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  1. Priesmal

    Rookie Boiler

    A caveat: I did NOT look at anything past the R-Level cards. I just figure I'll play him and let him grow. I get that Boiler can turn into a legendary murder machine by choosing an Aggressive Cutter. However, I wanted to try giving him some flex. I am concerned that at full strength a Slippery Puppy Pal might not have the necessary bite. Actually, I am wondering about Puppy Pal in general. I'm a bit concerned about focusing on the mascot simply because if the Princess is not close enough to Assist (assuming Boiler gets Assist eventually) or gets taken out that basically half Boiler's card is irrelevant. Then again, at Level R the only ability there is Here, Girl!! and that functions without range restrictions while adding some defense. So, without spoilers if able, I wanted to know if people think that Puppy Pal might be too much of a liability / limiting. As is I am leaning toward a Slippery Cutter. I like him having some bite, but mostly want to have fun. I'm hoping this is a good balance. Besides, in my FLGS my Boiler already has a reputation of not dying when he probably should, and I'm hoping Slippery will enhance his reputation.
  2. I really want the Entertainer's guild to show up. They should all come with a Character Trait called Globetrotter: While in possession of the ball this models Attack's gains "exploding 6's".
  3. Priesmal

    Any tips for speeding up your play?

    1. Play more. Even if its an untimed game play with the clock just to help you track your time usage. 2. Play the same team for like 10 games in a row. By that I mean the exact same players, not just the same guild. 3. When you finally feel comfortable with your original six, sub one player out at a time. 4. On any given game decide that you are going to focus on a specific player. Challenge yourself to utilize each trait and Character Play. This can actually be harder than it sounds on some players, especially for defensive skills. 5. Make a plan and stick to it. Most the time I run out my clock it is because I am second guessing my plan. You make your plan when you allocate influence, not on your players' turns. The only reason to deviate is if you plan has already failed or a REALLY good opportunity comes up. Otherwise, stick to the plan. 6. Do things you can do on your opponents time. It's a little cheeky to put Influence on your characters during their maintenance turn, but you can sort them into stacks or even put them on the player cards while you think. Plan out your turn during your opponent's turns. By time he clocks over to me I USUALLY am settled on a course. All that said, I break every rule. Except #1. I'm a GB junkie.
  4. Priesmal

    Teach Me To Paint

    I would recommend finding a cheap lot sale / bits box on eBay. You don't need to plaint whole figures to practice techniques, thought there is satisfaction in seeing something "done". If you don't have supplies yet, I would recommend either getting a starter kit for a small variety of colors and initial brushes. Avoid the expensive brushes til you're at least a few models in. Every brand has their own starter kits. I personally am loving Army Builder paints after working with Citadel for decades. It is so much more consistent!! A can of primer / base layer in a neutral color. I prefer bone/tan. YouTube is my best friend when it comes to painting. I have been binging on Miniac. He has some really good intro vids. *****Wet Pallette. YouTube how to make one for a demo. They are dirt cheap and save you LOADS in paint. And make mixing a breeze. Simplified wet palette: Buy a sealable, shallow container. I use a 5x7 photo case by Iris (here) for like a buck and a half. Get a fresh, clean sponge cloth. Cut it to fit the bottom of the case. Buy Parchment paper. I had some high quality stuff lying around but once I ran out I bought Reynold's and found the cheaper stuff works better. Cut a rectangle of parchment paper to rest on the sponge, leaving about 1/4" on sponge expose on all sides. Set the paper aside. Soak the sponge and put water in the container til it is just below the top of the sponge. Put the paper on top, holding the corners flat (it'll try to curl). Flip it and repeat. Repeat again. I usually like to let the paper soak a couple minutes before adding paint, but once the paper will rest flat you're ready to paint.
  5. Priesmal

    The Faithful - New Beginnings

    Fluff-wise doesn't really seem to matter in the grand scheme of things. To make fluff match the gameplay, a player running Farmers should never playa against Snakeskin, for example. You wouldn't be allowed vet- and o-[Same Player] on the same roster. And Harry should NOT be playing on the Church team. (I actually am bothered by that one anyhow.) Not allowing two captains on a ten-man roster might be fun in a variant tournament maybe. As a Butcher who prefers Ox, it would be a HUGE challenge into quite a few teams.
  6. Priesmal

    Best "Killy" Teams?

    My vote goes to vRage and Farmers as two of the top three most killy teams. I almost want to rank Butchers as second or third. They have brute force but far fewer tricks.
  7. Priesmal

