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  1. Proxied some butchers (yay standees and thanks steam forged) had a lot of fun 5 take outs against brewers turn 2. Really enjoyed the dice chucking and felt that activation order was very important to unlock butchers potential. Thinking about picking them up as well this season. my question is... do you feel that there’s ever a reason not to take ox, boiler, and princess, they are just soo good! Boiler at +3 dmg when attacking someone engaged with princess within 6 of ox on legendary turn is incredible! Plus bleed! also boiler throwing axes at 4 dmg and bleed within 6 of ox soo good! when do you take fillet? When do you take gutter?
  2. Ghoul

    Fishy Tactics s4

    Wrecker got up in siren1’s business lol thats why I’m bitter about 2/3 armor lol plus one of my regular opponents must perform sacrifices to some kind of ancient diety of dice and bad choices. His luck is off the charts ridiculous gets him out of bad decisions all the time. I even had him roll my morticians dice one game. Haha i beat him, but if he ever got the finer mechanations of the game under his belt guild ball would be only the beginning. Then Vegas. Then the world. Lol thankfully as you were saying most of our desired results are in like the first 2 sometimes 3 columns so it’s not that bad, but when it is, oh man is it !
  3. Ghoul

    Fishy Tactics s4

    I’ve only got a few games in myself and mostly against hitty teams. Brewers and butchers and masons are my meta haha. Haven’t played Corsair yet because shark has been so good into these match ups. things I’ve learned lure on siren 1 is great against butchers and brewers. Stripping resilience off at range or pulling ox away from the scrum is great. v Sakana into masons. Oh man was my buddy upset. He was already struggling to keep up and Sakanas black flag really did a number on him. I do recommended avoiding Wrecker though, 2+/3 is hard for some of our players to get around or rather away from. greyscales has been good at everything easily a toss up between him and believe it or not the hag for my favorite player. His ability to where they go and unpredictable movement plus balls gone is fantastic just make sure you have enough influence on him to move the ball. I’ll kick it into the ground if I have to. Fish as it has been said previously need the ball to live or they die! this brings me to the hag. Oh man! A squadie with a legendary who operates on almost 0 influence with move shenanigans... YES PLEASE! Talisman and fishers reel have been incredible brewers lock you down? Nope out of there. In a team as fast as ours 2 inches seems small but throw it in a black flagged quick move shark and suddenly you’re running 13 inches plus 2 inch dodge. Requires a little set up but I made a goal from 27 inches away with the use of tidal surge. Shark run 9 black flag +2 quick foot +2 hags 2 inch dodge then title surge +4. Obviously this depends on the hag being within 4 of shark and Sakana within 6 with the 2 of them going b4 but when it happens ohh man! Also hags legendary! I’ve brought the balm up the middle like bait (see what I did there? It’s like I’m fishing) only to use hags legendary push the scrum every which way and score up the middle. The look on a butcher players face when you score through the scrum is priceless. things that hurt... a lot of mele ranges changed in season 4 some went up and some went down. Butchers now have a lot of 2inch reach especially when they hang out with their buddy ox. Make sure you spend influence wisely in the match up and it seems silly but in some cases get closer than 2 inches. Nothing like charging in with shark just within 2 to bank some momentum and score when suddenly you’re counter attacked and pushed. Trust me sitting there with the ball next to shank or hooper with 4 influence on you is not a good look. armor! Sure we have Sakana who I love but high armor targets hurt us in 3 ways. 1 our tac is reduced night as well say “ oh armor 2 ?” “Guess in tac 3” on a tac 5 model I know you still roll all 5 dice which does increase the odds of landing a hit but when you roll like I do it doesn’t matter (bad dice club ). 2nd it can force us to gang up. Not always a bad thing but usually it’s a better thing for our opponents. 3rd to get around armor and pull off that play you need more hits this more dice so we charge or swing more. In this case the armor influence our own influence allocation. Sometimes leaving a dead ball due to bad dice and influence spent. Gotta find the Ballance. Overall I love the fish this season and I can’t wait to pick some more up. Right now I’ve been forced to proxy! aleo I am happy to see new posts!
  4. Ghoul

    So... Vitriol...

