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  1. Hello from MIchigan

    I'll send you a PM the next time I'm available for a Vassal game and we'll do it up! - Terminus -
  2. Hello from MIchigan

    Welcome! I'm pretty familiar with Butchers, and almost completely unfamiliar with Farmers, so if you want a good smash-fest, we can try and arrange a game on Vassal! - Terminus -
  3. Hello from the frozen North!

    Yea I applied to the Rotman MBA at U of T as well, but decided against it primarily because of it's location (downtown) and because it's more Finance-based. Actually I'm relatively okay with the delay; my biggest issue right now is familiarity and practice: I need to remember to box-select, not click, because I often click-nudge tokens by mistake which screws up ranges. Copy tokens to perform moves/actions instead of just moving the original (in case I've mis-measured or f....mess... something up like click-nudging). Ctrl-z, not Ctrl-x to perform take outs. Tracking momentum on the right dial; just because my players are on one side of the Pitch doesn't mean I use the tracker on that side! - Terminus -
  4. Hello from the frozen North!

    I've joined the group. Downtown is kind of a headache for me to get to, since I work and go to class in Vaughan, and live at the Yonge and Eglinton area! But hopefully I can try and squeeze in some time here and there! I've been trying to get a handle on Vassal too, just been messing around the past week with the program. - Terminus -
  5. Winter Painting Contest

    @Mako Thanks for putting this together! It was a lot of fun to do this one-off and almost makes me want to do a Christmas-themed Brewers Guild! Thankfully I already have a couple bruiser teams! - Terminus -
  6. Hello from the frozen North!

    Hey Frostmane! No worries; my brother and a whole slew of other friends have gone to York University so Schulich is a pretty common school name for me, just like Rotman's is! Where abouts in Toronto? I'm dying to find more local players (I only just moved back from Vegas a few months ago), since most of my gaming friends live in Oakville and Mississauga! - Terminus -
  7. For whatever reason, I mistakenly thought this was a Christmas-themed competition, and not Winter-themed. *face palm* Either way, I present Christmas Tapper: - Terminus -
  8. Hello from the frozen North!

    Fair enough! I guess I take it for granted sometimes that everybody I talk to/know has heard of York and Schulich. Cheers for the welcome! - Terminus -
  9. Hello from the frozen North!

    Oh not just a Horus Heresy reader! I play Horus Heresy too, have a company-sized force of Ultramarines, and expanding with a bit of Custodes! Difficult to say! I feel like the first three books (Horus Rising, False Gods, and Galaxy in Flames) as a collection are incredibly well written and help set the tone. I think Legion gives a really different light to the Alpha Legion and brings into question the motivations of every Legion involved. Know No Fear (of course, I'm biased) portrays incredibly well the Ultramarine resilience and resolve, and I'm a huge Dan Abnett fan (I'm disappointed Aaron Dembski-Bowden hasn't written more, I'd argue he has surpassed Abnett since Dan's bout with epilepsy). I want to like Prospero Burns and Thousand Sons (one of my main armies and favorite is Space Wolves), but they mis-timed the release (again, Abnett's epilepsy pushed Prospero back a year, it was intended to be the first) and reading them out of order ruined the two books for me. - Terminus -
  10. Corsair vs Honour Match Report

    I'm sure there are others who maybe have played more Corsair who can chime in, but I'll try to help unpack my thoughts on Corsair so far. I've been primarily a Shark player, because I usually have my Butchers if I want to fight/smash. On paper, Corsair was never inspiring to me and I couldn't really see the value, so I've never put him to the test until recently. And let me tell you, he is a lot of fun! The first thing that pops out to me is that Corsair plays the slow, scrum game. Control the center of the pitch, keep players locked down, and dig the ball out to your wingers to score the goals. Where Shark wants to play aggressive (and I have a tendency to immediately want to play almost every guild team in this fashion), Corsair requires a bit of patience to set up the scrum. And moreso than just dodging around to retrieve the ball, Corsair needs ways to pull people in who are obviously trying to avoid being caught in the middle. Players like Jac with Goad, Ramming Speed, and Trident Tested, oSiren with Lure, or Kraken with Drag provide great tech to accomplish this. The second is the real key difference that I'm still wrapping my mind around; where Shark is a missile that sees the ball, retrieves the ball, and then scores, Corsair wants to just take the ball and hold it, march it up the field, score a few take outs, and then tap the ball in for a goal when everything lines up. His Tough Hide, Sturdy, and Close Control make him an excellent ball carrier that requires a lot of resources (short of Character Plays that force a pass or just take the ball of him). Lastly, Fishermen aren't a brawling team. Just because Corsair plus some friends (Kraken, Jac) might want to hold the center and duke it out, your other players are still just Fishermen. Slippery, fast, lots of 2" reach, mediocre Def and low HP. So pushing players like Sakana or Siren into an enemy scrum is probably not what you want to do, because you're just playing into their plan. Instead, use your own tech like Jac's Goad, Siren's Lure, and Corsair/Kraken's Drag to pull enemy players out of position and into your lines (even better if you target players who have yet to activate, since they're essentially locked for the rest of turn). Targeting players who have already activated to deal KD and damage is also a great way to force inefficient Momentum use from your opponent, and prevent doubling out on Take A Breather/C'mon Mate. In your first turn, opening early with Hag isn't a terrible idea. Talisman + extra Dodges (maybe even her Legendary) would've given you extra movement forward, and with Fear, makes an excellent ball carrier since it requires extra Influence from that first activation to get the ball off of her. Sakana in your game would have been better used on the flank opposite the entire Mason team, to threaten goal. He's fast, especially with that cover/smoke, and a 10" run and 8" kick means that once he grabs the ball, he can easily threaten goal, forcing the enemy formation to break and send at least one player to deal with him. Ultimately, while Corsair gives you the option to do Take-Outs, what he really does is give you consistent options, and a strong mid-late game. Just some thoughts. I'm trying to avoid rambling and unless you have specific questions, I don't want to overwhelm you with too much information. - Terminus -
  11. Hello from the frozen North!

    Naw, by Typhus's flag-ship, the Terminus Est! Unfortunately, we can only have the 8 characters on license plates so it's just been Terminus for many years now! - Terminus -
  12. Hello from the frozen North!

    Toronto! I thought the mention of Schulich would have given it away! (Schulich is Business School of York University)! - Terminus -
  13. Hi everyone! A little about me; 31, Can-Asian, spent the last 3 years in Vegas before moving back North of the border. I work full time as the Art Director at a software and mobile games studio while I study for my part-time MBA in the evenings at Schulich. I've been playing Guild Ball pretty casually for a little over a year and a half now (I needed a break from competitive 40k, and I'm getting older now so painting large armies is less fun and more chore-ish than it used to be!). I've collected the entirety of Fishermen and Butchers, and am currently working towards finishing my full set of Morticians as well (with Alchemists right behind them). Cats over dogs, pie over cake, and because I'm a raging nerd who is upset that I have to wait until 2019... "Winter is always here..." - Terminus -