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    Veteran Cinder

    When I go to Spain on Summer holidays I become quite brown, but when I get back to London I go veeery white. 3 weeks ago I had one haircut and this week a different one. Maybe she is spending less time in front of a forge and the sun and decided to get a new haircurt
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    Rough match ups and how to deal

    Did you mean Thresher instead Midas? would you bring Anvil without Sledge?
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    Thoughts of a new guildballer

    Take it with a grain of salt as I am very new to guildball (only 7 games, all with blacksmiths) 1) I'm quite convinced blacksmiths are better at playing ball than fighting. Usually aiming for 3 goals or 2/2. I agree. Only against Fisherman I have done 4-1 1a) That's because the masters all don't have much damage, w the exception ofburnish captain for a triple aoe, but that's not generating momentum for 4 INf spent. I was expecting at least a one captain that coulddo good damage ld do good dam1b) unassisted the apprentices usually gets momentous 2 results. With tooled up that makes 3 but that's still not super impressive as main damage outputs. That's barring maximisedset ups but we don't get that all the time. Yes, all need set up from other player. My favourite are a tool up Iron that can hit easily 3 damage in each hit or tool up Cast on a burning target which does 3-4 damage per hit easily. 1c) Iron might seem the most impressive combatant on paper, but I often find myself spending 1 influence buffing speed n 2 influence charging just to get into combat. So that leaves only 1 more attack for a total of 2. With Ferrites's dodge I can get him to reach most enemies just walking or with a charge 2) low Def is a big issue against character plays as I find my Def 2 iron blinded by hemlocke the whole game. 3) low overall mobility of blacksmiths also mean we get out maneuvered easily. I lost a game to skatha cos opponent spread out his army, and I reacted the same way and I found my forces out of position to help each other. I do not agree with this. We have fast players, ferrite, iron, allow, cast, farris, bolt, cinder. 3a) because of low mobility I find the scrum usually happening on my half of the pitch, which is very bad when I'm trying to win by scoring. WIth Anvil and Iron you can get your full team 4" forward. Maybe you are playing a bit defensively staying back 4) I know a lot of people had written off anvil n sledge. I had too, but I have recently looked at them again n might consider trying them out again. 4a) Because of (3a), anvil's while the iron is hot might be valuable for turn 1 n possibly turn 2 to slide my army up 2-4" to hopefully bring the scrum to the enemy's half of the pitch. Singled out seems to be better than tooled up for Dealing damage once I have 2 or more players hitting the same opponent. Probably even with only one guy hitting the target. THe only thing is that it is not 100% garanteed that you will apply it, tool up requires no rolls. 4b) sledge might be better for tackling the ball n passing. He gets a free long bomb fromanvil. Attacks n tackle on 1. Push enemy out of engage and he can pass the ball 10". Defenitily the best "tackler" in the game with pile driver 5) I can't seem to make farris work other than to give bolt free character play. I have not tried her yet, but in theory she can do work with just 1 influence (sprint and 1 attack) leaving more for the greedy players, giving sentinel to the apprentices and blocking LOS 6) I know we're supposed to play bunched up, partially cos of low mobility, and partially for the sentinel, but it also causes a lot of issues of not covering enough of the board, and Again I do not agree with low mobility. I have found the most success keeping them in pairs 7) I find apprentices very squishy, even with sentinel opponent can easily push me out of the sentinel aura. So I usually keep them back, and they could only attack whatever the opponent sends in. 4/2 + cover is not too bad, but yes they are fragile. Try to present several threats at the same time so they cannot just dedicate their time just killing apprentices and not worrying about giving up goals. 8) people find ferrite awesome as captain but I see it as ferrite needing to be captain to be playable. It's mainly just for the +2inf cap. I often find myself popping the legendary just for herself to get the distance to score. Agreed, she needs the extra influence for being a good striker, but no other captain needs more than 3 influence to do their job(Burnish perhaps). Her legendary is very good for herself and all the team and very versatile: scoring, out threatening with your damage dealers, making less harsh movement impairment (shark legendary is naaasty) I'm by no means a pro so just wanna know if everyone faces similar issues or I'm just playing wrong. I was having a lot of trouble against Shark, but after every game, I asked the guy what could I have done better and yesterday I managed to win for first time against him. Chatting after the game is amazing to get good advice from the guy that beat you
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    Dice of DOOM

    I have head the same on Facebook
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    Blacksmiths Colors?

    All the colours!!