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  1. Dreddnought

    New Boxed Sets?

    Thanks all for the insight. Unfortunate from my perspective. I will keep my eyes open for some deals. The plastic is definitely more up my financial alley (hurts less than metal). @Malritch London, Ontario...bit of a walk to Red Deer.
  2. Dreddnought

    New Boxed Sets?

    New to the site and fairly new to the game... Got the Kick Off starter and loved the game instantly. Took me a while to get it in Canada. Not sure if that was a supply and demand issue or if the game is just underrepresented here. Anyway, brilliant game. Has there been any talk of doing the same sort of thing with different teams? With all the games I own, having this sort of option keeps it simple and economical. Of course I have no way of knowing if this was a financial success for Steamforged but if it was, let's see more. If it wasn't, add another $20 and it is still a good deal. I won't be getting into tournaments but I will be supplying my entire game group (6) with the game components, so the alternatives really are too pricy for me (buying teams, markers, boards and other bits all seperately). Would really like to see very balanced teams that would play well with other boxed set teams. Even somewhat average teams. Save the specials and elites and best set-ups for the pros (and for people who want to delve deeper into the game). Having the expertise of Steamforged set up some nicely rounded teams would be excellent. Then I could put a simple tournament together where the best player (not necessarily the best team) could shine. Bringing out a new 'Kick off' set every year will keep people like me (the not so dedicated but still fascinated) playing this game and spreading the word. Hopefully I am not a lone voice in this and hopefully the idea is worthy of some consideration.