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  1. PanzerHarris

    First game against Farmers

    I did. The Farmers knocked Avarisse down and farmed him for momentum.
  2. PanzerHarris

    First game against Farmers

    Have tried to play for takeouts against Farmers and it just doesn't work out for me. Their super reliable damage and arguably the best anti condition tech in the game means you're really fighting an uphill battle. High pressure football is the way that works for me. Vitriol, Crucible and veteran Calculus all play, they spend most of the game loaded with influence and go for the goal runs. Make it so that wherever the Farmers put the ball, one of your strikers (or Smoke herself if that's your captain) can get there.
  3. PanzerHarris

    Request: Mercury Success Stories

    Playing against Brewers. Ball is on Friday who has 7 health left, but stood next to Spigot in cover. You know how that story goes. Mercury instead goes base to base with Hooper. Attack Hooper, momentous Fireball on Friday who's 6" away. Hooper counters, knocks Mercury down, momentum to stand back up. Hits 3 more momentous Fireball results taking out Friday (79% chance to hit 2 successes against Hooper). Ball bounces to Spigot. Crucible hits him with Great Balls of Fire, takes the ball and scores my next activation. Game against Fish. Ball on Tentacles who has 2 health left, I activate first needing the goal to win. Mercury hard casts Flame Blast to take out Tentacles, netting me a momentum, sprints 8" to get the ball then scores with his 4 dice kick. I love him. He's one of those players that seems to get better the more you need him to do his thing.
  4. PanzerHarris

    Playing into Brewers

    I prefer Flask into Brewers for the free character plays. Having Great Balls of Fire or Flame Blast or Sticky Bomb for nothing is much more important when you have to work so hard for your points.
  5. PanzerHarris

    Playing into Brewers

    I'll trade you the takeout, because Crucible now has the ball which usually means I get a goal out of it. 😁
  6. PanzerHarris

    Playing into Brewers

    I'm having decent success playing for the 2-2 game. Having Crucible, veteran Calculus and sometimes Vitriol charging after the ball from different angles whilst Smoke, Venin and sometimes Mercury pick off the weaker players (Spigot and Friday spring to mind). Drafting is key. If the Brewers pick Mash then you need Crucible and Mercury to get the ball back off him. If they don't then you can be a bit more flexible. I like Smoke and Venin as hunters for their speed and ability to pick off weakened players. The Katalysts are too vulnerable.
  7. PanzerHarris

    Lawyers Guild Authority?

    Fantastic, thanks for the answer and the explanation. In an unrelated note, a song called Jamie's Duck is writing itself in my head to the tune of Stacey's Mom.
  8. PanzerHarris

    Lawyers Guild Authority?

    With all due respect, the post cited is two and a half years old and the poster doesn't give their name - I don't know who they are...
  9. Forgive me if I'm opening a can of worms here, but... The rulings made here in this section of the forum are treated as gospel, and used by tournament organisers in case of disputes at events. My question is, where does the Lawyers Guild group get their authority from to make rulings like this? Has someone from Steamforged said that this group of players can make binding rulings, and are Jamie and/or Bryce consulted as part of the process? I don't doubt the Lawyers Guild members are held in high regard as players, and I'm in no way attacking them. I just want to know how they're able to make rulings that we all have to follow whilst not being SFG staff, as I can't see that anywhere, and personally I would like to think that there is game development involvement with these calls. 🙂
  10. PanzerHarris

    First Game with alchs against Navigators

    Hello. Handy Alchemists bandwagon jumper, such as I am. 30-40 games with them in season 4. Still love them. Having played it a few times, Navigators is a fun one. They have such low health they make us look like Farmers. What they are is ridiculously fast and very good at getting round our high defences with those rerolls. I would go Smoke. Carpet them with conditions, particularly Burning, because Navigators can struggle for momentum to clear them. Venin for me is a must. He's fast and can do plenty of damage to a Navigator when he gets there. Plus they find his 4+/2 very hard to deal with when he's got Poison. I also like Vitriol here. She's a linear threat but it's a very long line. She's one of very few models that can chase down the likes of Fathom and Horizon and her momentous tackle on 1 is very useful. If the Navigators pick Azimuth, you need Crucible. Great Balls of Fire is the only way to get the ball back off the big lad without getting smacked in the face and boosting his defence through Gladiator. I've also taken Naja as a way of hiding the ball away until I've got some takeouts in the bank. Navigators are really good at snapback goals so be careful about when you score and give them the ball back.
  11. PanzerHarris

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    Yeah, I play a very aggressive game with the intention of scoring goals. I've heard about defensive play. I'm just not very good at it...
  12. PanzerHarris

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    Not really. Tac 7 thanks to debilitating strike, looking for 3 successes. I know all about A&G. Just tend to find Avarisse either can't catch up with the things I want him to hit or they make a mess of him with his 3/0 defences.
  13. PanzerHarris

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    Couldn't disagree more on Venin. I don't take him into beefy teams like Brewers and Farmers but into just about anyone else he's arguably the best damage dealer we've got. Rack up 4 x momentous 2 or 3 damage then Coagulation and he's finished off a player. Even as a battery model who just runs in and uses Coagulation after Smoke has activated and covered the pitch in Poison, he more than does enough to warrant inclusion. That's without factoring in how useful the strikers find it to have a model with a condition on nearby, just before their goal run.
  14. PanzerHarris

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    Vet Kat rides the pine at the moment and I just can't see that changing. Likewise I've dropped original Calculus. Have never played a game without veteran Calculus. Every single time I've played Alchemists she's in. And given the number of goals she scores and affect she always has on the game for me, that's not changing so I can miss with Blind. Snakeskin takes the Union slot. She's practically an Alchemist anyway with her Poison spreading. Plus see above for the sheer frustration she can cause when she comes in.
  15. PanzerHarris

    Midas and the Bear Necessities

    Update. Midas is starting to click. I now have a regular routine when receiving that drops Vitriol next to Midas on the halfway line with the ball, before she activates. With her crazy threat range that results in goals. A Farmers opponent tried to kill the ball in the far corner of my half. So Midas used a Lure of Gold to slingshot Crucible to go get it, and tap the ball off the pitch so it dropped into the centre circle right where Vitriol and veteran Calculus were sitting with full stacks. And I've had two crazy long goal runs of 17" and 19" from the man himself to finish games off. Into the low defence teams I like to throw him into, that top end double dodge double push is possible with a bonus time and some back up. So yeah. I'm coming round to the idea that Midas does occupy a niche, and he can help facilitate a very strong 3-0 game. Finding it a very enjoyable game as well.