    I really enjoy “I’ve been burnt before”. Really aims at keeping the opponent guessing. Just the threat of charging in last to snag some momentum to secure next turn some times causes my opponent to hang a model back. I played a game the other day with Midas, crucible, vitriol, vcalc, okat, flask i really like Midas. I only have a few games in with him this season and have yet to play smoke but really enjoy his goal threat. Vitriol and crucible took the flanks while okat held down the middle like he do. I found throwing 1 inf on vitriol was more than enough most times to make my opponent think “oh she’s not doing much” only to then charge for free tackle ball then score on goal. i take vitriol almost every time I take Midas. i do not know if she has play with smoke though.
  5. Ghoul

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    My money would be on a Bulldog although a budgerigar (parakeet) would be cool!
  6. Ghoul

    Fishy Tactics s4

    Does that count for pushes and dodges as well? I only ask because a dodge and a push is not a standard advance. Like for lure and puppet master is says jog which is a type of advance. Or would it follow the rule of least disturbance?RAW says generally only applies to ball markers pg10
  7. Ghoul

    Fishy Tactics s4

    @Thyamath speaking of while moving opponents models. Some of the times the play being used says treated “as a friendly model” very important for things like hunters trap markers. Making lure great for getting hunters to trip their own traps. Haha
  8. Ghoul

    S4 Line ups

    When it comes to lineups I feel the new crucible is soo good! I know alcs have some pretty solid staples Mercury, ocalc, okat, whose everyone dropping out to try new crucible. I played Midas off and on in season 3 and 1 game with him season 4. Felt he was an annoying striker but then sat in the back field and occasionally generated momentum for me. Leaving vitriol to score. I would think dropping vitriol may be the way to go but I feel she is just such a valuable striker. Maybe drop calc as when I play I always tend to find it hard to give her inf. Most going to okat for kd then Mercury for dmg. Vitriol for goal threat, Midas for threat/ momentum generation. just curious about everyone’s thoughts
  9. Ghoul

    Fishy Tactics s4

    @BanjulhuOkay I can see that thanks! @ everyone else i hope others (don’t be shy) begin to post questions and comments here as well. It would be great to get some chitter chatter going especially witn a new season and holidays rolling around. Which I know means free time for some and no time for others. I figure if those with some time can get experiences in. then when those who don’t free up after the holidays they’ll have something to come back to and enjoy
  10. Ghoul

    Fishy Tactics s4

    @Banjulhu didnt try kraken out but got 2 games in. 1 against hammer masons and another against esters brewers. Received both games and got the chain going it was nice working everyone up the field. in my first game against masons I got over zealous on a turn one goal ending my activation with 3 inf left on shark major mistake which cost me conceding a goal start of next turn as I coulda won the turn if I had just beat on tower a little more for momentum. My opponent beat the you know what outta Sakana then scored with hammer. I threw the ball back in and wouldn’t you know it scattered right back toward hammer. Well next turn rolled around and I couldn’t have that I went first knowing my opponent needed momentum to score I activated siren who dodged a few times to get me some myself. My opponent tried to lay the hurt on siren but whiffed due to cover and charmed. Sakana got up took his parting blow from harmony leaving him at 1 (yikes!) before getting the ball from hammer and laying it down field to greyscales. Hammer retaliated taking out Sakana but was unable to get to grey scales. Next turn saw a fisherman goal and my opponent timing out. Even though Sakana was a major player that game the hag was the reel star (see what I did there ) eventually ending 12-6 fish my game into brewers I brought v siren for the first time and v Sakana. It was nice knocking down Hooper and blinding him. Resilience is a real pain in the butt. Not sure if v Sakana into brewers is good or not. I feel like it is for the extra movement on playbook and bag of coffers to keep the opponent guessing. But not sold on it . Over all this game my opponent spent too much time and resources trying to take down v siren in cover while being crowded out/ blinded by tentacles. Freeing up greyscales Sakana and shark to go goal happy. Ending with a fishy win 12-0 im really likening vsiren that tacke dodge on 1 is incredible! And dread gaze is amazing. when do you like to run vsiren? I feel she’s powerful into things that need to beat on you for momentum like butchers brewers and to some extent masons that extra dice goes a long way getting through armor and getting that ball. Although it satisfying seducing their striker haha
  11. Ghoul

