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    Item prerequisites

    thanks for the input. I like the second option of @PositronMike suggested. We tried @Norintha s idea, ended up getting a ton of shields and armor but almost no weapons... if we had drawn to cards each time, we could have discarded a lot of these probably...
  2. Hello everyone, my wife and I did a small test-game, just to get used to the rules. We only played till mini-boss. Game is fun and all, but after doing the first 4 encounters, we had drawn a total of 12 cards, only 1 of which was a weapon actually usable by one of our characters (after spending 4 of our remaining souls for stat-improvement) I looked through all of the cards and was shocked to find much more items not usable without spending 6 - 16 souls on the character, than items actually usable after a few encounters. And these items didnt seam to make much of a difference compared to the starting equipment. Did we overlook something obvious? Or are you supposed to only draw a card or two and save the rest of the souls for advancement? Thanks for your help!