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  1. Igpus

    Resin Hunters

    It seems to me that since steamforged started making teams in plastic, the players have become more one dimensional and static. This is a problem is impacting the metal miniatures, see the rookies and The exiles, as well as these new resin models. I sincerity hope the sculpting improves in the future.
  2. Igpus

    Resin Hunters

    The resin hunters are now available on the Steamforged web store: Heralds of the Winter's Moon (Resin) Blessed of the Sun Father (Resin)
  3. Igpus

    Vet Honour?

    Complaining about Vet. Gutter hasn't resulted in her being changed... But I wish you the best of luck. I don't play farmers but Vet. Honours doesn't look very impressive.
  4. They both wear the same hat, so I assume they cannot be fielded together. I'd say they unequivocally cannot, but i'll leave that to a member of the Lawyers guild.
  5. Igpus

    vGutter card shown

    The more we see of the Exiled, the more boring vet Gutter looks. The other exiled have character plays they'll probably use most turns (and more than one of them), conversely Gutter has a character play we're told "is not an ability Butcher coaches should expect to use every turn". She needed another character play, or something that makes her more unique, like the other exiles published to date have. Perhaps Steamforged were sending a message with the blog images they used...
  6. Igpus

    Seasoned Salt

    The latest story suggests Salt won't be playing for much longer "The Sea’s Beauty knew the otter wasn’t getting any younger besides. It was likely she’d never return to the pitch after birthing her young." Besides, the fish's minor guild deserves a more interesting mascot than more incarnations of Salt or other otters. Lets put all of this Salt nonsense to bed and champion something more interesting, such as a Penguin mascot as I've suggested previously. Call him flipper or something like that...
  7. Igpus

    Falconers pics

    Some better pictures can be found on the studio Giraldez facebook page here if anyone is interested.
  8. They're available at: https://store.steamforged.com/collections/the-vault You have to scroll down a bit.
  9. Igpus

    Salt ftw!

    @Sherwin I think people are getting tired of all this 'vet. captain salt' nonsense. As a non-fish player: just kill salt and then give fisherman a new mascot as their "something spectacular" mentioned on facebook; maybe a seal, a sea lion, a walrus or a penguin mascot. I'm sure this would make everyone happy... or at least most people!
  10. I don't play fisherman but those of you who do should find this interesting https://steamforged.com/pvc-fish You can also get to it via the Gb homepage under community > plastic fisherman's guild. The result will impact the other guilds so lets make this happen!
  11. Today’s blog post states “...in true Mat Hart style during the closing ceremony of SteamCon USA we managed to cryptically announce four more! Were you paying close attention?” Any guesses from those who were at the closing ceremony, or who have heard it?
  12. Igpus

    Shiny New Section

    This seems like a good section to post high resolution images of the models previewed at the SteamCons (in the keynote and Q & A)... Can we possibly get these please?