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  1. HaraldT

    Struggling...help needed

    When receiving: Ferrite takes the ball and make a pass to iron. ( 2 inf) Anvil brings most of the team 2" forward (2 inf), remains close to alloy and iron Heart instructs Alloy (1inf), whilemoving into position to stop enemies from raching alloy and Iron. Sledge moves to where you want him (wherever that may be) Iron pushes alloy 2", passes to him. Alloy remains within 1" of anvil.(1 inf). Alloy acrobatics 2" charges 9", dodges 2" and scores (8") (4inf) (Alloys shot + total move is 25", should be enough to find a place to shoot from. 2inf remains unused, could be put on sledge to attack if they come too close. (Alloy could instead use his 4 inf to attack, if the ball remains with iron. This would not result in a goal, but if you keep the ball and make a take out and get more MP, you might score the next turn. The ball should be fairly safe with Iron within 1" of anvil (3/3 and close control), hopefully some crowded outs. If the problem is they are stealing the ball in some sneaky way, you must consider the way they do it in each case, and try to stop it. Next turn must be improvised, but this plan does not consume any legendaries, use them next turn. And if you dont like Anvil, take somone else.
  2. HaraldT

    Struggling...help needed

    I am a newbie myself, but I might be able to help. Who are you playing against? What usually happens? Do they take the ball, or du they kill your players? Which blacksmiths do you own?
  3. "Models within this models melee zone suffer 2 damage and the bleed condition" How is the to hit test resolved in this chacter play? Does it hit all models in the area automatically, since it has target s, or does he have to roll to hit like an AOE? And if he has to roll to hit, how is crowding out handeled? If two enemy models is in his melee zone and both engages him, does he suffer one or two crowd outs (none of them are the target.)?
  4. HaraldT

    New Farm Hand

    I am also a new farmer, but I have played some games (but not with farmers). I like the look of my newly painted farmers, and they will get on the table, no matter how bad they play! My advice is to just play. You will probably lose some games, but in the beginning, blame your inexperience and not the farmers. If it turns out that you dislike the farmers, it may be wiser to buy anoter team than to buy anoter box of farmers. Play enought to be sure what you want before you buy more (unless of course, an option is to buy more farmers and another team.)
  5. HaraldT

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    is there a place I can see the cards?
  6. HaraldT

    Here's why I don't like new Esters

    "Asking many quetions of players" can certainly be interpreted in other ways than "providing many choises".
  7. HaraldT

    Here's why I don't like new Esters

    I dont think the important part is "reducing the thought requirement when determining activation order", the important part is that several activation orders which was impossible to do with the apropriate heroics now becomes possible.
  8. The Esters blog clearly indicates that Decimate will be weaker in seson four. I have little experience witht the game, but Esters seems very interesting. It also seems like they dont plan to change the rest of the team all that much.
  9. I am trying to recruit some other players, and to do so, I play small games agains anyone I can get interested. I presume that the players in the 3 player starting boxes is an okay tem, but no such box exixt for the blacksmiths. Is there somone who have opinions or even experience of which three players makes an intersting and not to difficult team?