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  1. Totally overthinking it! Ha! That definitely makes more sense to me, and actually how I first played the game, i.e. when you dodge, you must move to another node. (which makes more sense thematically to me too since you're rolling out of the way, and not rolling on the spot) Only reason I stopped playing it that way was because I saw it mentioned here and elsewhere that moving to another node was optional during a dodge because of the "may" and "can" wording. Think I'll just play it that you must move to another node, just simplifies things all round really.
  2. Yeah, most definitely an edge case, which is probably why I couldn't find anything online about it I was thinking of doing that initial push again, but then that would make the decision to remain on the node moot? (in case the strategy was to keep the boss in a particular position/node) So I guess the only real options are as you suggest, or just attempt the second push action without moving any minis. If there's no official ruling (or hidden rule somewhere), I guess my group will just have to discuss and somewhat house rule it should it happen the next time we play.
  3. Yes, another push question, although I've looked long and hard online and so far there have been no questions/answers on this specific question (I hope). Played a game the other night with a couple friends and took on Ornstein and Smough as our final boss (for the record... almost won on first attempt but Ornstein took me out with 5HP remaining.. so close...) Anyways, during the first stage of that fight, we came across Smough's "Trampling Charge" ability, which moves him twice towards his target pushing for 5 damage each time. No problems. Here are the course of events... 1. The assassin already on boss' node and became his target, so as per usual Smough pushes him off at the beginning of his move action for free and causing no damage. 2. Smough turns to face the assassin and then moves onto the assassin's node (his first move) 3. The assassin chose to dodge and remain on the node/arc he was in (as the rules/forums it states that moving to a node on a dodge is optional due to the word "may" in the rules), so currently on the same node as the boss. 4. The assassin paid the 1 stamina cost, rolled, and passed the dodge roll so didn't get pushed. 5. Smough now needs to move + push (with damage) again for his second move. This is where I got stuck. Normally when pushing, you just move onto the character's node, and the character can choose to block/dodge again and rinse/repeat. But in this situation, the character is already on the enemy's node halfway through the enemy's activation/move. (this situation would also occur for any other boss/regular enemy that has push damage on multiple movements in a single activation, although not sure anyone else has a similar move?) What do you do in this situation? Do you just initiate the second movement/push but not actually move anything? i.e. boss + assassin remain in place and assassin has to choose to dodge/block for second movement? Does the boss' activation end immediately? (surely not as that is a potential way to prematurely end a boss' dangerous attacks.. although I know for normal enemy movement that they stop once they reach a target's node, but doesn't make sense in context of a push move) Something else? Am I overthinking this and that's why I couldn't find similar questions? (maybe?) I hope that's clear and enough detail to describe the issue.