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  1. proviral

    H: Falconer's Sculpt: Vet Hearne W: $$

    Removed Butcher's Interest, updated to reflect I am now selling Vet Hearne
  2. Hey! I am looking to sell falconer's Vet Hearne since I cannot find the matching Egret. $20 USD Based in Canada - C
  3. proviral

    WTB Metal Farmer Models

    There is also Christmas Buckwheat and Halloween Thresher, fwiw.
  4. proviral

    WTB Minerva model.

    PM'd, Canada
  5. proviral

    W: Pint Pot

    Sent you a PM with a store in Toronto, Canada
  6. proviral

    W Cheap Tater or Millstone H$

    I'd sell MIllstone and Tater.