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  1. Igpus

    Ok S4 is here. I need Fulff!!!!

    Wouldn't hold your breath, the season 3 fluff isn't even on the guild ball hub yet. Nudge, nudge streamforged... 😁
  2. Igpus

    Free Cities Draft Event

    Try this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/645245305629602/
  3. You're not alone, mine have issues too. In addition to mould lines: The goal post leans to the right from the front - maybe fixable with some heat. Mataagi's left arm socket has a lot of glue in it making it look dislocated. Rundaas' torso is very poorly aligned with his legs, it overhangs at the front. Minerva has literally no facial detail... need I say more? I've contacted support, waiting to hear back. My brothers resin Mortician's have a lot of issues too, they've sending him replacements in 2-4 weeks. I'm waiting on the resin Hunter's, and have backed the Godtear kickstarter as well, so I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. Too much to complain about recently, hopefully things will turnaround come season 4.
  4. Thanks for everyone's comments. The insights provided have been informative. The original post was put together when I was frustrated, all of the issues impacted products I was excited for, except for the Erskirii wolves. Selfish I know. 😜 On a positive note, I also like the Navigator's aesthetics. 🙂
  5. Igpus

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    ^ I'll have what they're having!
  6. Igpus

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    The Engineers are fairly hideous models, easily the worst models in the range... Until now. (IMO) Perhaps SFG can do re-sculpts to at least fix all of the aesthetic issues, and then please more of the people. But it's probably to late. Wish full thinking time: SFG should preview the proposed sculpts and ask for feedback while changes can be made (i'm not saying they should listen to all of the feedback).
  7. @EpicChris I see your point, but the Cook's guild seems more divisive than any of the other minor guilds. As you say, i'm sure there are those that like them and there are those who are excited for the Critical Role miniatures. Sadly it means no new players for my Butchers. 🙁 *Tis hard to convey tone in text, it's more the volume of issue causing frustration than anger, and concern SFG are over stretching.
  8. Falconer's Guild - Plastic - delayed... The Faithful: New Beginnings - Metal - delayed... Hunters Legacy collection - Resin - delayed... Cook's Guild (already discussed in the Butcher's sub forum) - amongst the worst guild ball sculpts of recent times (personal opinion). Erskirii Team - Resin - delayed (As noted by landstander) I'm aware the production of these miniatures, in all these different material types, is done in different locations, and we're are told different teams work on each project; but... I can't shake the feeling that these delays, as well as the sub standard cook's sculpts, are the result of SFG over stretching themselves. This feeling was exacerbated by today's Gen Con Critical role post on the blog, which states "Reviewing the 100 miniatures which will be hitting retail next year". I'm sure I'm not the only one who has no interest, at all, in the Critical Role miniatures, but it seems although SFGs are giving them a lot of attention.
  9. Igpus

    The future of Rage/Blackheart

    The Union isn't a guild any more, and as Sherwin's reportedly said you can't write stories for a guild that does exist. If the guilds get a 3rd captain, I think the Union will be excluded; as they have been from getting a new playing in the free cities draft. Rage is probably enjoying looting and pillaging to much to return to Guild ball.
  10. Igpus

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    I'm experiencing massive cognitive dissonance. As a Butcher's player I really want to like these models, but the more I try to the more I hate them.
  11. Igpus

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    How did I miss that!
  12. Igpus

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    official renders are an improvement but... Roast's legs look longer in the art; they look more proportional. The wrist straps on the sculpt are ridiculously large. There's also a blade featured in the art that makes him look more menacing, on his right wrist. I assume spice's weapon is meant to be a modified spit, but the end of it in her left hand is missing the inward blades that are present in the art. Also she looks more balanced in the art, her apron is longer, and more pleasing to the eye. Wellington is a good representation of the art. But what's going on with his chefs jacket? I've not seen anything like that neck line on one before, is it meant to be armoured? I'm happy to be proven wrong. There are just too many niggling things wrong with them, and I don't think the sculptor understands the rule of 1/3rd s which is important for aesthetics (which the artist clearly does). I can't be the only person who sees these issues, can I? TLDR: The individual who did the art understands what look aesthetically pleasing (proportional), the sculptor missed the mark and important elements present in the art. However, i'm glad people like them.
  13. Igpus

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    The style is defiantly Butchery, can't complain about that. But the design ethos for the Rats and Falconers seems to have been: they do what the major guild does, but differently. The ethos for the Navigator and Cooks seems to have been: they do what the major guild does but taken to the extreme. I have a preference for the first design ethos. Also not a fan of the 'every member of the team has this rule' approach, as apposed to select models, and how SFG seem to be thinking this is comparable to: the Ratcatchers dilemma mechanic; The falconers harrier AOE's mechanic; The farmers harvest markers mechanic; The Blacksmiths master/apprentice mechanic. But perhaps this design chose eludes to changes coming in season 4; Time will tell.
  14. I'm surprised there are no posts about this yet. For those who aren't aware, our minor guild is the cooks. Here's an image of them from the Gu.B.S page on facebook, posted by Mark Peyton: As a butchers player I can only say i'm very disappointed; I think they are the worst guild ball models I've seen. I find them to be aesthetically very unappealing (how tall is Spice - the lady on the left? Why does Sugar look like a Hobbit- the lady of the right? Why does the fat man have a pencil eraser on his head? How does he get around on those tiny legs? Is he movement 2/4? Does the lady with the paddle and buns need to pee? Is that weasel a pack mule? So many questions...). Finally, the guild concept is... meh. There were far more interesting ideas, such as the Tanner's guild or Abattoir's guild, posted on these forums. Rant over. 🙊 Guild play style below, this time post posted by Matt Nott on the facebook page: Now that the initial excitement has died down, what does everyone else think of them? Going forward, lets focus on getting a good player in the Free cities draft late this year.
  15. Igpus

    Resin Hunters

    It seems to me that since steamforged started making teams in plastic, the players have become more one dimensional and static. This is a problem is impacting the metal miniatures, see the rookies and The exiles, as well as these new resin models. I sincerity hope the sculpting improves in the future.