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  1. Commodore Rob

    Newbie questions

    Thanks for your comments, I have to say having played the masons a couple of times and the Brewers a couple of times I think that the brewers are more my style than the Masons.
  2. Commodore Rob

    Newbie questions

    It's getting to know the way the game plays I guess and utilising players more effectively. But that comes with practice I guess :-) I am loving the game. I just need to find more players near me in Bedfordshire...lol
  3. Commodore Rob

    Newbie questions

    Thanks for the reply, I thought this was right on the tac and I understood about the non momentum etc. And tried explaining this but I guess it was the fact that it was the situation that guy doing the parting blow was surrounded by 2 other opposing players and yet still had 7 tac with the parting blow which seemed rather high to my friend who is an experienced gamer. I just couldn't figure out the right way to explain why this could be correct.
  4. Commodore Rob

    Newbie questions

    Not sure if this is the right place, but whilst I have had Guild ball for a while I am only now starting to play properly so am basically still a Rookie. I was playing with the Kick off set with a friend yesterday and two questions were raised. 1. Parting blow says you get a +2 tac is this interpreted as a +2 to you normal Tac as it seems to read or is it just 2 tac. my mate thinks that a +2 tac with no crowding out is stupid super shot, when a parting blow is just an opportunity hit especially if there are other opposing players around. if I have interpreted this correctly as +2 tac to your base tac what is the explanation for this. Or how do I explain it to him? 2. Has Mallet been nurffed since the KO box as he seems rather awesome player. Apologies if these have been asked before.
  5. Commodore Rob

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I guess it looks like these are not going anywhere, which is a real shame. I really like the plastic figures I hope that in the future the older teams will make it to Plastic
  6. Commodore Rob

    Damage Trackers

    Quick question with the new teams in plastic you get the card damage dials I really like these, is there anyone that creates something similar for the older teams?
  7. Commodore Rob

    Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

    Oh no the one weekend in June I am not free...oh well
  8. Commodore Rob


    Well there are several Clubs in Luton, mainly WH40k groups there is the Luton club that meets in round green every few Saturdays which I go to we do play more than just historical games, but they are mainly bigger games of more than two players.
  9. Commodore Rob


    thanks guys :-)
  10. Commodore Rob


    Thanks for the replys guys, my big problem is I don't drive so have to rely on public transport, and so whilst they seem doable they can be a pain on a weeknight.
  11. Commodore Rob


    Hi everyone, I got my first Guildball stuff in April last year. I have only played a couple of games, looking to get more into it in 2018. Are there any players in the Luton (Bedfordshire ) area?