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  1. Rugi


    I think this idea of using Farris is the best one so far! I will definitely give it a go next game I receive.
  2. Rugi

    Season 4 Discussion

    I agree that as Captain she has a lot more viable play than she did before. But until the legendary turn happens or she is not selected as the captain, she got slightly worse in my eyes. A potentially strong combination I see could be to muster a strong fighting team that can make some take outs and survive the first two turns and then quickly snap two goals on her legendary turn (assuming the positioning is great and the opponent can't kill the ball efficiently).
  3. Rugi

    Season 4 Discussion

    What I am not happy about: - removal of fire forged I used this trait the entire time to great effect. However the addition of a MP for the first round makes this better. - Alloy loosing its free 2" reach. I get it. But still... You know - Burnish causes only 2 DMG with his AOE. Why didn't the range of his character play just stay at 6" so it would be in line with every other Fire blast AOE??? - Farris loosing her legendary push = ball scatter and Impact. Yeah, her playbook got better but not by enough. In my eyes she actually got worse, but time will tell I guess. What I am happy about: - To be able to play Sledge and Anvil again. - Iron becoming a 3+/2 (3+/3 inside Sentinel aura). I mean, was this really necessary? - And finally Cast: BL**DY F**ING S**T!!! I used to play her the entire time as she was in S3 and absolutely loved her. Now she is just insane! +2/1 move, lover GB result, dodge on a 1, swift strikes is now a 2" dodge and she is now a natural 4+/1, while retaining all the nice, juicy, beautiful damage results and buffs. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah!!!!
  4. I think we do want to have a master goalkeeper as long as it is not influence hungry. One of the bigger problmes with the blacksmiths is the small influence pool which is entirely necessary for scoring setting up kills and scoring goals. A completely classic goal keeper such Compound or especially Tenderiser is therefor exactly what I am wishing for in blacksmiths. Sit back, give your influence to others and eat up opponent's clock as they precisely measure every move to avoid being countercharged.
  5. Rugi

    Anvil & Sledge S4 Anticipation

    I found that Iron, Cast and vCinder hit that MOM7, wrap and just average out a lot higher damage than Sledge. Maybe he makes slightly more damage on the first swing, but he can't really take out a target with 3 INF. Iron with TAC6 has MOM2 on 2, MOM4 on 4. Cast with TAC5 has MOM2 on 2 and MOM3 on 4 (+1 DMG for Burning which is actually quite often there), while Sledge has TAC 5 and MOM2 only on column 3. So I am eagerly expecting the new Anvil & Sledge to put them back on the table after almost 8 months.
  6. Rugi

    Anvil & Sledge S4 Anticipation

    2" reach on anvil, sledge INF cap at 4 and 6 long playbook
  7. Rugi

    Blacksmith Player Summaries

    GB is not a playbook damage result, so you would rather take MOM 2 on the charge to make the extra 3 DMG sweeping charge. It is also once per turn and you might want to save the spear throw for another target.
  8. Rugi

    Blitz format idea

    Why Max INF? Allocating influence is normally a very quick step.
  9. Depends on terrain really. If there is a nice obstacle for Alloy to use so Corsair can't pul him. Hearth can then pay for his 2" reach and instructions, leaving him to choose between anatomical and +1 kick. This way you even have a 65% chance of getting the ball of corsair and double dodging away with an influence to spare to shoot on goal (unless he Def stances, in that case it's only 25% to pull it off). If there is no such terrain, I've had success using Cap Furnace as the kick off model as he doesn't really care about being outnumbered (one at a time lads), has a 2" reach and is good at dealing out some damage and generating momentum. Because of all this, he is actually quite dangerous to even be pulled in by Corsair. With 5 INF he can push Corsair out of his way, steal the ball if near, generate some damage and momentum and score a goal. There is also a very small chance he even gets taken out by Corsair and Gutter before getting his activation if there is Burnish with 1 INF to sprint up and clear his KD from Corsair.
  10. Since Furnace aparently died, it is only fair that the only fire oriented master left becomes he tutor
  11. Sounds like vet Burnish as a goal keeper
  12. Rugi

    Season 4 Changes

    Well we don't know yet how passing to engaged models is going to be in S4. In any case, I thought you only increase the TN for a pass or a kick if you can't see the target of the kick(?).
  13. Rugi


    In my case Ferrite is the one loosing her place . The only time I play her as captain (or at all) is when I anticipate Shark. Otherwise Farris is great when kicking against engineers and alchemists and I really, really like bolt vs Engineers to knock down Velocity and Compound and still get a move to get into goal range or recover the ball. If shoemerang is not an option you can easily get an 8" dodge using I am open otherwise. So yeah, they stay in the 10
  14. Rugi


    That's an amazing play!
  15. Rugi

    Vs. Union

    Same problems here. I've had the most (once ) success with a counter fighty team (Cap Furnace, Cast, Hearth, Alloy, Iron, Burnish).