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    Basing query and new sets

    Hi All, My apologies if posted in wrong place and if previously discussed, I have done a bit of a search and not found this query/answer before. I have placed an order for my first ever Guild Ball set which is in the newer non metal style. They look from pics (Not received box yet) that models arrive fully assembled and attached to bases. My query is; Is it possible/easy to remove these bases to create my own themed bases/put on pre-bought themed bases? Thank you,
  2. Hello all, I have been considering Guild Ball for a long time and having read the rules earlier today I have to admit I should have read them much sooner. Going to have a game with some mates in a week or two and will have to decide where to start (Looks like possible changes ahead with ‘minor guilds’?), will have to do a lot of reading and research. anyway, just wanted to pop on and say hi 👋