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  1. Minors get an additional game plan card and +1 to the starting roll for kick/receive.Once the game started, there are no more differences.
  2. Celeb

    Against other guilds

    I think this is kind of the essence of playing Smith's there and also the reason why I struggle so much against Hunters. If you stay back, they just go "thanks, have soe snipe/pinned/Boombox etc."
  3. Celeb

    Organized Play Update

    To be honest, I can't understand the whining. SFG said they would make sure Minor Guilds are competetive, they didn't say they wouldn't do anything in the OPD. I am pretty sure that this was playtested.
  4. Celeb

    Game Plan deck discussion

    After playing some games, I really like gameplan cards for now. It does make the momentum race more important and a +1 over the opponent is usually more valuable. The cards did get rid of the one thing I found too swingy in the games, being the initiative roll. I've won and lost games due to someon losing the initative with +4 momentum and this feels like garbage for both players. The cards still have luck in it due to the luck of the draw, but even with a very low initiative value draw you can at least plan for it. I am ok withe random cards since you have to then adapt your play to your cards, but I think a draft could have worked, too. Also, always playing a high card when up on momentum and always playing a low one when down does make you exploitable, especially in longer games. The only thing, but that is an OPD thing, everything being off the clock isn't good, in my opinion. The first player to put down a card should be allowed to start his opponent's clock.
  5. Celeb

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Still unresponsive on a Xperoia Z2 in the Roster Scrren, though
  6. How does Tough Hide work against vetera Katalyst's Damage+Itensify results? Does Tough Hide reduce a total of 2 DMG because the Playbook Damage result and Intensify both get reduced?