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  1. Initial thoughts after first proxy game

    Great news, what was your plan with them? What guild use your rival?
  2. I love miasma and squeak, it's a difficult but funny team.
  3. Thanks, I see in the past but I don't remeber
  4. Hi, the question it's that minor guild models are friendly guild models and can benefit from character Play like tooled up?
  5. Playing into Fish

    I think Obulus, dirge, brainpain &memory, ghast, skulk and ograves are a good option against them or change skulk with casket.
  6. Living in the new reality

    Mortician for me is a good guild but bonesaw, vGraves and vileswarm need a little Buff, the rest of the team it's ok. I used bonesaw too much but others striker do his job more easy, vileswarm for me don't exists and vGraves only need that packmaster be better or hace anatomical precision.
  7. Living in the new reality

    Bonesaw is the striker with less survival in the game and bad options to do his job due to Kick stats from his two guilds. When you see Bonesaw and compare with Bolt, you see that two have similar style of play but Bolt have more options and survival and for me this is the reason that Bonesaw need a change. O think this options: -showboating -unpredictable movement -shadowlike -meditation for entire turn or aura 6" -football dervish give the others +1/+2 Kick to the pass. -swift wind increase +2/+2 movement or ignore parting blow -offensive defense give him poised or increase TAC or Dodge.
  8. O don't like this, for me packmaster must be character trait with aura if 6" or if still being heroic play, can give influence or TAC or berserk or another that i think is that vGraves spend influence from squeak/vileswarm to do more attacks or give him more TAC or damage
  9. Farmer Errata has landed

    Ploughman and bushel need something to be more usable
  10. Living in the new reality

    The change to vGraves is that his heroics plays affect squeak, bonesaw i don't see any change in the live match.
  11. Farmer Errata has landed

    Smoke for me need a review because it's too easy to put conditions in whole team and this it's much preasure but have teams that can hurt her a lot.
  12. Farmer Errata has landed

    This is correct but the only way to remove harvest marker was with thresher and you only need one maybe two to the countercharge and the counterattack that it's the same that you use to the Don't fear the... But I say if the changes are good or not only the time can say us.
  13. Farmer Errata has landed

    You say in the other post that comunity and steamforge want this nerfs and assume that people don't try to win thresher... In the other hand Theron in the past recieve a Nerf and then in a free months get a Buff, only the time can say if it's justified or not. Only the feedback we send to steamforge may do changes to balance the guilds
  14. Farmer Errata has landed

    The time will say if the Nerf it's ok or it's overnerf, but you can try to play grange first than say that the guild is the worst.... Millestone 4 influence with the harvest marker it's op nobody player in others guilds give that influence, I remeber when silence have 3...
  15. What do we need from a minor guild?

    O think it's better a condition that reduce the armor than more damage due low tac