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    Well... Now we know why he leaves ^^'
  2. Alrik31

    Veteran Decimate

    I tryed Tapper/Quaff/VetDecimate/Hooper/Stoker/Stave... Against Ox Butcher and Ester Brewers, it was really easy ! 4*Tough Hide, 3*Mz2.... Between lob barrel and vetdecimate, you easily control the pitch as you want. I recommend it if you want to go in a scrum !
  3. Alrik31

    Roster for each pairing

    Forget Smoke into brewers... With Ester/Hooper/Lucky and Stoker, they've many almost free condition removal.
  4. Alrik31

    List choices v Alchemists

    Personally, before Vet Decimate, i used to play : Ester / Quaff / Stoker / Hooper / Lucky / Mash With Vet Decimate i no longer play Mash in my 10, so a good list should be the following : Ester / Quaff / Stoker / Hooper / Vet Decimate / Lucky or Friday But i also really like szendroib suggestion !
  5. People no longer play Scum, but play the other mascot instead. Because Vet Decimate really appreciate +1 Tac and Second Wind from the dog :)
  6. Alrik31

    Veteran Decimate

    Even Ester / Quaff / Hooper / Decimate / oSpigot and Friday became more viable thanks to a 2nd Mz2. For me she's going to replace Mash in my ten : her T> should be way better than unpredictable movement now...
  7. Alrik31

    Initial thoughts after first proxy game

    We focus on KD because it's the most obvious condition impacted by disease condition. But don't forget other conditions like poison / fire / Bleed. If, due to disease, you can't remove those conditions, you're going to lose each turn 2, 3, 4 even 7 HP each turn ! So against an Smoke lead Alchemist team for example, but even butchers, morticians or brewers, disease will heavily impact the game !
  8. Alrik31

    Estus match-ups

    Hello, IMO, Ester is a really good captain into games where you can't go to the scrum easily, because of conditions (Alchemist, Hunter) or because they're better in fighting (Butcher, Corsair Fish, Thresher Farmer's, etc...). Futhermore, i like to play her when i kick. She's good to control the pitch with AOE, speed/damage buff, etc... And finally, everybody know Tapper and his game plan. And they often underestimate her and her fighting abilities. Good luck Brewer fellow !
  9. Alrik31

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Sorry, but me too i still can't use the app
  10. Alrik31

    Advices for Match-Ups ?

    Hello Everyone ! First of all, thanks everybody for all previous topics, reports and advices. I'm a new french brewer's player and It's really great for young unexperienced players like me to start playing Guildball , thank's to your advice. I'm going to attend my first tournament soon, and i'm thinking about wich captain and players to select depending opponent team. My main issue is that i didn't play against all other guild's, so it's hard for me to decide. I've only played against Mason / Hunter / Mortician's / Farmer's for now. My ten will be the following : Tapper, Ester, Scum, oSpigot, Hooper Friday, Mash, Stoker, Pint Pot and Stave. (No Union Player's or Lucky, i don't have the figs ) So, below my proposal : Please, wise player's, what do you think about my proposal's ? Thank's in advance ! Alrik31
  11. Alrik31

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Hi ! I've heard about a new version wich fix the "lagging issue" when going to roster page, with several player selected. On my side, it still freeze at this moment. Even after install/re-install or cache deletion. My phone is quite new (Samsung J3 2016) and the app was ok before last update. However, Thanks for your job for this application. We use this every game !
  12. Alrik31

    Advices for Match-Ups ?

    Cool, interesting answer ! Especially against Fishermen, i forget oSiren Issue vs Mash. For Brewer's, i'll also take into consideration your recommendation to take Pint Pot instead of Stave. So, what about hammer mason's ? Which captain would be better ?