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  1. I'm In Charleston, SC - just noticed I didn't set my profile all the way up. I'm planning on cross posting to the Facebook group "Guild Ball - Sales & Trades - US and Canada". Probably be easier to hit me up on FB messenger.
  2. I'm interested in acquiring a Farmers team. I have for trade: Guildball (The models are new out of package unless otherwise stated - I don't have the cards) - Union - vRage, Decimate, Mist, Fangtooth (this model has been stripped), and Hemlocke Brewers - Esters and Mash Masons: PVC starter with cardboard tokens. 40K - Necrons - I have just about everything Space Marines - Unbuilt razorback X2, Unbuilt land raider, a boatload of jump packs, marines, and terminators Warmachine - Mercs - Warcasters, Solos, Jacks, Units and I have $