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  1. Imbalance, Power Creep and Design Concepts

    Wait is Alex Botts about to get butchers nerfed? Sorry I'm out of the loop.
  2. Sick of blacksmiths

    Before or after errata?
  3. Getting masons

    I was right there with you until you said thresher was still on top haha
  4. Butchers problems

    I actually finally won. Mainly the trick was fallow thresh and tater making a take out or two each turn and getting lucky with jackstraw and scoring.
  5. Vet Honour?

    I like this alot
  6. Vet Honour?

    I was thinking she could be used at higher levels of play for trick hm set up.
  7. Vet Honour?

    Hey steamforged maybe read this and give us a different honor.
  8. Vet Honour?

    Ok take out buck and put in peck;), personally I'd go with bushel or grace to swap and go balls out killy.
  9. Vet Honour?

    Who you running now?
  10. Vet Honour?

    Well I'm not happy but I'm not dissapointed.
  11. Vet Honour?

    Can she at least be faster than windle lol
  12. Getting masons

    God I don't know why they made the alchemists. They just make the game unfun.
  13. Vet Honour?

    Ehhh. I don't think he's worth the harvest tokens.
  14. Farmers into alchemists

    I've been seeing smoke as captain. I'll have to ask what the line up was. I know it was the guy that's on fire, the one that blinds, the robot, and that's all I can remember. Anyways I'm thinking of grange fallow millstone harrow tater peck