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    V3: Vengeance 2018

    ITS ALMOST TICKET TIME!! 7:30 is go time for tickets - any early payments will be refunded. OK - important you read this thoroughly tickets this year are £35 and MUST be made as a friends and family payment or they cannot be accepted and will be refunded. Payment to: toptablewargaming@gmail.com At the point the event (hopefully) hits 128 players i will post everywhere and anywhere announcing the event being sold out. People will then be added to reserves list and refunded for payments made. Any questions PM me and i will be ready with a cuppa feeling very appreciative at you guys supporting this event yet again!! Jay
  2. VengeanceJay

    V3: Vengeance 2018

    hey all and thanks @ForestRambo i was just updating here Tickets are going on sale at 7:30PM to ensure its a time people have access to purchase tickets Ticket sales will be via paypal friends and family payments and an update is going put after lunch with where to pay etc! I will ensure it is posted in here too
  3. VengeanceJay

    V3: Vengeance 2018

    Hey all Id like to announce year 3 of vengeance coming in 2018! Now in previous years i've been pretty awful at monitoring the forums in the lead up and promo/sales for this event so apologies and i wanted to open with that! i will ensure I am now in this thread daily! Now see below _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HYPE ALERT!! I can now announce that Vengeance (worst kept secret ever!) is happening on the 19th and 20th May 2018 at the Element Games North West Gaming Centre!! In its third year, and learning from the last two i'm gonna bring you BIGGER, BETTER and all around more fun and a weekend to come together and celebrate our amazing community, throw some dice, no doubt watch Tim Wisch do something silly while drunk and play the game we love!! Who's gonna bring down James Long, and gain the Vengeance title? 128 man...YEP Even better goodie bags...YEP Another custom resin goal...YEP Fun events on the friday...YEP Lots of secrets between now and the weekend....OH YEAH!!! Tickets will be going on sale at 12noon GMT on Tuesday 28th November so be prepared (and a lot more info on that Monday!) but for now join the group and get ready for Vengeance! Jay https://www.facebook.com/groups/537629486586893/about/