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  1. BattleSister

    New releases in metal?

    Hope the models are released individually also cos I already have all but two of the Faithful box. I'd prefer metal, and wouldn't buy the PVC, but these are just renders so could be either. Great sculpts as always.
  2. BattleSister

    Guild Ball miniatures catalogue

    Thanks Redtiger7 and Biff'd. Useful information. I'll try and order the Valentine's models in the next few days. Hope they do another Black Friday thing. The thought that I might one day be able to order a KS Shark gives me a warm fuzzy feeling! I hadn't heard of the Solthecian box. I'm guessing that it'll be a PVC box like the other minor guilds. So Grace and Benediction could be the next to go plastic. I'm a painter and collector so I prefer metal. If I was a gamer I'd go for the PVC.
  3. BattleSister

    Guild Ball miniatures catalogue

    That's really useful, Biff'd, thanks for keeping it updated. A few quick questions cos I'm new to this: How long are LE figs usually available for? I want to order the Valentines ones but will have to wait until next week. No mention of it on the blog that I can see. Are LEs only over available through SFG directly? Or do online stockists and FLGSs get them too? I got a Seasoned Brisket the other day but she's not in the SFG online store and she's not on this list either. Does that mean she's not LE and she is OOP? Cheers all!
  4. BattleSister

    Guild Ball miniatures catalogue

    That's exactly what I wanted to know, thanks!! As long as Steamforged keep supplying stockists like Element and Wayland with the current 6-player metal boxes I can take it slow and steady. I've taken a good look at the PVC and I'm not convinced, personally. Mind you, if I were a regular player I'd definitely be able to see the advantages of it.
  5. BattleSister

    Guild Ball miniatures catalogue

    Thanks very much for that comprehensive answer. I thought the season 1 teams had been completely different models from the ones in the current boxes and were OOP. So if I buy the 2 Fisherman's boxes Changing Tide and Pirate's Return, and lurk on eBay for the other 2 that you pictured, I'll have the complete range so far? (not counting the possible PVC Indiegogo box, I mean.) Are the Masons the exception? Cos I've found a listing on eBay for 6 metal Masons and as far as I can tell none of them are in the current Punishing March box (I won't link it here cos I'm not sure about the rules for linking to eBay). Those Chibis look hilarious! Great paint job too! One more noob question (I've searched here and on FB and not found an answer). If the PVC funds, are all the metals going to be discontinued? Do we know that yet? Cheers!
  6. Hi all, I've just recently discovered Guild Ball and will be painting and collecting rather than playing. So for me that means I'd like to track down a list of all models that have been produced so far over the 3 seasons so I can have a complete range. I've looked but not found anything. Player names would be one thing, but pics would be the best. I'm primarily interested in Engineers, Fishermen and Hunters. Thanks for any help!