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  1. Question mostly regarding the use of Overclock, for which I didn't see a clarification in the collected thread. Does Overclock create an 'additional advance' for the affected model, as per page 23 in the pdf copy of the rulebook? I have yet to see a play or trait that otherwise explicitly creates an additional advance. If so, this could make one Velocity or the other the fastest model in Guild Ball.
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  3. I'm a relative new Engineer player, and favour Ballista & Locus pretty heavily. With this in mind, there are a couple questions regarding these two models, and some of their non-standard means to kick with them. Regarding Ballista: When Ballista uses Breach!, it's treated as a free kick. My question is can this kick be a goal-kick, and if so, I would assume the kick would then have the 1 momentum cost? Regarding Locus: When Locus uses Remote Control, in a similar manner as above, can this also be a goal-kick or pass? And as above, I'd assume that if you're allowed to make a goal-kick, you'd have to pay the 1-momentum cost, right? On the other hand, if you use Remote Control to make a pass, if it's completed successfully, do you gain momentum? Further, can Locus be the target of this pass/kick, and would you gain momentum to pass to yourself?