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  1. Zore

    Getting goals

    Definitely does ben thanks for ur help. Playing a game in an hour to a 20+ experienced player who always beats me. So figure instead of killing all his players id go for 2 goals and work around that
  2. Zore

    Getting goals

    Ok thanks 😁 so vet brisket is used if i receive and o brisket if i kick if i see that correctly
  3. Zore

    Getting goals

    Hi all. Since ive been playing i have trouble setting up for goals. Went to a tournament recently just for experience and won a game with take outs alone. I find setting up for goals an issue. Lastly i read somewhere u use brisket o/vet depending if u recieve or kick. Could you help me out with how you would set up for goals assuming 2 goals 2 takeouts..maybe u go for only 1 goal? And when you use o/vet brisket and how? Many thanks up front
  4. Zore

    Fan-made minor guild

    Really like the thought put into this! My only comment would be that fire conditions would be more alchemists. Would be cool to see ur design around blood conditions.
  5. Zore

    Butchers minor guild speculation thread

    Well skinning an animal is not a fun task. Most butchers dont skin and simply carve the meat into uaseable portions. Also the butchers need some flex with game play style so u have some options on the table other than pure dmg. Lastly my post was made to be definite. Take it with a grain of salt. The minor guild will be less about damage and more about consequences for actions ur oponent makes. Butchers need more tactical flavour if they are to ever win a tourny. Imo 😉 Ps. If u think muti guild brewers/masons was the only thing? Props for potentiely guessing butcher/hunter duel guild model
  6. Zore

    Butchers minor guild speculation thread

    Perhaps ben. And thanks for ur posts. Enjoy useing the inf butchers 😉 and its speculation which means nothing i say is nda issue
  7. Zore

    Butchers minor guild speculation thread

    The new minor guild is the skiners. They will be models that are tanky and glass. Thier focus is of control with a nice tweak on blood conditions. (Blood will be reduced to 2 dmg and will not fall off) enjoy 😉