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  1. GeroJr

    S4 Captain Choices

    She's got a 5/8 move. But yeah, she can cover crazy distances and if you can bonus time her shot on goal it will always be a 4 die shot (2 dies+rerolls).
  2. GeroJr

    Morticians in Season 4

    Oooh, nice. Thanks for the info! Speaking of hot stratz: 😂
  3. GeroJr

    Morticians in Season 4

    Really enjoy your s4 write-ups. Insightful stuff! Just a quick question - is this part a mistake or did you mean something I don't see: Asking because PM can only make players pass not just kick into space.
  4. GeroJr

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    With Jaecar's speed and bouncing ability crucial artery would be too much I think. You could easily send him in as a last activation and then he basically does 5 dmg per attack while dodging around. Go first next turn, repeat, bleed 3 or 4 players and escape.
  5. GeroJr

    Minerva in Hunters.

    Don't know about Mataagi, will test him with Skatha, but Minerva is just such a beast. I always take with Theron.
  6. GeroJr

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    I don't think Hunters got watered down at all, you'll still need to stick to a plan, but now there are more viable choices and therefore more plans that can work. Plenty of Guilds got damage buffs, the game is getting a bit faster and a Hunter team without a plan will still get picked apart IMO. I also think the guild identity didn't suffer at all. That's very subjective of course and I don't want to argue, just present a different point of view. Chaska fits the bill of a frontier huntsman now. He appears from the mud, blasts someone for 7 dmg, if he puts down a trap before and then he can close in for the kill or some solid damage. His 2 on 2 meands that he can easily do 15 damage with the blessing and 4 inf! That's awesome and I can easily imagine him beating up a shotgunned and snared target. As for 4quadrupleboomboxe - while it was fun, it didn't seem right to me as you can't really get off 4 blasts from an middle age shotgun thing without anyone interfering. Perkins even said it was a mistake that boom box wasn't opt. It was also very easy to disrupt it. While Seenah lost some of the fluffy abilities, the ones she gained just make her more bearish imo. Furious was great, but Feral is a neat replacmenet and show she can't be simply tied down and do nothing, because she's a freaking bear. Her playbook also resembles that now and got scarier. And while bear hug was okay (it got you 3 vps not 4 ), mauling is just awesome and for me again makes her more bearish. I actually like she'll damage everyone around her, so we'll have to be careful. And she makes all enemies bleed now, which a bear should do. I agree with the pitfall trap, which was nice, but also think Minx traps are more thematic now, as they have ropes and stuff and didn't inflict snare before. Ulfr seemed super fluffy before, but was simply dysfunctional. Still kept ambush and tac 6 most of the time, which shows he's a bigger and stronger guy than other strikers. So he retains some of his uniqueness. Yes, he got a bit watered down, but not to a point where he's bland imo. And that's a trade I'm willing to make to actually see him on the table. Again, not here to argue as I understand this things can't be judged objectively. I guess the point of my post it to try and spread the excitement a bit?
  7. GeroJr

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Time to test Ulfr. He looks solid now when you take into consideration Skatha's buffs. Charge 10 just with f ast ground and get T << on 2 hits before using WTG. He's not spectactular as an individual, but just much more reliable. Seenah just makes me want to go and play a game. Just imagine her with vMinx. Oh god. Really interesting rework, can't wait to test her. (Hoping for Sturdy was a bit much I guess ). Chaska looks awesome. Definitely target for a Blessing, 7 dmg+snare+4" push on 3 dice is great. Also great playbook rework. New mud concealer is also better IMO. Jaecar got nerfed a bit, which is fine with me. I think he's not an auto anymore which is good. Those 2 inches on Gut and String are pretty big as he won't be as safe anymore retreating BTTS. Can't wait to put them on the table.
  8. GeroJr

    Traps mechanics changing.

    Burrow marker so oHearne can have 2 teleports and can really be one with Mother Earth. Or yeah, terrain piece... so when your opponent asks you: "Obstruction?" at the start of the game, you can yell "IT'S A TRAP!".
  9. GeroJr

    Traps mechanics changing.

    Or you can just cut out 3 30mm cardboard circles for the first few games. I mean, they are trying to streamline the game and I would say the changes make it more rookie friendly. If someone is put off by one useles 40 mm marker or doesn't know how to get/make 3 30 mm ones (before you get them with Chaska and Minx anyway), I'm not sure Hunters are the right choice for a person so easily frustrated.
  10. GeroJr

    Traps mechanics changing.

    While this is true, new traps create a new dilemma for your opponent. With the old traps they could jog/charge in, clear the damage before/after the first attack and then keep attacking her as a 4/1 model. Now they have to choose - will they heal or clear snare? If Minx has marked for death up, they reallyyyy don't want to leave snare and that means hitting a 5/1 model. If they leave snare, there's a high chance their player is gonna get wrecked on the next activation. Snare also prevents players form just jogging in which is huge with Minx (jog, heal, hit). I think new traps really help her early game and snare will mitigate the dmg reduction by helping us get higher results and helping Fahad live the dream. New traps also bring another much needed source of snare to Skatha's team and enable the bear (especially with Marked for Death). I think we gain much more than we lose when it comes to Minx's traps.
  11. GeroJr

    Traps mechanics changing.

    I like this a lot too. Even Jaecar's trap is not nerfed IMO. Snared and Bleed gave your opponent a huge incentive to clear conditions. Now there's a bigger chance they'll just leave snare on. And Jaecar can drop more than one trap, which is nice when you want to protect him early on, but don't want his only trap to be useless for the rest of the game.
  12. GeroJr

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    Maybe Edge will be a 7/9 movement player (she's got pace). Then we could field a whole team of 7/9 players (- the mascot that's just 6/8 and furious ) and threaten EVERYTHING.
  13. GeroJr

    S4 Skatha

    She's awesome! New Blessing looks really good. I can't wait to try her out, looks like tons of fun. Fun fact - when receiving it's now super easy to score with Maatagi and get Minx and Skatha in position to threaten the ball round 2. Fast ground on Maatagi, pass him the ball, bank momentum, Bless him. Now he can sprint 11", attack from 6" away and get 3" of dodges and momentum (or 2" dodge and harrier/2 dmg+bleed). Then he can shoot + bonus time the shot. :') 22" goal threat without even dodging from pass/snowball pass.
  14. GeroJr

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    I'd love getting a player who could do something and be useful with no or 1 influence. Like Brick/Compound, Hag, Rachet, vChisel, Harrow/Millstone etc. It's not too exciting, but I feel like we have plenty of good influence hungry models at the moment and no top notch influence battery (Zarola still needs a Blessing). Cutlass seems like she might potentially be a model like this. The last part makes me thing she's going to have some kind of passive aura that helps/buffs her teammates. She might also have Resilience (or whatever is the new name for Glut Mass) due to her past and toughness (I'm reaching here a lil bit :)). And she's a goalkeeper which means she could have Rush Keeper, which I think would be amazing with Theron. Possibly even too good.
  15. GeroJr

    Guild Rule

    Brewers already have a "guild rule". Their playbooks are 1 column shorter than their TAC value. They also have a lot of low KD results. I think it's cool when a Guild has a distinct playstyle/characteristic without a written rule - like Fish with mom dodges on 1, Masons with mom results in the first half of their playbook etc.