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  1. They're available at: https://store.steamforged.com/collections/the-vault You have to scroll down a bit.
  2. Salt ftw!

    @Sherwin I think people are getting tired of all this 'vet. captain salt' nonsense. As a non-fish player: just kill salt and then give fisherman a new mascot as their "something spectacular" mentioned on facebook; maybe a seal, a sea lion, a walrus or a penguin mascot. I'm sure this would make everyone happy... or at least most people!
  3. Today’s blog post states “...in true Mat Hart style during the closing ceremony of SteamCon USA we managed to cryptically announce four more! Were you paying close attention?” Any guesses from those who were at the closing ceremony, or who have heard it?
  4. I don't play fisherman but those of you who do should find this interesting https://steamforged.com/pvc-fish You can also get to it via the Gb homepage under community > plastic fisherman's guild. The result will impact the other guilds so lets make this happen!
  5. Shiny New Section

    This seems like a good section to post high resolution images of the models previewed at the SteamCons (in the keynote and Q & A)... Can we possibly get these please?