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  1. Bildo

    Alchemist Starter Giveaway

    You forgot to mention that it's US only
  2. His kick is not really what you take him for
  3. Bildo

    W- Union art cards

    You'll be glad to know at vengeance they literally threw them all over the tables. 64 pitches with them everywhere.
  4. Masons also lack momentum at the high end of their plays. They either do low damage and get momentum, or do high damage with no momemtum
  5. Bildo

    Grimball- 24th July 2016

    Come on folks, we are wanting sanctioned. Grab some others and drag them to grimsby!
  6. hey, we moved our tournament to the 24th july as the 7th of august is ragnarok in york so that has everyone going. ours is well placed to be a warm up. 10 tickets have gone so far, quite quickly, so youre welcome to come join us. Its called Grimball and youll find it in the uk events :)

  7. Bildo

    More Fillet Tournament 8 Discussion

    i love gutter. shes great in my brewers and i loved her with ox. but i dont feel she is needed in fillet. we dont need the drag in now (as much). i find myself now leaning towards decimate. as you said, shes great. second win allows fillet to dive in, do what she does and dive somewhere where shes needed (or to ensure you have lots within your 6" bubble'o'bleed. Shes also a credible goal threat as you said, and between her, fillet, shank and brisket, you can field some serious goal threat
  8. Bildo

    UK Masters invites iminent

    Will I get one? Let's see... Position 192- nope. Well pants
  9. Bildo

    Grimball- 24th July 2016

    6 tickets left
  10. Bildo

    Grimball- 24th July 2016

    Only 7 tickets left!
  11. Bildo

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    I would love to get an idea on pricing
  12. Bildo

    Grimball- 24th July 2016

    Hello there sports fans. Sunny Grimsby is going to be hosting its first of many, guild ball tournaments. It will be a great warm up for Ragnarok too. Pretty standard affair for a 16 man event. Rules: Regional Cup Champion is Crowned: Play until there is 1 player with more points Play to to the Final Whistle: 12 VPs Team tactics: 45 minutes Strength in Depth: 8 players (1 captain, 1 mascot, 6 other non captain/mascot models) Hide the Team Sheet: Simultaneously reveal squads Starts: Registration 9:00 Tickets can be purchased from tiebreak- https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/grimball-16-man-guildball-tournament/feed
  13. Bildo

    2Fast 2Furious Fillet build

    I'm umming and ahhing about the 2f2f list. I load up those 2 usually anyway. I guess if your last player were brisket to round out goal threats it wouldn't be too bad. Or tenderiser as someone who doesn't need inf