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  1. What was your first Guild and why?

    What was your first Guild and what attracted you to that Guild? Fishermen. The models were the primary attracter, but when I discovered the game, it was also one of the few guilds nobody played in a decidedly take-out heavy meta (lots of Butchers, Brewers, Masons). Do you still play that Guild or are you a deserter and play a new Guild yet? I play four guilds with "regularity", because I'm always in the mood for something different. Fishermen, Butchers, Morticians, and Alchemists. I own Blacksmiths, but not 100% sold on their playstyle yet, and depending on how I feel after Adepticon, my next guild will be either Farmers or Ratcatchers. But who knows! Does your original Guild still hold your heart or have you a new favourite? I play the teams I do because I love them. Which one I happen to love at the moment really depends on my mood. Thankfully my mood has been riding the Corsair wave for the past few weeks! - Terminus -
  2. Mulligans during play.

    Short of competitive tournament play, I let my opponents do all the take-backsies they want. Casual game, casual players. And because a lot of my local opponents are newer to the game, I try and point out as many of their options as possible to inform their choices before they commit to a move in the first place. Of course, I'm much harder on myself. If I screw up or make a mistake, I tend to force myself to accept the consequences because otherwise, I'll never learn. - Terminus -
  3. Winter Painting Contest - Winners!

    Well done to @Charlie and @Zerachial for very thematic pieces! Definitely a take-away for my entry into the next painting contest! - Terminus -
  4. Fair enough, cheers! I was searching but nothing was quite coming up for me! - Terminus -
  5. Hello from the frozen North!

    Yea, unfortunately, the Horus Heresy train has really died down for me, and I'm not really that enthusiastic about 40k anymore (18+ years of the game kind of takes it out of you). - Terminus -
  6. So the situation: vKat with Witness Me up, engaging one enemy model that has 3 HP and conditions. Another enemy model is within 3" of vKat with 2 HP and conditions. vKat hits and triggers Mom 1 damage and Intensify. The 1 damage (+1 because of conditions) takes the attacked model down to 1 HP, and then Intensify takes both models out, proc-ing Witness Me. Since Intensify is a pulse, are the takeouts simultaneous? How does this work for Witness Me? Does he gain +2 VP for each take out, generating 8 VP total for the two takeouts? Or does the +2 VP only proc once for a takeout, no matter how many vKat takes out simultaneously? - Terminus -
  7. Hello from MIchigan

    I'll send you a PM the next time I'm available for a Vassal game and we'll do it up! - Terminus -
  8. Hello from MIchigan

    Welcome! I'm pretty familiar with Butchers, and almost completely unfamiliar with Farmers, so if you want a good smash-fest, we can try and arrange a game on Vassal! - Terminus -
  9. Hello from the frozen North!

    Yea I applied to the Rotman MBA at U of T as well, but decided against it primarily because of it's location (downtown) and because it's more Finance-based. Actually I'm relatively okay with the delay; my biggest issue right now is familiarity and practice: I need to remember to box-select, not click, because I often click-nudge tokens by mistake which screws up ranges. Copy tokens to perform moves/actions instead of just moving the original (in case I've mis-measured or f....mess... something up like click-nudging). Ctrl-z, not Ctrl-x to perform take outs. Tracking momentum on the right dial; just because my players are on one side of the Pitch doesn't mean I use the tracker on that side! - Terminus -
  10. Hello from the frozen North!

    I've joined the group. Downtown is kind of a headache for me to get to, since I work and go to class in Vaughan, and live at the Yonge and Eglinton area! But hopefully I can try and squeeze in some time here and there! I've been trying to get a handle on Vassal too, just been messing around the past week with the program. - Terminus -
  11. Winter Painting Contest

    @Mako Thanks for putting this together! It was a lot of fun to do this one-off and almost makes me want to do a Christmas-themed Brewers Guild! Thankfully I already have a couple bruiser teams! - Terminus -
  12. Hello from the frozen North!

    Hey Frostmane! No worries; my brother and a whole slew of other friends have gone to York University so Schulich is a pretty common school name for me, just like Rotman's is! Where abouts in Toronto? I'm dying to find more local players (I only just moved back from Vegas a few months ago), since most of my gaming friends live in Oakville and Mississauga! - Terminus -
  13. For whatever reason, I mistakenly thought this was a Christmas-themed competition, and not Winter-themed. *face palm* Either way, I present Christmas Tapper: - Terminus -
  14. Hello from the frozen North!

    Fair enough! I guess I take it for granted sometimes that everybody I talk to/know has heard of York and Schulich. Cheers for the welcome! - Terminus -
  15. Hello from the frozen North!

    Oh not just a Horus Heresy reader! I play Horus Heresy too, have a company-sized force of Ultramarines, and expanding with a bit of Custodes! Difficult to say! I feel like the first three books (Horus Rising, False Gods, and Galaxy in Flames) as a collection are incredibly well written and help set the tone. I think Legion gives a really different light to the Alpha Legion and brings into question the motivations of every Legion involved. Know No Fear (of course, I'm biased) portrays incredibly well the Ultramarine resilience and resolve, and I'm a huge Dan Abnett fan (I'm disappointed Aaron Dembski-Bowden hasn't written more, I'd argue he has surpassed Abnett since Dan's bout with epilepsy). I want to like Prospero Burns and Thousand Sons (one of my main armies and favorite is Space Wolves), but they mis-timed the release (again, Abnett's epilepsy pushed Prospero back a year, it was intended to be the first) and reading them out of order ruined the two books for me. - Terminus -