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  1. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    3 toughest matchups for hunters in your opinion and how you deal with them?
  2. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Great read once again Aaron! Thanks for these reports and congrats It seems like you went from not playing Seenah that much to turning her into a killing machine
  3. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Congrats! Awesome read as always. The last game was great, seems lie you did excellent job positioning at the start Nice to see what hunters are capable of!
  4. I might have found A&G afterall. I guess he is still the #1 union pick for corsair in most cases right?
  5. Hi guys, quick question - which player Union player would you pick if A&G aren't available for Corsair? Gutter seems like an ok damage dealer who can also be a goal threat if needed. However Scything blow doesn't really mesh well with ganging up. Fangtooth can deal a lot of (non-momentous) damage, but his impact on friendly players (foul odour, fangtooth unleashed) is pretty bad for ganging up. Other models just don't do enough damage. I'm asking this because it's really tough to get A&G without buying the whole box. It's easier to get other options.
  6. Quick question Who would you take for a bit of board control in a line up of Skatha, Fahad, Jaecar, Minx, Ulfr? vHearne seems like the most independent model, oHearne with his 1 inf Single Out+Heroic+Skewered seems like a perfect piece to set up those few take out you might need and Chaska is just really mobile, can lay traps and most importantly threaten the wingers or players attacking your wingers. He can go up to a 14" move without too many difficulties and push players over the edge if the opponent is not careful. Going to my first tournament this Sunday and of course overthinking some combinations.
  7. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Nice, congrats! Can't wait for the reports.
  8. Falconers!

    Where can I find pictures/names? Yes, I'm a very bad information hunter.
  9. I played 2 games during the weekend. The first one was Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Hearne, Minx, Egret against kick off masons. My friend is still learning the game so we played without time restrictions. That was a big mistake as the game took 4,5 hours (slow masons, hunter controlled the field and he had a lot of tough decision to make). I saw the potential of this lineup, but the game stopped being fun after a while. Definitely have to use a timer next time. The other games was Skatha, Fahad, Minx, Jaecar, vHearne and Chasha agains Blackheart, Strongbox, Gutter, Mist, Rage and Gutter (would be Minx, but I was actually using his Minx miniature). I clocked out but still managed to win 15-10. I was receiving but didn't manage to hide the ball from mist (made a mistake when positioning Chaska after a successful pass). He went for a quick goal, but missed with Mist. I took him out with vHearne and Chaska. 2-0 I tried to make things difficult for him by placing traps around the barrier in the middle. At one point vHearne didn't manage to KD Blackheart with 3 attacks. I don't remember how I lost the ball after the missed goal, but I know he scored first with Blackheart (turn 2 I think). I scored with Skatha on my next activation. In the meantime he took out Minx and later vHearne and I took out Rage with Jaecar and Fahad. He took the ball on the wing with Gutter and Mist. He made a mistake with Mist because he forgot she's half dead. I took her out with Chaska (boom box baby!). I timed out during this activation. Granted, if this was a tournament he could simply put the ball somewhere far away and stall and made it much more difficult to me t win (still not impossible). The ball scattered off the field and then into a good position for me in the middle. I too out Strongbox with Fahad, which was a mistake. I went first on the next turn and loaded up Skatha. Strongbox would be a perfect momentum generator, but he wasn't there anymore. Fortunately I succeeded in passing the snowball and then scored with Skatha to end the game. I really enjoyed this games, the team was extremely fun and seemed pretty flexible. Skatha was great, Fahas was awesome and dealt 6 damage (2x momentus) for free twice, Jaecar did his job, Hearne was ok, did some damage, but didn't manage to KD Blackheart, Minx was fine and Chaska was a boss.
  10. Ah okay, so in this case do you play him over Egret because of Where'd they go and it's harder to tie him up?
  11. There's an idea for a blog post if you ever need one: Ulfr. It seems like a lot of players are struggling with him. I still have to try him out.
  12. That's right, my bad. Luckily we play it right, it was just a brain fart. I think you're missing the 6th player in your Skatha lineup or is it so good that you don't need one? Good on Sunday and snare some ass.
  13. @ForestRambo Hmm, it didn't even cross my mind to opt for kicking off when I have a chance to receive. Live&learn. But yeah with Jaecar and 1 momentum at the start + a good chance to go first in turn 2 it's a good plan. Can I ask you what line up do you usually use with Skatha? Do you also opt not to receive with her or is that a different story as she is a solid goal threat (but a pretty bad choice to go for an early goal IMO, unless you have a knee slider) and turns a lot of other players into solid threats too. Don't want to nag you, but I'm really excited about guild ball (it's pretty much gladiators playing football, I'd go totally crazy if I was still a kid :D) and it's nice to discuss it and learn more about it. I'm also eagerly waiting on new articles on your blog! Really like the Theron one.
  14. @Warpstoned yep, I think Chaska can give you more control in a Skatha team (while being extremely fast with her help). If there's a well positioned patch of rough ground he can also be a solid tank at 3-3 if needed. @ForestRambo thank you very much for your answer. I really appreciate it. I see why there might be no need for Chaska in this line up. Still have you tried him out/do you use him against a particular team? Or the bear? Also any tips for receiving the ball? Probably should get it to Egret and set up the field for a turn 2 goal (don't think she is a reliable turn1 threat without Zarola/Skatha?). Or maybe even hold the ball with Egret than pass it to Hearne for a last activation T1 goal with Receive and Go + forrest jump, sprint and shoot and then jump him back next turn if I go first.
  15. One more question for everyone - what's your usual turn 1 plan? If you're kicking off with a Skatha team I guess you bring her up the pitch to threaten the ball, but usually simply setup your team (don't want to lose her in exchange for an early goal). If you're receiving with a Skatha team do you try to set everything up for a late turn 1 goal? Or maybe an early turn 2 goal? If you're kicking off with Theron, do you move him up the pitch to be able to start shooting folks? And if you're receiving with a Theron team, do you try to hide the ball a bit and then go for a late or turn2 goal? I'm still struggling a bit with my turn 1 plan. Obviously I need more games, but of course any suggestions would help.