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  1. PanzerHarris

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    Not really. Tac 7 thanks to debilitating strike, looking for 3 successes. I know all about A&G. Just tend to find Avarisse either can't catch up with the things I want him to hit or they make a mess of him with his 3/0 defences.
  2. PanzerHarris

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    Couldn't disagree more on Venin. I don't take him into beefy teams like Brewers and Farmers but into just about anyone else he's arguably the best damage dealer we've got. Rack up 4 x momentous 2 or 3 damage then Coagulation and he's finished off a player. Even as a battery model who just runs in and uses Coagulation after Smoke has activated and covered the pitch in Poison, he more than does enough to warrant inclusion. That's without factoring in how useful the strikers find it to have a model with a condition on nearby, just before their goal run.
  3. PanzerHarris

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    Vet Kat rides the pine at the moment and I just can't see that changing. Likewise I've dropped original Calculus. Have never played a game without veteran Calculus. Every single time I've played Alchemists she's in. And given the number of goals she scores and affect she always has on the game for me, that's not changing so I can miss with Blind. Snakeskin takes the Union slot. She's practically an Alchemist anyway with her Poison spreading. Plus see above for the sheer frustration she can cause when she comes in.
  4. PanzerHarris

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    Update. Midas is starting to click. I now have a regular routine when receiving that drops Vitriol next to Midas on the halfway line with the ball, before she activates. With her crazy threat range that results in goals. A Farmers opponent tried to kill the ball in the far corner of my half. So Midas used a Lure of Gold to slingshot Crucible to go get it, and tap the ball off the pitch so it dropped into the centre circle right where Vitriol and veteran Calculus were sitting with full stacks. And I've had two crazy long goal runs of 17" and 19" from the man himself to finish games off. Into the low defence teams I like to throw him into, that top end double dodge double push is possible with a bonus time and some back up. So yeah. I'm coming round to the idea that Midas does occupy a niche, and he can help facilitate a very strong 3-0 game. Finding it a very enjoyable game as well.
  5. PanzerHarris

    Plan into Cogs

    What this man said. If Smoke has to use her playbook, she's in trouble. It's an awful playbook and she's TAC 5. In terms of ball retrieval and dodging, Midas' playbook is vastly better and he's TAC 6.
  6. PanzerHarris

    Plan into Cogs

    Disagree. Those are 3 teams with very little problem hitting Smoke in the face with a 2" model. But hey, at the moment it's theoretical anyway. Subject to me getting that Midas team to work...
  7. PanzerHarris

    Plan into Cogs

    In my view? Farmers (too much health and anti-condition tech), Hunters (stupid bears) and Morticians (put crazy ball and clock pressure on Scalpel, because otherwise everybody's dead by turn 3 or 4).
  8. PanzerHarris

    Plan into Cogs

    Funny you should mention Engineers - a regular opponent of mine has picked them up lately and we've gotten a good 6 or so games in. Basically they're a football team that can take a punch and likes their ranged character plays. There's a lot of Close Control and a lot of Reanimate. Note the changes in Reanimate from season 3 to season 4. As condition damage happens at the end of turn now, if you've triggered Reanimate during the turn, then conditions can cause the takeout. If the conditions trigger Reanimate, then the Engineer model will still have Reanimate to protect them during the following turn. Crucible is a real pain in the neck for them. Great Balls of Fire is worth its weight in gold in this particular match-up. She can out-range the likes of Velocity and Pin Vice and steal the ball off them. I think I've covered Snakeskin on another thread - I love her here. Engineers absolutely can't stand the sight of her. Models to be careful of? Salvo tops the list for me. Check his season 4 unveil blog post for the details but he can knock down players, steal free balls and dodge across half the pitch. A very dangerous ball player. Keep an eye out for Harriet - if she hits a model with Sucker Punch they'll lose possession of the ball, which could be a problem with Salvo about. And give Colossus proper respect. Spider boy is a real beast now. On balance I think this is still a Smoke matchup. There's a good amount of tough hide and high defence around but not huge amounts of actual health. Stack those conditions high and go to town.
  9. PanzerHarris

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    She was hilarious against Engineers the other day. "Snakeskin has the ball? Right. Harriet will Sucker Pu... Oh. I know! Deadbolt from Ballist... No, that won't work either. Floored Bolt from Salvo? No? Damn. How about Arrow to the Knee? Screw this, I'll go in and tackle her. What do you mean, Nimble and Charmed Male?"
  10. PanzerHarris

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    I love the principle but my dice luck is infamously awful. There are too many things that can go wrong, including the Hunters going first the following turn due to the momentum gathered by the bear when it ate the nearest Alchemist. I've used A&G but at the moment Snakeskin takes up my Union slot. Being able to hide from character plays is just too useful in certain match-ups.
  11. PanzerHarris

