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  1. So guys I have been playing guildball for under 6 months and have played hunters the entire time. I feel that I have a decent understanding of a majority of the players until we come to Zarola. I have found the following general uses for her. 1. Midnight offerings - I do feel that this is her best ability, as I am sure most people here will agree. The ability to extend threat range on players or goal is huge. 2. Damage potential - I have found some situations when chain bolas and a linked activation with Fahad can do the last 6 to 8 dmg you need on an enemy player. This is nice for 2 influence investment. 3. Killing the ball - She has some ball killing abilities with unpredictable movement in conjunction with her other movement abilities. 4. Efficiency - It seems Zarola can get most of what she wants done with 2 influence or a blessing of the sun father. The problem with zarola is I feel she is very hard to use. Most times I find i have her out of position. She has weak defebsive stats and her play book is neat useless. Are there any more experienced players out there that can provide inshightful input on Zarola ? Are there particular teams you like her against ? Are there particular models you feel she is a must take with ?She seems to be the piece I take out the quickest to try other models, but at that moment I always seem to think "man I wish I had Zarola right now".