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  1. Camp3ra

    Tips against Ballista gunline

    I am in the same boat when it comes the cogs any advice is very welcome. The best i have played against them is when i managed to use Hammer and get into Hoist/ Velocity and even Ballista. I'd say practice it and learn from mistakes you make.
  2. Camp3ra

    Fixing Cosset

    Did you find that it went on easy for you?
  3. Camp3ra

    Fixing Cosset

    Hi Redtiger7 i had the same issue with my Cosset. In the end i needed to pin her have a look at the pictures I've attached. Let us know how it goes and i hope this helps.
  4. Camp3ra

    Teach Me To Paint

    Thanks for the advice. Currently not painted anything yet but i will be hoping to get going soon. I have some old Lord of the Rings Elves ill practice on. Will post some photos soon and hopefully you guys can give me some more advice. Thanks again guys.
  5. Camp3ra

    The Faithful - New Beginnings

    Being a Mason's player i am really hoping that vChisel is going to be more playable than the current Chisel. Her and Granite are two players that i really want to get more play out of but given my only games seem to be tournament games its hard to just throw them in without any practice. Saying that it will also be interesting to see what sSpigot and vFangtooth bring to the Church as currently it looks to be more on the footballing side of the spectrum so it'll be interesting to see what they bring.
  6. Camp3ra

    Teach Me To Paint

    So I am really bad at painting but cannot keep paying people to paint for me. I have no ability with the brush and Guild Ball models are far to nice for me to be practicing on; what and how would you guys recommend i use to learn? Are there any tips/ blogs/ videos i can use to help? Thanks in advance.
  7. Low entry cost. Easy to learn the game very very hard to master Amazingly detailed models Easy to set up and play with low model count (having played 40k and Hobbit this is a big bonus) Community is fantastic too.
  8. Camp3ra

    Being accused of cheating

    I would say its a case of he is seeing what he wants to see when it comes to dice. It happens all the time people only ever see dice they roll when they are bad and only ever see the dice the opponent rolls when they are hot. 99% of the time dice even out over the course of a game/ event. Its not something to get to upset about just seems like your opponent was being salty. Example of poor dice: Tournament on Friday guy missed 2 2 die tap-ins with Zarola but still ended up winning and coming 3rd overall. Or from a Hammer off i played needed 3 4+'s from flint to get the momentum to score the goal. Had 4 inf on him... first 3 attacks a grand total of 2 4's each 3rd attach 3 4+'s and its all a little to late. Or my favourite example of the day Mallet into a singled out (game plan card) Herne needing 3/1. 4 inf 7 dice each attack... grand total of 2 dice higher than a three on 28 dice. The point is dice will be dice and yours helped you win the game, enjoy it
  9. Camp3ra

    Casket Time + Influence --> game impact

    I have to say it depends. I have only managed to get it off a few times and most of the time I tend to find that I see something that would be super cool if it comes off and try to set it up (taking up to many activation's) only for the moment to pass or someone else come in and take the option away. Although saying that when it does come off it can work wonders having an extra activation up on your opponent can be massive not just due to the missing influence the possibilities that come with the model thrown in the box. Saying that I did manage to box Blackheart over the weekend which was a very cool (very unplanned move) when Graves took out Averisse and Mist and took Blackheart down to 5hp only for Casket to come along and put him in. Answering the question though if you can manage to get anyone in the box so early (end of 1 start of 2) it should have a huge effect on the overall game as both players options may change when this happens.
  10. Camp3ra

    Mulligans during play.

    I would say that it completely depends on a number of things... is it a casual game with a friend or a game with a beginner? A tournament game? and how you like to play the game. For me generally I feel that I learn best when I'm not allowed to take back what I have done. It makes me think more before I complete a move (am i going to be able to get momentum for the goal at the start of the next turn/ will I get counter charged and knocked down before I can spend influence. On the other hand I will be very free in allowing an opponent to take back something they may not have wanted to do, this is something that only goes for casual games. When it comes to competitive play I believe that stricter rules need to be in play. No mulligans should be allowed as it could affect the flow of the game and potentially give one player an edge over another if they are able to mulligan over and over. At the end of the day though people will always play in a way in a way that work for them. They may agree before hand that mulligans are allowed or not but no matter the game I would tend to stick to once something has been done it cannot be taken back.
  11. Camp3ra

    Attracting new players

    Thanks for the advice guys. Yeah I am in touch with the Dubai guys a lot and get up to Dubai as much as possible to play. I have possibly got another person into the game just waiting to get another game in with him he seems interested in the Farmers so a good place to start seeing as he can pick up and play straight away.
  12. This is defiantly something that could be alot of fun.
  13. So on Wednesday I will be running another demo day in Abu Dhabi. What would people say is the best way of demoing the game for new players? Also how would people go about getting new players into the game? It has not been easy here where as a little drive up the road it seems to be going well in Dubai.