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  1. Balrog

    Organized Play Update

    I gotta say, I’m a touch shocked by all the vitriol for this change. Math really ain’t my strong suit, so correct me if I’m wrong, but won’t this +1 to rollofff only make a difference in 1/6 of games? I’m much more taken with the power boost that comes from +1 card, as that at least consistently allows you to eliminate possibilities for the opponent. I get that even though +1 to roll off only makes a difference in 1/6 games, it makes a big difference in that one game. I can see how that can be frustrating. But this is hardly a new or unprecedented mechanic. Compare Flint and Mist. Both have an 8 inch kick; both can make game-winning goal kicks from exactly the same distance away. Sure, flint is debatably the better striker over all, with an easy momentous tackle and ‘where did they go’, but that’s not the only balancing mechanism steamforged included. mists kick will succeed 7/8 times and flints will succeed 15/16 times. This is a similar binary, wherein the extra kick dice either make a difference or they don’t. Games are won and lost on that chance all the time. And while deciding to receive is huge, it’s not typically any more important than scoring that goal. So if we are comfortable with some strikers rolling more dice I’m really not sure why everyone sees this as so unprecedented
  2. Balrog

    DC area Guildball groups?

    Alright! I’ll definitely be there. What is the unique format?
  3. Balrog

    DC area Guildball groups?

    @Jynxed85 That sounds like fun! Games and Stuff and Gritty Goblin are a bit further from me, but I've got a car so its no big deal I suppose. I'm free Sunday and would love to come. As previously mentioned I don't have any social media, so facebook is out. How would I contact y'all and sign up?
  4. Balrog

    DC area Guildball groups?

    @abdiel That is good to hear. I live in the NW quadrant of the city, so a lot of the places on the south side of the beltway are a bit out of my (convenient) reach. I contacted Dream Wizards and they apparently don't have much in the way of Guild Ball going on right now. I've never been to Dream Wizards or Play More Games, but I am sure that they have open tables where games could be played. I'd love to meet up at some point and get a game in if you've got the time. I'm sure if we played at Play More Games or Dream Wizards then other players would eventually come out of the woodwork. There's no way we are the only players in the NW area. Let me know if you are interested in getting together for a game and I'll drop you a PM with my contact info. Thanks
  5. Balrog

    DC area Guildball groups?

    Thanks for the help. I didn't know about the Pundit map, but will definitely check it out!
  6. Greetings all, Longtime lurker here. I've been playing Guildball with friends for a while now, but have never found the time to fully enter the community. I live in Washington DC and was wondering if there were any groups in the area that meet regularly. I've looked online and there are a couple of stores in the area (Labyrinth, DreamWizards, etc.), but none of them have any information about Guildball on their websites. My search is made a touch more difficult by the fact that I don't have a facebook, so can't find groups that way. Was wondering if there are any DC area guildballers here that could point me in the right direction. Thanks