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  1. Dealing with Alchemists

    Thanks for the input everyone. The whole discussion has me thinking that Grange line up may be the way to go into smoke.
  2. Dealing with Alchemists

    Greetings my fellow labourers, New player here, all in all maybe 5 games under my belt. I recently found myself playing a game against Smoke Alchemists. (Smoke, Flask, Katalyst2, Mercury and Vitriol... not sure on 6th) What followed was a smack down of my mostly paperdoll team (Thresher, Peck, Jackstraw, Tater, Milstone, Bushel) Final score 4-12 So my question to the community; How do farmers deal with a smoke team? Any advice is appreciated. To answer a something that may come up, yep, Turn one Vitriol goal was a thing... shes quick.