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  1. Rationale for measurement in ball scatter

    The excerpt is from page 30 in the rules. Every other movement is using the leading edge of the model. If you try to do that with a 1" scatter the bases overlap. In your method, in order to be consistent you would measure 1" from the losing model and try placing the FORWARD edge of the ball marker there. Unfortunately, it won't fit because 30 mm > 1 inch.
  2. Wild Season 4 Speculation

    1 in = 25.4 mm If the ball scatters 1 inch but has a 30mm base...
  3. Taken-Out Carriers

    Thank you for the fast response and link. I see now why my search-fu failed me. I was looking specifically for Ratcatchers stuff when it was the exact same wording but with oKat.
  4. I swear I read about this somewhere but I haven't been able to find where. If it has already been discussed, please tell me what y'all typed in to search for it. I've tried combinations of Disease, Carrier, Miasma and Scourge and a couple other things... In short, if a Carrier ("...During the End Phase this model suffers the disease condition.") is Taken-Out, do they come back on the board diseased? As best as I can figure, Passive Traits happen whether the Player is on the Pitch or not so long as the conditions are met. The only condition here is "During the end phase". So it looks like unless a model was taken out in the Maintenance Phase from Bleed or some similar occurrence, the sequence is: 1) Player is Taken-Out and removes all conditions, 2) In the End Phase they gain disease, 3) Return to Pitch next turn with disease. Right??
  5. YES. I have a great time with Ox. I like him more because of how much he helps every other Butcher as opposed to the selfish Fillet. My games using him are definitely more strategic as I'm working hard to figure out proper positioning and sequence of activations. Ox always has decent damage output but I find more and more often that I do not attack with him as often as I'd like. Especially on Legendary turns. The first time I activate second tends to be his Legendary turn. Activate him first and pop it, buff/debuff as applicable and then move everyone else in to capitalize on damage. Using only the Butcher models you listed I would definitely endorse supplementing with Minx. She doesn't need influence to have a meaningful activation, and what she brings to the party works well with the other team members. I do prefer to run Butcher pure especially with Ox as captain.
  6. vGutter card shown

    My feelings on vGutter have been a bit of a roller coaster. At first I was utterly and impressively "meh" over her. She did not have anything that leapt out as cool or interesting to me, especially after seeing so many toys show up for Farmers, Blacksmiths and Ratcatchers. Then I sat down and digested her card. She is our only 2" melee with 2/4 Influence, excluding Union contracts. That is significant. So I sat down and played with her and am at about 5 games with her at this point. 2 with Ox, 2 with Fillet and 1 that doesn't really matter because she was effectively handled by my opponent. After playing I felt better about her; she's a workhorse. Then veCimate's card (as our group has taken to calling vetDecimate) was released and I was frankly pissed. Comparatively she is so VERY much better than vGutter. Higher TAC, increased to 2" melee and easier access to 3 damage and KD, better character plays... Funny, when they discussed Gutter they were all about "What is a Butcher?" Yet when they showed vDecimate it was all "She's really a veteran now and has so much more to offer than before." Whatever. In comparison I don't think anyone can honestly argue that "vG>vD". We have different guilds and something good for the Brewers does not mean something bad for the Butchers directly. So: Yay for the Brewers, I'm glad they got someone useful. Her stats and playbook are EXTREMELY similar to Boiler's, and both have Anatomical Precision. What Boiler has that Gutter does not is synergy. He gets a lot from puppy power. That Princess-Boiler combo feels like that is why he has a low TAC, for a Butcher. And he also is a great way to get someone bleeding for Fillet. Any bonuses that Gutter can get could go to him as well. As a side not, the only other Butchers with 5 TAC all have other obvious perks. vBrisket / oBrisket (TAC 4) is a scorer and is dodgy. Tenderizer is about efficiency supposedly, though I personally don't really care for him. That's it other than Mascots. Her Character Play is EXTREMELY iffy and situational. It feels like there are only ever two times to use it. Someone is almost dead and you need to get one or two damage on someone far away (Sprint, Grapple and 1 Influence left to attack) or to try to flee someone with a full stack from laying into her using a counter attack, assuming there is another enemy model within 6 of her. And pray for enough hits to trigger it. For all my complaints about her, she still will most likely always make my 10. 2" melee, 2/4 Influence and AP. I also want to really like Resolute, but for whatever reason I often roll out two net hits or can't grapple to anyone. Even though she is solid in Ox lists, I may actually prefer her for Fillet. (Honestly, my favorite lineup for her so far is Girl Power: Fillet, Princess, vGutter, Brisket, Meathook and Minx. Not great but it's fun.) Fillet hurts, maims and kills just fine without Tooled Up. vGutter can take it instead and spend four actions gouging holes from 2" away without the counter attacks. And while Fillet is off doing her own thing, Gutter can hang back with the rest and play beater. The extra momentum generation from takeouts is actually strong if you're using the Game Plan cards for initiative. Is she better than Boiler at damage without Princess? No. His playbook is better for a TAC of 5 than hers for damage and he has Bleed and Marked Target. I cannot help but feel that she should have been balanced a bit better. If she were TAC 6 I think I would feel a LOT better about her seeming as how she is almost pure DPS, if you will. Grappling Hook being a dodge might be too powerful. I think it should negate the +2 TAC on a parting blow instead. Either of those would be good. Both of those would make her competitive. Just my .02, thanks for "listening" to my ramble.
  7. Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    Calling it an "unfair exploitation" is a bit overly dramatic. It isn't an exploit at all, it's how a bashy team tries to buy time. Footballers basically race to score more than their opponents and are oftentimes really good at doing so. I started off playing Butchers. You don't get much more bashy (shush vRage) than that. Yet Butchers are so low ranked that many people question whether they are even competitive any more. That should say something about how "unfair" the tactic is. There is one win condition. 12+VPs. There are three ways to get VPs. Goals, Take-outs and Clock. The mechanic is built into the game. It's very similar to real life sports where a team with the lead will make ineffective plays while in control of the ball to purposefully RUN OUT THE CLOCK. Rather than howl that things are unfair, try asking a more constructive question: How does a scoring team handle their opponents' hiding the ball? That very much depends on you rather than your opponent. What are your strengths, what players and combos are available to you? Not to make it a personal attack, but it sounds like you need to better select your team members or make use of their abilities. I acknowledge there are some killy teams that can FEEL unfair, like pre-nerf Thresher. However, I usually find that with time and sometimes research that a way to handle them evolves. SFG is very active about watching for what people think are OP. Their design teams watch trends at tourneys and during their playtesting. Sorry, but I don't think your opinion holds water across the breadth of the hobby. All that aside, I believe that getting good with a footballer team is much more difficult than learning to bash. Learning to bash is, to me, about learning timing and target selection. Scoring is more complicated. It also needs proper timing, but positioning and setup are much more complicated. You mention your opponents are burying the ball at the back of his deployment... If they are chucking the ball on or behind their goal line they cannot generate momentum. That really makes their game tough. You should have advantage of first turn almost whenever you want, plus heals and Bonus Time... For further advice, we really need to hear what you're playing, and maybe what your opponents are running. The solution could just be a matter of team composition. Also, watch youtube games. Just one or two games a week.
  8. Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    I thought that teaser meant the rats were going to try to burn down Tapper's bar...
  9. Snapping the Ball Question

