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  1. MaintainerZero

    Godtear Forum

    Can Kickstarter backers get in on the super-secret forum too?
  2. As per the title, looking for Steamcon Skulk and Alt Vet Graves. I'm in the USA, happy to purchase and pay shipping. Let me know if you've got one, the other, or both!
  3. MaintainerZero

    W: Steamcon Skulk, H: LE Tater (USA)

    Small bump to mention I'm still looking for this.
  4. MaintainerZero

    W: Steamcon Skulk, H: LE Tater (USA)

    See post title. Have an LE metal Tater model, assembled and glued to base but otherwise untouched/unused. Looking for a Skulk w/ card if possible. I'm in Oregon, USA. Happy to ship wherever but would prefer someplace in the US for cost reasons.
  5. MaintainerZero

    Idea for Thresher Change

    To be fair, you've not played with 3 of the problematic members of the team. Thresher combined with Tater and Millstone is ludicrously overtuned, and it takes just a single game playing them to go "oh, yeah, I see why this needs to be nerfed..."