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  1. PanzerHarris

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Given Farmers are likely to have a very high pick and the Union are agitating for them to pick Nomad, we may well need a back-up plan. And that's where we may fall down as we don't really have one. I'm coming round to Kami. She could well be a Decimate style player, which is right up my particular alley.
  2. PanzerHarris

    Alchemists Season 4

    I was hitting Butchers on the floor with assists from Vitriol and Venin, but I take your point. I think I was trying to say give vet Kat table time, especially with Venin, and see how he works on the pitch rather than just using theory. He's a new model and if you use him like you did his previous version, he won't meet those expectations. Mascot wise... Against football teams I think Naja gets the nod. As somewhere to put and protect the ball, a 2" Unpredictable model with 5+ defences is pretty good! If you're up against an opponent that doesn't overly care about the ball then Flask's free character plays will help you get those takeouts. If I'm not sure then personally I'm leaning towards Flask at the moment, but that may change with more reps!
  3. PanzerHarris

    Alchemists Season 4

    I've played vet Katalyst and Venin as a tag team and the two of them are very effective. If conditions are already out there, send vKat in first, as his Fumes character trait is essentially free Intensify. That momentous 4 (becoming 5 with Fumes) is very reachable and 3 of those will hurt. Then send Venin in to finish off, either with Debilitating Strike to hit the higher reaches of his playbook or his Heroic. If you need to get the conditions out there then Venin goes in first, aiming for Acid Rain to hand out a lot of Poison, triggering his Heroic and relying on his 4+/2 defences to keep him safe. Then you send in vKat to finish off models. Used that tag team along with Smoke, Flask, Vitriol and veteran Calculus the other night to beat Butchers 12-2. 4 takeouts, 1 Vitriol goal.
  4. PanzerHarris

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    3 games played and logged last night. 2 for Nomad to Alchemists, 1 for Amber to Farmers...
  5. PanzerHarris

    S4 Spoiler for Smoke and Vitriol

    I'm a card-carrying convert to Alchemists based off the season 4 changes. I had the good fortune of playing in the playtest events and so I've had new Smoke on the table, with my experiences in season 2 with her as something to benchmark her against. And I have to say, new Smoke is a much cleaner way of doing the same thing. The AoEs were great in principle, but they took ages to actually use in a game. There are always bases in the way, players get nudged as a result and it's difficult to judge who's affected and who isn't. This way, you pulse out from a model's base and apply the conditions. Much simpler, much cleaner, much quicker, same effect over a wider area (3" + the model's base size vs 3"). The main difference is that you don't activate early and use the AoEs to block lanes. You keep her until later in the turn, and your own models are the threats. The enemy team cannot group up around Alchemist players because Smoke (who is still ridiculously mobile via smoke bombs) will get there and she will be able to apply Burning and Poison on their models without rolling a single dice. Vitriol has basically gained Overclocked from Ratchet, that she can cast on herself at the cost of 1 Momentum with the bonus of maybe lighting some other models on fire. That means with 3 influence on her, she can reach a target 11" away, have a charge attack and then 2 other attacks (momentous push-dodge on 2 being what you aim for, and if you feel you need Clone it's momentous on 3), and then have a shot. 9" charge, momentous double-dodge off the charge (4 successes on 9 dice for +2"), 2 momentous push-dodges (+2"), 8" kick. 21" goal threat with plenty of potential momentum generation. Lots of pinball potential in there too. Don't get me wrong, it will take practice to get the most out of Vitriol, but I do feel there's a lot to get. What I will say is that there's an awful lot of cool stuff still to come as well. Straight after the playtest I picked up an Alchemists team and can't wait to play them in season 4.
  6. Could we get a confirmation on how Linked works with scoring a goal please, using Fathom as an example, and when any declaration is needed? How I think it works is; - Fathom scores a goal - She decides whether or not to Run the Length - Her activation ends - The Navigators / Fish player declares whether or not they will use Linked - Their opponent resolves the goal kick - The Linked player activates if the trait was used I'm not entirely sure whether the Linked declaration comes, and if it's before the goal kick or after. I believe it's before, but would be grateful for someone who knows these things to weigh in.
  7. PanzerHarris

    Season 4 wish listing

    Would give you a reason to drop him as a squaddie too. Even if it's he gains momentum normally, and on the legendary turn it's Momentous Inspiration. I love the idea of Reinforced Plating but never have the Momentum to power it.
  8. PanzerHarris

    Season 4 wish listing

    Momentous Inspiration on Burnish. His teams end up being so starved of Momentum it's been painful...
  9. PanzerHarris

    Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    Don't think there's a game where I wouldn't take him. Burnish and Cast are both good all rounders that always seem to net me points. Captain Anvil experiments have been interesting. Strike While the Iron is Hot and Singled Out are both great set up plays and that bubble Tough Hide was just as good as advertised against Butchers and Engineers the other day.
  10. PanzerHarris

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    O handy hands, such as they are.
  11. PanzerHarris

    Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    I'm making myself play Anvil and Sledge for a while. I think I've been a bit harsh. Starting to think that Captain Anvil handing out Tough Hide everywhere might be a decent option into Ox and Theron amongst others. Try and keep apprentices upright for one more turn that my opponent is expecting. Have to say I'm still not sure who I drop from my 10 if they do well.
  12. PanzerHarris

    Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    So far anything that requires set up - he does really well against Ox Butchers, Grange Farmers, Masons and anything with low wound count like Engineers and their robots, Hunters and Morticians. Need to get some games in against Alchemists but I think he's definitely the pick into them.
  13. PanzerHarris

    Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    I've gone to 3 tournaments with the Blacksmiths and played a lot of practice games. I have to say my choice of captain is nearly always Burnish, and I find I'm using him more instead of less. Ferrite just seems to always want all the influence, and that's not something I feel able to do. Flame Belch is tremendous. 3 damage per shot plus Burning plus the slowing effect of the Burning condition. 4 damage if there's a handy Furnace nearby. And if you get into a scrum I find he's able to do a very passable Benediction impersonation - his playbook is very similar and Hearth can buff his melee range. The other big plus is being able to get the most out of Cast. There have been games where she scores 8-10 points - if she charges into Burning targets that momentous 6 at the top of her playbook is very reachable and becomes momentous 7. Even lower down you're looking at 2 damage on 1, momentous 3 on 2 and momentous 4 on 4. Plus she has Shield Toss for ranged damage and ball retrieval, and a 4 dice kick. Cast is so badass her nationality should be Wakanda...
  14. PanzerHarris

    vs Engineers

    I think I'd take my standard 6 - Captain Burnish, Cast, Furnace, Cinder, Hearth and Alloy. Burnish, Cast, Cinder and Alloy all have ranged attacks, and with Hearth there she can have a 3" range on a crucial turn. That makes it more difficult for the Engineers to stand off because there's plenty coming back at range as well. You've also got plenty of ball retrieval options - Shield Toss and an Instructed Cinder getting her ranged Tackle on 1 hit, for example. Personally I'd go for an early goal, use Burnish, Cast and Alloy to get me 2 takeouts and then finish with another goal once you've worn down the Engineers.
  15. PanzerHarris

    [UK] WTB Corsair, Hag, Vet Siren

    Leodis Games have a Corsair; http://www.leodisgames.com/shop/guild-ball/corsair/