far as who rolls the dice for a successful kick in regards to puppet master being cast.
  4. Hello, I have finally pulled the trigger and immersed myself in Guild Ball by playing the Morticians. After viewing many battle reports and playing my maiden game I have the following questions: •Who gets the influence lost when misdirection is cast the enemy model or my model that is within 4" of the effected model? •Does Obulus still get back the one influence after successfully casting puppet master? Also who rolls the dice for the pass my opponent or me pertaining to passing ( I say it is me since his model becomes friendly to me)? Finally, • How large is the aura that Dirge emits when buffing Cosset? Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to many more exciting games with my Morticians in the world of guild ball.