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  1. Reliablenine

    Miners guild made of resin

    I think I had misunderstood the material differences then. After reading more about the topic, seems that resin can potentially have more details than plastic but is also more demanding from quality control as its prone to errors and needs prep work for removing excess resin. I have been very impressed with the details on plastic teams, and therefore My post was just to understand why SFG suddenly switched to resin. Anyway, looking forward to see how Miners turn up.
  2. Reliablenine

    Miners guild made of resin

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else is getting lost with all the different materials SFG uses to make their models? For a while I thought that the new teams are all made of PVC. Then the old metal teams started to appear in resin and now Miners guild is released in something called "high quality resin". Is that somehow different than the normal resin? Falconers guild did not seem to be of the same standards as Ratcatchers (also other models than potato face Minerva) but Navigators were again great quality, except LE Fathom which I assume was made of resin. This is from the official Miner's guild reveal "SFG will continually assess the Guild Ball line and support it with the correct material(s) as we see fit – that is either pre-colored resins or pre-assembled PVC" "In this instance the Miner’s Guild models have been produced in our high-quality resin". When the price tag is lifted to 70€ and resin so far has proven to be inferior material, what benefit does this bring to consumers?
  3. Reliablenine

    WTB: Limited edition Minerva

    Thanks for replying Stephen. I wrote you a pm.
  4. Reliablenine

    WTB: Limited edition Minerva

    Bump one more time as the LE Minerva still eludes me. Willing to pay the model and shipping to Germany.
  5. Reliablenine

    WTB: Limited edition Minerva

    So the LE Minerva Sold out before I could secure mine. If anyone bought it as an investment, send me a pm, im willing to buy it.
  6. Reliablenine

    WTB: Limited edition Minerva

    Really?!? Awesome news thanks!
  7. Reliablenine

    WTB: Limited edition Minerva

    Bump: Still looking for limited edition Minerva.
  8. Reliablenine

    S4 Farmer Preview

    I played my first S4 game with Farmers against Morticians Strings of the spirit weaver. Here’s a bit long report but it was one of the best, most fun games I’ve ever played. My setup was Grange, Bushel, Ploughman, vHonour, Windle and Peck. My aim was to go for 3 goals but still bring enough threat for takeouts. Won the roll so opponent was kicking, just what I wanted. I got the ball with Grange and parked him next to cover im a center position and passed the ball to Honour. I moved Ploughman and Windle to center to create some threat and hopefully get to slow the center game and creating open lines for Bushel. Opponent didnt respond how I wanted and he kept moving to the position in the centre but not opening any flank keeping Scalpel and Bonesaw in positions to counter Bushel. I tried luring him more to the middle by moving Honour with a ball to the center behind my lines but he still didnt bite. I was out of players so had to move with Bushel. Called the ball with cabbage punt/I’m open, moved to cover and passed to Peck. (This move accidentally saved me from the goal against as opponent planned to move Bonesaw through the center (new S4 skill to ignore base)). Last I moved Peck to position on the right flank. Turn 2: Peck was in range of Granges aura getting respectable 3/6 kick. I started with Bushel, called the ball, dodged past Bonesaw sprinted to goal and shot short range goal. 4-0. Next turn opponent got the ball to Bonesaw and I underestimated him the second time. Bonesaw somehow went through the centre with the ball to the left flank and finally passed the ball to secure position. I couldnt do anything to get the ball so went to do some damage with Windle. vGraves was at 4 health after Windle’s treatment and Ploughman finished the job. Graves to the grave and game is 6-0. Game was almost in the pocket and my troubles started. First, Casket cast heavy burden on Grange and then opponent finally got Scalpel to the close combat and damn she’s dangerous. With her ability to reposition my players, suddendly I find Grange with 6 influence sitting far away on my defensive zone being able to do nothing. Previously I had ignored Memory completely as ”what small puppet can do”? Well by getting the kill to Graves, i had to take two parting blows (Windle and Ploughman) and I still ignored healing as I wanted the momentum advantage. Windle got surrounded by Vileswarm, Memory, Brainpan and got damaged badly. Turn 3. Bonesaw got early goal from the right flank, nothing I could do so didnt even try to stop it. 6-4. I got ball back to Peck but I had to save Windle. During this Scalpel kept hitting Honor and got the kill. Windle gets hammered by the opponent but somehow holding up and not going down. 6-6. Now Peck was originally 10 inches from the goal but after Voodoo strings from Scalpel, he’s moved back almost next to Bonesaw. I took Peck to sprint away and kick the ball to open space trying to get it towards Bushel. Turn 4: Underestimated Bonesaw the third time. He still reached the open ball, got through the center, passed to Scalpel and dodged next to Grange to cause crowded out. With Grange, best thing about him is the KD in first playbook result. I got KD first to Bonesaw and then to Scalpel. Did some damage, sprinted to center and passed the ball to Bushel. Bushel got the ball, dodged past Graves safely and scored her second. 10-6 After goal kick, ball went to Graves. Turn 5. I got to start through the momentum advantage but only barely. I could have gone for tackle with Bushel and scored third but time was running out. Decided to charge with Grange. Got the ball after second tackle and with the remainder of influence managed to kill Graves the second time. 12-6 Afterall, really fun and solid team to play but in the middle of the game I was in the ropes. Felt I cant get any takeouts on anyone or do anything. This was due to opponent moving my players with spirit bomb/voodoo strings/heavy burden combo. New Bushel is amazing and fun to play. With Grange, even Peck is a solid footballer. With Honour/Ploughman pumping influence I had constantly enough to do what I wanted. Windle got one kill but otherwise he was just healing himself and keeping centre busy. Wonder if Tater would have been better with Aoe swipe. Honour was good. She moved markers couple of times and caused some distraction.
  9. Reliablenine

    WTB: Limited edition Minerva

    Thanks for your reply. Im still looking for Alt Minerva if someone else is willing to sell.
  10. Reliablenine

    WTB: Limited edition Minerva

    Hi, I’m looking for limited edition Minerva model. Im located in Germany but would be willing to pay international shipping aswell.
  11. Reliablenine

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I started guild ball just few months ago and I got all new plastic teams. The detail and quality of pvc is incredible and I'm really disappointed to see these campaings to fail as the old guilds are awesome and The Butchers are my favourite. I'm sure this all has been said before but release of completely new game Godtear, two new guild ball teams (second box of Farmers and Blacksmiths) and then two campaings for 100$ at the same time and expecting them to pass? It's really hard to understand the decisions of Steamforged, unless they wanted these campaings to fail (as, if I'm not mistaken, it has been said that all old teams will come in plastic). Has there been any other response than "Oh well, we tried?" Why also give up so easily? Why not run a single kickstarter campaing to try once more?