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  1. Guild Ball Collection

    I love your hunters !! The treatment of the green and the grey are particularly stunning Can't wait to see what you will do on the new hunters !
  2. Union Batman scheme

    So let's give it a try : Avarisse is Salomon Grundy Blackheart is Ras Al Ghul Fangtooth is Killer Croc (not sur at all) Snakeskin as Catwoman ? Could HArry and his hat be the Penguin ? And no idea who Mist might be ... Love your team
  3. Future Guild

    There was mention once of 2 new guilds for Season 3 ... but as all of you have already said it is most unlikely now. But was there any mention of what the "old" guild will have (for example in S2 everyone had 1 captain, 1 mascott, 1 Veteran and 1 Player) That's a little off topic but I haven't found anything regarding that
  4. My Engineers

    As I'm currently resisting an iresistible urge to buy the Engineers I don't thank your for your help Those 2 minis are juste gorgeous can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the guild !
  5. Now for a splash of red.

    The color scheme of your Union is indeed really nice ! Love the purple and the beige together You could add a little more life to her face and she'll be perfect.
  6. Butchers Goal Post

    Your goal is so awesome ! Really nice work on the casting of the pigs head and all the others stuff !
  7. Really nice job for a first time with a brush ! All your models are readable and nice
  8. Aybarra's Butchers and Fishermen

    A few weeks later I had time to paint a little more !! Now I'm working on my Fishers for a Big League in Paris et VBrisket en WIP pour finir
  9. Thanks for the answer
  10. Hello everyone, So I had a question on where does Blood Rain pulse starts from. The Range is indicated as P for this Character Play and the rules say that the P is [P] Denotes that the Character Play can only be triggered as a Playbook result using play-icons. This Character Play may only target the original Attack target. So does the Pulse extends from Fillet or her target. Thanks for your help
  11. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Your S3 minis are juste gorgeous ! Brainpan is sooooooo creapy and VetOx look just say "don't you mess with me..." I love them !
  12. My Butchers :)

    Really nive VetOx He almost look too clean
  13. Obulous & friends

    Love what you have done with all your Morticians minis ! The Cloak on Obulus is great and the blue robes of Brainpan are really nice !
  14. Aybarra's Butchers and Fishermen

    Hi everyone, Thanks Anphiarus for your message. As we had a rainy week-end in France I managed to get VetOx painted : Next I really have to finish Harry the Hat
  15. Erahf's WIP Teams

    Love your green and your OSL on the tubes ! I'll add a highlight on smokes hairs and gloves because they seems really dark. Could we have a first group photo ?