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    I agree - trying to take out Farmers with Smoke is an exercise in futility. You just can't do enough damage in a turn, and Peck will go last and clear all those conditions that you've spent so long putting on. Hunters are beyond Smoke at the moment purely due to Seenah. The bear is such a monster that you're under too much pressure too quickly for the normal condition game. There is nothing in our armoury that can deal with Seenah, so the plan has to be score quickly to put the pressure back on the Hunters.
  12. PanzerHarris

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    So after some games into Hunters, I'm finding it a really really hard match-up. There is seemingly nothing Alchemists can do to stop Seenah from taking out at least one player a turn, and we don't have the return damage to try and control the bear. Think I've accidentally hit upon an idea I'm keen to try some more. I ran a team of Midas, Flask, veteran Calculus, Crucible, Vitriol and Mercury. Midas never got more than 2 or 3 influence unless I was sending him off on a goal run, but mostly what he did was apply conditions, build momentum and drag the 3 strikers into position with Lure of Gold to make it really hard for the opponent to hide the ball away. Mercury took the free character play off Flask for the free Burning AoE and hit some momentous Fireballs, again to spread conditions. That basically meant that when Vitriol, veteran Calculus or Crucible activated, they would be closer to the action with available conditions to pilfer. That team can't threaten takeouts but it's not supposed to. The whole point is to get as many goals as possible, as fast as possible. Crucible makes it very difficult to hide behind Close Control or similar, Vitriol has the 2" reach and crazy speed, and Calculus can dodge in and out. And there's Midas himself who's a 4/8" kick with Acrobatic. So far in testing it's beaten Engineers 12-4 and given Scalpel a very nasty 8-12 fright (my closest game against her and my opponent was sweating over the ball pressure the whole game). Still need to play it into Hunters themselves ironically, but this is where I'm leaning. Against Hunters and Scalpel I just don't think that you've got time to play the Smoke game. If you're still waiting until turns 3 or 4 to get your takeouts you've already lost. So engage the afterburners and let's go get that ball...
  13. PanzerHarris

    Blacksmith matchup, help wanted.

    I'm going to give the lawyer's answer - I said can one round him, not will. 😁 Burnish is a pain to deal with, but it can be done. It's worth noting that as per the Lawyer's Guild thread, there's nothing Burnish can do about Chemical Breeze, so if you're careful with your activation order you can still spread Burning and Poison. 3 condition damage is 20-25% of an Apprentice's hit points. Having played into Blacksmiths a few more times I've moved to Naja as mascot. An Unpredictable 5+/0 model with a 2" reach holding the ball is very difficult for them to deal with, especially as the snake is a 6/8 move. It's certainly been enough in games to stop the kick off goal - retrieve the kick off, pass the ball to Naja and dodge the mascot back. Under no circumstances should you try and scrum with these guys. Sledge can get to momentous 6 damage without rolling a dice (3 auto hits from Piledriver plus 2 auto hits from Instruction = momentous 6 on 5). That makes our high defence pretty much worthless. You're much better off using ranged character plays and conditions to sap wounds from the Apprentices then using Smoke or Venin as a finisher, whilst playing the football game. Crucible is basically Mist with a larger base and ball retrieval whilst veteran Calculus is an excellent goalscorer, with Smoke herself as very capable backup. That should be enough for the 2 goals you need whilst the conditions set up the kills. You also need to be very conscious of positioning. Keep your models apart and make the Blacksmiths commit to you in order to take out a player. They'll be able to get takeouts, but if you can make them leave Sentinel or their protective auras to do it, it becomes easier to pick them off in return. Blacksmiths are a nasty matchup and you have to assume that you're going to lose players. There's no way around that. But you can stop them scoring these days whilst playing your game.
  14. PanzerHarris

    Alchemists underrepresented in merchandise?

    There are definitely Alchemists mugs - I bought one at Steamcon and am drinking my tea out of it as we speak. 😁 Most of the merchandise is being released as the new Guilds are - when the Ratcatchers released, their dice trays etc were released with them. Likewise Falconers. Brewers and Masons have been done as they're the Kick Off teams. Having spoken with the All Rolled Up guys, who produce the dice trays, they're happy to produce the trays for the older Guilds based on which ones people want to see. Best way to get Alchemists up the list for dice trays is to drop them a line at contact@allrolledup.co.uk. I've just contacted them about a custom tray and put a vote in for Alchemists trays whilst I was at it...
  15. Player X moves in such a way that they leave the engagement ranges of player A and player B simultaneously. Player A and player B take their parting blows at the same time, knocking down player X and doing damage. When player X then uses momentum to clear the knockdown, they are no longer engaged by either player A or player B and free to attack player C without being crowded out. Is this correct please? I did it this way at Steamcon and now I'm not sure I was right. Rulebook simply states that a parting blow happens the moment the active player leaves an engagement range.