    Sounds right to me. It couldn't possess the ball at the start of activation and sacrificed its Standard Movement to clear Knocked Down.
  10. Grabbing a free ball.

    He can, however, opt to ignore the ball until he finishes his attacks and then pick it up when he moves.
  11. Fluff question - Decimate

    I recently go into GB but enjoy the game and the story enough that I was looking at some old Season One stuff and came across this under Decimate's entry: "This all changed after the Maldriven guild houses took control of the Brewer's Guild in a short, violent coup in 19C. As before, the new masters were quick to purge all trace of the former houses' influence within the corridors of power. Awoken in the early hours of the morning by a botched assassination attempt on her person, Decimate fled into the night." Originally I though she just had a disagreement and left. But from what I read here and elsewhere she was doing well and had not anticipated the assassination. So she was betrayed by the Brewers and then the Union dissolved around her. She had a kinship of sorts with the Masons, but she decided to return to the team that tried to kill her? This makes little sense to me... Is there anything in the fluff that might explain this? I know there are bits and pieces that had to have come out that I haven't found yet. I've looked at everything on the SF site but cannot find anything that would justify her return to her would-be killers. Also if anyone has links to bits of story that aren't on the official website or in the Season one rulebook I'd love it if you could share the link!
  12. Interestingly, I cannot find anywhere where the book says the ball has to move "backwards". (The collected clarifications does mention MODELS moving backward, because they have limited movement.) What it says is "place the ball in base contact with the obstruction along the ball path." So rather than being placed in contact with both the kicker and the obstacle, should the ball then be placed simply in base contact with the obstruction and in the ball path? I can see this visually as the ball hitting the crate or whatever and bouncing up and over, landing just on the other side. I'm not trying to muddy the waters here, just trying to understand the source.
  13. So... Cutlers..?

    Cutler's battle cry must be: "SPOOOOOON!!!"
  14. I think my confusion comes from the phrasing on p. 48 where is says " When a ball marker makes contact with an obstruction during a scatter..." Reading that, it seems like the ball is traveling along the ball path and if the ball were to hit the obstruction along that path it stops. I understand that when knocked down it is a Standard Scatter, thus no ball path. What about if a kick misses?
  15. If a Player is in possession of the ball then jogs onto an Obstruction and is then knocked down, how do we determine placement? I would love to say put it in the closest legal position, but if there are equidistant points this is troublesome. Would you instead roll for scatter direction and place the ball along the path, touching the Obstruction? Or should a ball handler not be allowed onto Obstructions? I would imagine climbing a stack of crates while juggling a ball is tricky at best.