    Fishy Tactics s4

    Okay I get you so in this way you would be prepping for a turn 2 goal which with all the momentum generated should be fairly secure?
  12. Ghoul

    Fishy Tactics s4

    I can see that when it comes to angel. Salt may be fast but the change to tap in and a lack of the blind utility when it’s needed does make tentacles stand out superior. when you say pass chain on receiving. Are you suggesting run forward with someone get the ball and pass it to kraken then go the 4 with kraken or are you suggesting kraken goes up grabs it throws it to the team then he himself goes the 4? I could see both working I would just be afraid that he would go quick due to lack of support. Then again my views may be skewed as I play against mostly butchers and Brewers.
  13. Ghoul

    Cross Guild Models

    Firstly let me say good call on the outlaw star avatar! when it comes to cross guild fisherman hunters I can imagine a captain Ahab-like character. A hunter through and through with the sea as his hunting grounds. i imagine a control heavy central midfielder who lacks in damage but can shift (no pun intended) tides of battle. With short range push and dodge character plays. I always thought a skill that was momentum altered might be fun in the risk versus reward sense. Maybe OPT 1 2 cost push/dodge of 2” plus 1” for every momentum spent up to 2. It would be fairly powerful but if you keep ahabs mov low and put him at like 2/3 or even 1/3 on the influence it would require some real planning. aww how I do enjoy theorycrafting for fun
  14. Ghoul

    Fishy Tactics s4

    Oops good call on the close control totally forgot about it. In that case what kind of things would you run angel into? Or is she more of bring along when running Corsair kind of player? in the 2 recent games I played siren almost went down twice. She shreds like wet paper but that playbook is so rewarding when it works. Have yet to try kraken not sure if I see a place for him in a shark team (who I’ve been currently playing with) although I could be dead wrong as my experience with fish is only 2 games in. The rest is all theory crafting. The only character I could think to drop would be the hag but her movement shenanigans are just too good. Maybe I could drop sekana and try him out but the anatomical percision sure is nice. Also a quick foot from shark and a smoke bomb to really get him going. I have yet to try vet sekana. Would you say he’s best used into trans who run say run 1 or 2 reliable strikers?
  15. Ghoul

    Fishy Tactics s4

    Oh wow! Above and beyond anything I would have expected thank you for all the advice! i managed to get a few Games in against brewers yesterday. my line up was...shark, tentacles, Sekana, siren, hag, greyscales. 1st Game against esters 12-2 win 2nd Game tapper 12-0 win i fekt like I was able to get the ball anytime I wanted it. Loading up shark was almost never a bad idea even when locked down in the backfield by pintpot I just used him to generate momentum to ensure a greyscales charge into mom dodge balls gone sekana snap shot. Knowing when to let players die seemed to be imparative to the plan. Honestly at times it felt like I was a real fisherman using my models as bait. I think like you that it’s too hard for me to not take siren1 that momentus seduce is soo powerful I am however struggling to find a place for Jac. Maybe he’s part of the group I take with Corsair? Also angel seems really good but we’re already so great at hitting the ball and most people playing into us know we have that 2inch reach so bring their own. That counter Kd on tapper and hooper was horrendous. are there particular teams you tend to favor certain players into? I feel like new butchers with all there 2in mele will be rough on us in s4. Thinking I’ll try angel out this weekend into masons flint won’t know what to do. Haha thanks!