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  1. digitalgenepool

    Veteran Chisel

    I'm hoping this with the ability to bash if it's needed. I might be crazy but I kind of hope she's a captain. I know it's unlikely but one can hope!
  2. digitalgenepool

    Butchers Player Summaries

    Can't wait to see this filled out! I've been playing Masons ever since I started in November and just ordered Butchers for my next guild. The info added so far has been great!
  3. digitalgenepool

    Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    I would like to see a Musicians Guild. Have a Tuba/Sousaphone goalkeeper, a lute striker, a drummer defensive midfielder who buffs the team, etc. I guess this could possibly fall into the realm of Entertainers Guild too. They seem like they fit in with the Brewers the best thematically wise compared to other major guilds because who doesn't enjoying going to the pub, pounding a few brews, and listening to music?
  4. digitalgenepool

    SteamCon 2018 US

    As someone from Indiana, I'd love to see it in Indianapolis. Logically, I think it should be somewhere centralized so all parts of the country can have an easier chance to participate. St. Louis, Chicago, and Indy would nice.