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  1. Thoughts of a new guildballer

    Funny, I found Shark to be quite bad versus Blacksmiths. Played 2 or 3 games against it and he just always died or got locked up in a scrum for the entire game. The combo of Averis&Greed/Corsair/Siren/Kraken is the one that is causing me the most troubles. They are easily able to pull me way out of position and just beat me to death
  2. Game too Swingy?

    I've been seriously playing wargames since the teenage years (Warhammer fantasy, then Flames of war, now flames and Guildball) and there is something in this game that attracts me although I was looking for a more chillaxed game I do think the game is swingy, but mostly in a good way! For example, a game versus butchers, already 0-8 but my players are finally in place. Alloy scores and he can only goal kick in the fighting bunch of guys. It's a die roll for the ball and I get it be he tackles it back. Furnace takes it back, throws some people around and simply smashes it in, another goal kick to the bunch, Furnace dies, Cinder takes it from range and scores the last goal. I don't think this kind of swingyness is bad. The only thing I really don't like is the random nature of a goal kick. I think there should be an option to take the ball by any non engaged friendly player behind your own goal line as otherwise the scatter is by far be the one most random and important element of the game.
  3. I apologize not putting this thread in the rules clarifications! Thanks Mako. Thanks for the replies as well! I am gonna start complaining about the crazyness of this play for 2 INF in another thread
  4. Hi there, We had a bit of a debate last tournament about Egret and Flurry play. Egret targeted and hit Anvil with flurry. There were 3 other models within 2" of him (so within 2" pulse) so in total Anvil and the other 3 models each got 2 damage. However since Egret also poisons anything she damages, are the models within the pulse also poisoned at the same time? It seems like too much of a beast of a character play for 2 INF cost. It seems like the question is, does the pulse that does the poison condition originate from the model hit or Egret? Best
  5. Blacksmiths vs Hunters

    My problems are these three in combination with each other. Jaecar, Chaska and Theon. Theon can easily go forward, shoot three times and snaring everything, Jaecar is super fast and easily rips apart damaged apprentices and even masters (happened to Burnish last time, "just" 4 damage from theon and jaecar with 4 influence finishes the job on everyone but Anvil and Hearth). Chaska does horrendous damage and hits you incredibly easy once snared, can also be used very effectively to rescue forwarding Theon from the grips of 2 or 3 models by just blowing 2 of them 4" away. If Theon is still trapped after all this, he is still very capable of just dodging himself or pushing you away. Hunters and alchemists really are a nightmare for me and I think my next approach is going to be a full footballing team to mitigate the snared and pinned effects.
  6. Based on my limited experience I don't see the value of Anvil and Sledge neither. I had some limited success with Anvil kocking some people down, putting singled out and even using while the Iron is hot from playbook but honestly, he will be the first one to be replaced by another captain when the new models come. I find it funny for that such a huge guy has a 1" mellee and gets so easily pushed around the fights... With a 2" mellee I wouldn't complain though