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  1. Laughnchill

    My expereince with Farmers so far.

    As a farmer player from day one you're spot on.
  2. So you figure you're just gunna take it anyways? So heal it with momentum gained from combat?
  3. What about millstone to protect from bleed?
  4. Laughnchill

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    Can you link me the ruling
  5. Laughnchill

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    I listened to that one but I think it needs a revisit.
  6. Laughnchill

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    Vince looks like your podcast should have been about this but I feel like Botts would have complained.
  7. Laughnchill

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    God I wish she was a goalie.
  8. Laughnchill

    Butchers problems

    What lists do you generally like against butchers? This one or are there others? Given that farmer's don't score goals easily do you recommend trying to kill better than butchers?
  9. Laughnchill

    Butchers problems

    Thanks I've been dieing to see this match up.
  10. Laughnchill

    Vet honour and ploughman interaction

    It did thank you!
  11. Laughnchill

    Farmers @ Vengeance 2018

    I think this is confirmation bias. I think we aren't as good but I still think we can win against brewers, morts, and a few others (with difficulty). The internet made everyone scared to play them. But they did go overboard with tater and honour was a little underwhelming.
  12. Laughnchill

    Vet honour and ploughman interaction

    Is it she drops her hm in ploughmans aura then it duplicates then she picks them up and re-places them, giving her a third one?
  13. I know everyone has been talking about this but I'm confused. So can someone run me through this step by step? Ploughman places rough ground, honour drops her hm, then picks it up and replaces getting me two hms? Or am I missing something? I don't have the cards in front of me. And I've read all the posts about it. Maybe I just don't get it or need to see it visually.
  14. Laughnchill

    Veteran Chisel

    I hope they start selling these in singles because masons are my second guild and I'm already over this practice steam forged..
  15. Laughnchill

    Butchers problems

    It seems as though as long as you score one goal you can take out enough players to win before they gain the kill count they need.