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  1. The Ferryman

    When do you not take Scalpel?

    I took Scalpel against Smiths yesterday. Had Hearth Casket Timed top of turn two. Ferrite and Alloy tried to get away, but simply couldn't. Bonesaw goal for the win.
  2. The Ferryman

    When do you not take vHemlocke?

    Okay, but then you have to have Dirge activate to position before Cosset goes. Still, that's a lot of pressure.
  3. The Ferryman

    When do you not take vHemlocke?

    How does that turn look by activation? What are you doing when?
  4. The Ferryman

    Season 4 Ratcatchers - Share your play experiences!

    After scouring the internet, I find that I am decidedly in the minority in that I didn't ever use snackdigger. I used snackbreak mostly for the health regen, but I usually just preferred the damage. Occasionally it was handy to turn a mascot kill into a normal 2 point take out. I never really saw the possibility of a snackdigger as justification to bring S3 vGraves. In S3, I took the basic Ratcatcher box team in just about every game. I never really found a justification to bring S3 Bonesaw or vGraves, unless I was playing a newer player and wanted to give myself a handicap. So, my play actually focused around a good deal of goals to begin with, with Pelage and Scourge on takeout duty. I feel like they were already capable of the goal oriented style the design team wanted, and the only reason that people weren't using that was because they had the option of snackdigger, not because they weren't capable footballers. Now, all the players are viable, and most of them are better footballers than they used to be. I feel like vGraves is now nigh mandatory, ironically. As much as I like his interplay, I am frustrated that the very badly needed upgrade to Squeak is on Graves's card. And since you have to take Squeak, his usefulness is determined by Graves's presence. I also think that Graves is now an even better beat down partner for Scourge. With KD They Ain't Tough on 2... I can't imagine a better set up for a Scourge finish. Ironically, even though the Piper and Skulk got better Kick, and Bonesaw is now useable, meaning the team is now much better at goals, I personally will be doing more takeouts than I used to just due to the 1-2 punch of Graves and Scourge. I suspect others will be moving more in the other direction, especially if they played heavily into snackdigger. I've only played a few S4 games, but those are my observations. Also, new Salve on Miasma is super awesome. My team is typically Piper, Squeak, vGraves, Scourge, Miasma, and flex between Skulk and Bonesaw depending on kick or receive.
  5. The Ferryman

    Request for Support (Free Cities Draft)

    No, I certainly will not.
  6. Your Alt Mist, is it metal or resin, and is it painted? And are your Fish assembled?
  7. Wait, you think Bonesaw getting good is more reason to go for Layne? Nonsense. Bonesaw is plenty striker alongside Hemlock, Scalpel, Pelage and Graves. We need Edge to complete our Lady Death Squad.
  8. The Ferryman

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    I think it's going to be a little while before anyone really masters Scalpel. Obulus is still crazy powerful, and capable of things that even new Scalpel can't do. Certainly, who to take when has changed from S3, but Obulus is still going to have matchup that favor him over her.
  9. Which Obulus's do you have? Do you have a vChisel or vSakana?
  10. The Ferryman

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    I'm really happy with all the changes, but I am a little disappointed in Bonesaw. It seems that in order to make him work, he had to sacrifice a large part of his uniqueness in Football Dervish. I was curious to see how Dervish might be effective with tap in passes, but that's off the table, now. With that said, 10/10 to the designers, I am genuinely excited to use every single model on the team.
  11. The Ferryman

    Rat changes.

    Indeed. One of those big fire dudes.
  12. The Ferryman

    Rat changes.

    That's nice. It would mean you don't start the game 1 hp down, which always seemed dumb. Probably helps vKatalyst, too.
  13. The Ferryman

    Rat changes.

    Dirge is 8/10 move with flying and follow up. Squeak is 4/6 with tag along. He's not even useful as a ball retriever. He's too slow to even be a reliable crowd out, and if he is in the scrum, he's a df3+ character play sponge. At least Dirge is df5+ with dark doubts. The literal only thing Squeak is good for, is dreadful shriek, but since it's on column 2 of a Tac3 model, you need to charge to have a reasonable chance of using that on a 4+/1 model, and there's just no way I'm putting two influence on that when Scourge, Miasma, Pelage, and Piper exist. In my experience, I use him as an ablative activation to force my opponent to commit to something I can then react to. I mean... they went in depth on Piper, Scourge, Miasma, and Skulk, explicitely stating those were the only changes to those models, and teased the changes to both of the Morts crossovers. You think they really just forgot Pelage and Squeak? Pelage is fine, and doesn't need anything, but Squeak is the one model (bar Bonesaw) that I've seen Ratcatchers complain about. As much as I think the overall changes are good (even the removal of Snackdigger), Squeak is still a terrible mascot balanced around a character play that almost never sees use.
  14. The Ferryman

    Rat changes.

    No changes to Squeak is... an interesting choice.
  15. The Ferryman

    Sold - Dark Harvest Giveaway (UK Only)

    If I paid postage, would you send it to America?