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  1. Quick Ben

    Scalpel or Obulus

    scalpel is ridiculously weak due to the amount of 2" dodge, 2" push or push dodge other teams field. sure she can get around it once with her legendary, but i'd rather have a captain that doesnt get hosed by a fairly common playbook result
  2. Quick Ben

    Foul odor - Casket

    i dont usually ever kick off with casket because Obulus is usually the better kick off model due to the absurd reach of puppet master. i usually just spread my models out and have casket wander off earlier
  3. Quick Ben

    When to Casket?

    you can always use the "hostage" strategy. Once you have a model KD'd and badly wounded + engaged by a mort or 2, you don't have to kill them. you can just wait. This creates an uncomfortable situation where instead of their player jogging on at their recovery health + taking a breather, they're dealing with a player one activation from death, ganged up on, and low health + conditions like KD. If they allocate, box em / kill em. if they give them nothing you've effectively neutralised them for a turn anyway so just hold them in place best you can. Ofc, models like corsair do this better than anyone, but mort models like casket / ghast can hold someone too
  4. Quick Ben

    Quick help!!!

    im more of a fan of casket than ghast. heavy burden and casket time are both amazing abilities
  5. Quick Ben

    New to Morticians - Advice would be lovely

    Why is Ghost Shot so good in your opinion? i know it means you can get a little bit extra distance on goals, is that really critical for morts? i'll give it a go, maybe using Bonesaw my very first game was /almost/ that list, i just used a proxied skulk as a goalie instead of BPM because it seems like his damage is okay as long as hes bopping someone with help. I have to say i'm a little bit confused about the puppet, is it a pure damage dealer? the tackle is only on brainpan but hes just TAC3 and unless the puppet is already up near the goal you can't score off that.
  6. Hi, i have just purchased the entirety of the Morticians to get started in guild ball. i picked them as my favourite looking team. I also bought Mist on the recommendation of my friend who said Mist was the morticians best striker I don't have the new Ratcatcher guy Skulk though i want to proxy him until hes released and i own him. What are some good line ups? initially i'm thinking Obulus + Dirge. Obulus is really cool and Dirge seems like hes cool too because hes got Singled Out to buff everyone elses attacks. Casket seems hard not to bring, he controls the middle of the board and Casket Time seems like it can be game winning. Next up is Graves, who gives out Tooled up which seems awesome. hes got a low tackle and his individual attacks seem very strong when he can move on up and poke two or three players who have already activated for bleed. that's kinda like having 4 damage on column 1 and momentous 5 damage on column 3, with a disclaimer it only works the first time vs someone and the other disclaimer they can't heal it all in one go since its split between 'real damage' and 'condition that will cause damage later' so a core i can see myself taking almost every game of Obulus, Dirge, Casket and Graves1, and then i can't decide on the remaining two players. i'm really considering the Rat Catcher guy because he seems hard to kill (free counter, << on 2, tac6) but also a huuuuge pain. Mist seems like a good striker. Silence seems absolutely insane apart from the fact he has no way to survive being attacked. Everyone here plays with Guild Identity Cards as well. I've seen the three mortician ones and as far as i can tell, the two best ones are Inheritance Tax because gaining influence is really powerful, and Ghost Shot because it increases the ability to score goals. Which do people usually play with?