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  1. Sick of blacksmiths

    After the errata he probably needs to spend all 5 of his INF to kill someone. The story about thresher in the middle of my team was after the errata as well.
  2. Sick of blacksmiths

    You take Harrow, tool up Thresher and put a harvest marker in 2" of him. Then Thresher with 5 INF takes 3" mellee and murders any one blacksmith model on the pitch. Tater can take a good swing at another model as well and is especially good versus the lady blacksmiths. Everything else are just nuances. Seriously, I had Thresher come into the middle of my entire blacksmiths team once, with my entire team ganging up on him and I still couldn't kill him as the healing during his legendary turn is insane and he still managed to have TAC 6. Even if someone manages to steal the ball from you, Thresher still has an insane reach (my opponent also regularly plays grace who gives him quick foot) and just tackles it from that model and kills it (if its an apprentice).
  3. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    I hate this mechanic as well and I hate that, GB being a competitive game, I am "forced" to use it because it's just too good to throw momentus dirty knives all around by hitting on some poor knocked down dude. Why should you automatically hit a 5+ model in 6" by hitting a person next to you? Hopefully this gets fixed somehow in S4. Either by just "paying" for the CP cost by making an attack but still having to roll to hit the target (unless you're engaging it). You could still hit the model you are engaging automatically, you would still pay just the INF for the attack and you would still get momentum (if momentus).
  4. Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    Ferrite is the most overvalued BS player, then her apprentice Iron I am not such an increadible fan of captain Burnish, but he is the default captain against Hunters and other blacksmiths. My most common Captain is Furnace though. Although same basic stats as ferrite, he has a longer natural reach by 1". Although Ferrite can spend 1 INF to reach 1" longer, she can always be countered and is hence often forced to disarm even when once wouldn't like to spend INF on it (say vs. Mercury and smoke,..). These are the normal extra 2 INF I spend on Ferrite but don't spend on Furnace. Effectively, Furnace can actually be quicker as he ignores the first burning condition and again, vs. the Alchs I find this to be increadibly useful to get you into the position you want with 1 more INF on you that will generate 1 more Mom as well. Furnaces legendary can be quite insane as well. Cast can effectively tool herself up without a cost as her own attacks also burn the target, Alloy throws out Burn & Poison & -1 Def & -1 Arm momentously on 3 net hits and Furnace goes to a very nice Def3 Arm3.
  5. Breaking Play episode 01

    Hmm, I think Colosuss should have lost a kick dice because Mallet was engaging him.
  6. Falconers pics

    Isn't there an extra terrain piece in the box?
  7. Running Fish into Blacksmiths

    I would advise you to not even play Shark versus the smiths. Corsair, even without A&G, is a miles better match up.
  8. Running Fish into Blacksmiths

    Furnace is definitely a valid pick into Corsair
  9. Running Fish into Blacksmiths

    I might give you some input from a player on the other side as I play the smiths and have quite some games against the fish. Corsair, Sakana and Gutter are all definitely a way to go no matter what the opponent chooses. Siren helps a lot as well, Tentacles is a great debuff mascot and is a great to just reposition and engage as appropriate. Ideally, you want to play in a similar fashion like the blacksmiths do, Corsair and Kraken up front, ideally dragging in a single master and knocking her/him down, starting a scrum. Sakana deals some damage, weak points stuff and generates some momentum. When the time is right Gutter, that was waiting at a safe distance, comes in and starts scything away. You will almost surely concede one easy goal this way but then the Blacksmiths are on such a low HP that you should get at least 2 take outs and completely ruin their synergies and plans and manage your own two goals later on. If the Anvil or Hearth are left on their own they can't do sh*t and Ferrite has to be loaded with and spend a full 5 Inf to achieve anything meaningful.
  10. Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    Why a player with a footbally team cannot run circles around a fighty team is because each model makes its entire activation (move + spend Influence). If Fillet was moved forward to be in reach of at least two enemy models and the butchers go 2nd in the next round, Fillet is still going to be able to engage at least one model (unless some special movement plays were used). This is something I noticed when I started off more football heavy. It's a lot harder to get to a "killed" ball than it is to engage the opponent that doesn't want to be engaged (Hunters are kinda an exception).
  11. Any ideas about the minor guild

    Farriers indeed sound a lot more logical than warriors guild (what, the army?) plus Farris and Bolt would fit in very nicely.
  12. If an enemy model ends up within 6 of a model with the counter-attack option (Brick for instance) but it cannot move to engage the enemy model (blocked by own models for instance), is there anything that prohibits that model from counter charge moving into any direction?
  13. Game Plan deck discussion

    I am still quite unsure about the game plans. Having an advantage of a single point of momentum gives you everything you need (if you have a single 7 card) to go first on the turn you need to. This is something that was not an option before and was a risk one had to take and account for. I do not think that getting the first turn like that is penalized enough/at all with the current 7 cards. The problem is effectively that the same model that went last and spent 6 influence this round, ensuring the higher MP count, can simply go again and take out another enemy model (looking at you Thresher, Hammer, Fillet,...), while on the other hand a model 1" in front of the goal cannot tap the goal in if going first and needs to smack another player first for some reason. I see that as quite unfair of an advantage towards fighty teams. There has to be another kind of bonus or a system that gives the player going 2nd a bit more chance. Either: - that the player going first cannot be allocated more influence than they generate or some kind of hard limit like 4 INF. - Player going 2nd can replace up to 2 INF in the next turn and starts with that much more momentum. That could at least give you a chance to properly defend yourself against the opponents 1st activation (although severely hampering the player).
  14. Against other guilds

    Also, putting 2" reach on exposed Burnish can be really strong as he has a push on 1 and double push on 2 and so forces vKat to take a non-Mom KD on a charge or loose 2 INF (if he has them of course).
  15. Against other guilds

    vKat can basically 'Witness me' any damaged apprentice as well as a master if brought to cca 10 health if with a condition (not hard to do with all those AOEs). Threat range of 10" means he's also faster than any natural player of ours except farris.. So engaging it in order to prevent such a charge is cruical. I've played this scenario (kicking off with Farris vs Alchs with smoke/calculus/mercury/vKat twice now and feels the best optoin so far. Otherwise, any apprentices naturally capable of "releasing the ball" at range are very appreciated versus Smoke alchemists. Otherwise they just hold the ball, spray damage and conditions everywhere, and make two Witness me's and a final 20" smoke goal. So when kicking off Hearth,Alloy,Furnace, Cast, Farris, Bolt is the line up that can release the ball from smoke/vitriol and is reasonably fast. Two of the apprentices can scatter the ball at range, Farris can legendary. When receiving, Burnish can control vKat's range as well and is an amazing midfield piece so my lineup changes to Hearth, Alloy, Furnace, Cinder (to retrieve the ball after 1st goal), Burnish (Captain) , Cast.