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  1. GeroJr

    [Fan Fic] Life of Bribe the Watchman

    #1 Bribe stood watch. Or rather, he stood there watching. It was a lazy day in Lang. The sun crept slowly along the sky, making the streets unbearably hot. The rich left for the mountains, the poor sweated, stank and waited for the evening to come. The ghost hours of summer have come and it was a good time to earn some extra coins. A fellow watchman passed by, followed by a huge pig of a man. Bribe felt a sudden urge to kick the bastard, but you couldn’t just go around kicking the wealthy. He wondered what urgent business made the man drag his fat ass outside in the heat. It was too early for a matter of lust, so it must have been a matter of gold. Another guard wandered around the corner. That's how things were in Raedland since the war. A whole lotta watchmen and a whole lotta less opportunity for crime. That's what made a bribable fellow worth a whole lotta more. You know, the law of supply and demand. But don’t you think Bribe was one of your average corrupt guards. Oh no. He was very proud of his moral compass and only allowed thieves to steal from the filthy rich. Those bastards couldn't have earned all that money the right way anyway, so it was only fair they gave some back. Would be pretty stupid, if he didn’t get a part of it too, right? An involuntary smile crossed his face when he thought of the fattening purse in his little hideout. A pair of footsteps echoed in the narrow alley behind him. Finally. »G'day Mr. Watchman. How are ya?« »Good, good. And you? All good?« Bribe did his best to sound very official and bored. Just in case someone was listening. »All good, all good. Thanks for keepin' an eye out and keepin’ us safe. Have a nice day!« The deed was done and it was high time to continue his patrolling. Only half an hour more and he’d be off duty. He sped towards the barracks, leaving the scorching white cobblestones of the Noble Quarter behind him. The good old Swinging Bridge grew larger with every step and soon the familiar stench of unwise petty thieves filled the heat around him. Just far enough not to bother the spoiled nostrils of the upper class, but close enough to remind anyone with shady intentions it pays to bribe a guard before they do anything stupid. He spotted an empty can and his eyes lit up. He took two quick steps, swung his leg and sent it flying into the center lamp post. Another goal for Bribe! You see, Bribe wasn’t just a Watchman. He was also a second year player of the Watch Guild and he found himself liking the violent game of Guild Ball more and more. Well, the game and the opportunities it brought. Of course he had dreams of grandeur, but his… other arrangements kept interfering. He was known to make a blunder every now and then. Calculated blunders, mind you. Those blunders paid off and luckily, he was simply too good to be kicked from the team. Raedland gave the Empire of the Free Cities more than its fair share of Guild Ball stars. There was the pretty boy, Flint, who never missed a shot. Well, almost. There was the big loud scumbag Hammer. As good as he was arrogant. There was Spigot. They said he was a genius when he could stay sober. Bribe wouldn’t know, he’s never seen him that way. There were Graves, Colossus, Theron and others. But stardom and wealth were surely not in the stars for a boy who got his name by being given away as a bribe. Dreams were nice and all, but they didn’t pay for a bed, a meal, a woman. Fellows with big dreams also had a tendency to end up in the gutter or so it seemed. Better to stay real and think about the plan for tomorrow. Old Graves was coming back to his homeland and he was bringing the Ratcatchers team with him. The Watch officials decided it would be fun to host an exhibition game against this sick scum of a team. In their last game, half of the opposing team started puking blood in the middle of the game. Always a crowd pleaser, puking blood, isn’t it? Bribe didn’t fancy playing against them one bit. But he got a job to do. A big one. Won’t bring him any closer to the Big League, but it will get him a hefty bag of coins. What more can a lad ask for? Who knows, it might even change a thing or two for once. Can’t let an opportunity like that slip by.
  2. The blog post regarding rookie models says: "In addition to being able to use these models and cards during a Rookie League at your local store or club, these Rookie models can also be used during Guild Ball events as alternate sculpts for their normal models." Does this mean it can be used as vet Chisel too or just the original Chisel? If I remember correctly, alt Rage can be used as both oRage and vRage. Thanks!
  3. GeroJr

    Falconers Delayed until 3rd Aug

    Does this mean alt Mataagi is not tournament legal until August 3rd?
  4. GeroJr

    Vassal 7.88, Devana, trap and card fixes

    Can't wait to start testing Falconers. Any ideas when they'll be up? Sorry, I'm really excited.
  5. GeroJr

    Let's start taking tactics

    The theme of the rule implies to me that Taking Flight is a running start/a take off. So he's running first and once he gains enough momentum he takes off/jumps into the air and starts flying. Other way around would mean that he simply jumps into the air and starts flying into X direction. According to the rules he can do that, but if anything that seqeunce of effects seems weird. Unless he starts flapping his wings so hard he just takes off vertically. If so Ikaros in one strong dude and both ways make sense.
  6. GeroJr

    Let's start taking tactics

    Why? It's the same with two simultaneous playbook results.
  7. GeroJr

    Let's start taking tactics

    Hm, does Ikaros gains Flying at the beginning of his Take Flight jog? Also Updraft doesn't make much sense fluff-wise as it only affects Ikaros when he's on the ground. Great read btw. I think Falconers might also prove to be a deceptively footbally team. Devana can retrieve the ball fairly reliably with Death From Above and get her to wherever the team needs it, Maatagi can do it with some setup and Hotshop and Ikaros has a way around unpredictable movement and similar tech. I can't wait to test them, they seem like a team that wants to constantly pressure the opponent as they probably won't like long grindy games.
  8. GeroJr

    What to do with Hammer?

    Minor guilds only get +1 to a kick/receive roll.
  9. 1) What makes you subscribe to a youtube channel? The feeling I'm learning something new/that the content is useful. "Oh, I haven't thought about that," moments and whatnot. Having fun while watching is also a neat bonus.2) What are the most important things to you in regards to battle reports? Good commentary that explains the mistakes and better options (pretty much what Curkov does :)). A fast forward also helps. Doesn't need to be 20 minutes, but your regular 1h30min match is a bit long.
  10. GeroJr

    Tactics for the Hunter's Guild

    Really great read, appreciate the effort you put into this! Thanks!
  11. GeroJr

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    If I am not mistaken, there is a turn1 walkthrough from Aaron in his Singled Out episode. Not sure when, but it's there. It would also make for a good post of course.
  12. GeroJr

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    3 toughest matchups for hunters in your opinion and how you deal with them?
  13. GeroJr

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Great read once again Aaron! Thanks for these reports and congrats It seems like you went from not playing Seenah that much to turning her into a killing machine
  14. GeroJr

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Congrats! Awesome read as always. The last game was great, seems lie you did excellent job positioning at the start Nice to see what hunters are capable of!