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  1. Just a quick rules query Iron for the blacksmiths heroic play try hard gives you -1 on your to make a shot rule while withinn 2 inches of the goal marker does this stack with a tap in to give you -2 cheers
  2. WTB veteran Ox

    Is anyone selling kickstarter veteran Ox, not looking to pay stupid prices UK based cheers
  3. Butchers season 3 cards

    Just wondering if anyone would have the butchers season 3 cards that they would be willing to sell or trade for another faction season 3 cards got masons, alchemists fishermen, uk based
  4. Paedia's Guild Ball Teams (Hunters)

    It would be a brave man or woman to criticise that paint job awesome job
  5. First Sighting of the Falconers launch event

    how do the lauch partys work can you buy these online or do you have to attend a party
  6. Hi Guys just a couple of NOOB questions that came up between 2 new players last night 1 on character play cards what does S & P mean on ranges 2 gluttonous mass on ester if she is charged and you get a wrap does she ignore the first result or both results off the wrap cheers Guys
  7. Fresh blood

    Its Gary
  8. Fresh blood

    Hi Aaron i was the the guy with the hunters who played ritch after you on the sunday morning mate you were gracious enough to help us out on a few things thanks for that.
  9. Fresh blood

    Hi Guys just came back from bonescon had a blast, where I had my first game of guildball, just like to say a big thankyou to Sherwin for taken me through my first game and I’m completely hooked looking forward to many more games gary