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  1. Man, your painting skills are incredible. Very nice job. I'm a new player and I've just bought me my Morticians, because I'm heavily hooked up to them. The assembling and painting is in front of me then. I'm crafty and I can manage I would say, but how can I achieve this level of painting? Also, what paints or brushes (brand etc) should I use? Do you got any advice or links,where I can learn? I would like to have some great miniatures too! Thank you and again, great job with these!
  2. Hello guys, I'm new player and I would like to make my own Morticians goal. I have no idea where to start. It would be nice, if you can give me advice, about what materials/tools/paint should I use. I would like to make me a coffin (something like on the picture attached, sorry for stealing to whoever did that great goal). I've been googling, but I'm little bit confused. Thanks for any advice! PS.: (I couldn't find any thread like this, so hopefully it will not be deleted, thank you.)
  3. MichaelTara

    Guild Ball Sculpting/Goal making

    Way aye man, thanks for advice. I'll have a look now on stuff you've suggested. Your goal is just beautiful, good job.
  4. MichaelTara

    Guild Ball Sculpting/Goal making

    Thank you very much guys. I didn't notice that thread in display cabinet, I though it's only for showing pictures of goals, silly me... I'm going to go through those websites you've linked and also thanks for your advice! I live in Scotland btw. I'll post my goal,when I'll do one! Cheers&Thanks!