    Why Butchers

    I'm just feeling like chatting but am stuck at work so there's that.... I was thinking about GB and why I play Butchers as my primary team. I am not by any means pro, but I am an enthusiast. I have multiple teams available to me, but I feel that I will always identify as a Butcher. And I was sitting there thinking about why I started with them and why I identify primarily as a Butcher player. The first is easy. My LFGS was hosting an event and I picked a guild that was as yet un-represented. Further, I am a huge fan of alliteration and my initials are BB. Seriously. That's all it took for me to try them. I never even played a single game / demo or anything. I didn't even see a game played. Just saw the event and knew the people playing and said, "Let's do it." The second is more complicated. I love variety, which is why I really like GB. When you play a different team you play a different game. Character interactions and synergies and combos are wildly varied. But as much as I read into, paint up, try out or run with another team, I always go back to Butchers after a week or two. I think the reason is that Butchers represent a lot of what I value. On the face of things they are very simple - Bash skulls, repeat. And with the nature of the game there is plenty of complexity and strategy. And there are plenty of things to experiment with and try out. Like load up as much 2" melee as possible. Run an all-girl team. Full bleed. Anti-Armor. Et cetera, et cetera. Heck, I've even tried a series of games where I brought Tenderizer out just to see if he can be a ball chaser. (N-to-the-O. Just don't. Ever. Failed experiments have value when you learn what not to do. This was a waste of time. I have no clue why I bothered. It seemed like a bad idea and it was.) But this is stuff that comes out in almost every team. So: Why keep returning to butchers? I think I've finally started to figure it out. I've played a LOT of games in my time. I've tried all sorts of weird games, from Clue to Bunnies & Burrows, Shadowrunner in all its forms, video games, board games, gambling, card games, word games... If it can be played I am more than happy to try. All this said, I've played a lot of Games Workshop stuff. I started with 40K in second edition. I've run various armies and I've tried a lot of their spinoffs / specialty games. Of all my gaming, there is one thing that I truly enjoy: Randomness. I know there are a lot of people who hate Random. But I enjoy it because it is what keeps a game interesting. It's why we roll dice instead of just playing chess. Rather than go with a simple mechanic in game that is entirely reliable (input said effort/action/resource, get exact and known predictable result), I really appreciate what randomness does for us. It grants replayability. Otherwise this game would all but literally be: see opponent's team and know everything from who is being picked, where people at lining up and who is going to win. My favorite faction I've ever played in any game: old school Skaven (rat race in Warhammer Fantasy). Skaven show up with potentially the strongest weapons and creatures on the table. However, most games I've nuked about as many of my models as my opponent. (Total aside: My favorite game ever involved a game where on Turn 1 my Warp Lightning Cannon or my left flank misfired across my entire battle line and took out a huge swathe of my army. The WLC on my right then misfired and took out the first cannon!) So where does this tie in? To me, the Butchers feel like the most random of the teams I've tried. Our Character Plays sometimes seem the most boring, and our traits are often short. We've only one Heroic. I drool over every new model and card that isn't ours and think: imagine if we could get Harrier, or I wish our team had someone who could move like that. But we don't get the bells and whistles because we have the highest average TAC in the game. Which is rolling the most dice, which is relying on Random to eventually bless us with the I-Didn't-Miss-With-Any-Of-My--Twelve-Dice! at the expense of the mighty He-Shoulda-Been-Dead-Two-Influence-Ago-And-Now-My-Entire-Activation-Is-Wasted-Because-I-Cannot-Roll-Above-A-Three!. It's why vGutter is in the running for the Worst of the Exiles, and yet... she works. Weird, right? So long ramble, but that's about it for me. I got into Butchers by chance that they start with B, and I keep coming back because you never know for certain where it will end. Well, sorta. "Butchers" ends with an S, but I meant it as a metaphor. A bad metaphor, but you get the point.
  8. I really enjoy the painting aspect of the hobby. I even have had copious amounts of time to paint at different stages of my life. And I appreciate looking at teams where their owner has taken the time to make them their own. I don't expect to see everything painted to a high standard or anything of the sort, just some personal touch. And that is what I think the end goal of the painting "requirements" should be. The plastics/resin being getting waived for the requirements seems bogus to me, but not because I want to look down my nose on players who don't paint. It's because I believe it should be the same standard across the board. If you pick up ANY models the day of the event and want to play with it, it should be allowed regardless of what the model is made out of. It isn't the player's fault that the only Boar or Chaska option is metal. Maybe Harry the Hat is one of the hardest to find models and the tournament venue is the first place you've managed to find him. Any model bought at the venue should be waived for playing. If this is already how places run it, kudos to them. I do however like having some set standard for painting with stuff you've brought for home for two reason. One is differentiation, being able to tell two player's models apart. Saying that the dyed resin or plastic is enough is woefully wrong. Just go to a release even for any guild. At our Blacksmith release I gazed upon a gaggle of grey engaging another gaggle grey. I don't even think a requirement needs to be out there to a 3-color minimum. Just prime it and base coat it and maybe add a splash of color purely for the purpose of telling models apart in the event of a mirror match. There is also a commercial aspect to making people bring painted minis. It helps to draw in spectators who become our future players. We want more people to play in order to keep the game alive. Making pretty and shiny stuff helps to grab their attention. So instead of making a requirement to paint, maybe offer incentives, beyond a "best painted" which I never anticipate winning. The Kickabout campaign came with a bunch of Lucky's. Maybe future OPD kits could come with a few LE models just for those who take the time to paint to a minimal level of completion. I know it isn't realistic to think that the models wouldn't leak out to everyone, but it would still be good to put it into people's heads that painting comes with rewards. In short, I would like to see the same standard and rules applied across the board regardless of material. I do want to see personalization, but I don't care for elitism. If you say it's good enough with primer white bodies and purple heads, then it's good enough for me. However I would love to see some reward for those who make an effort to try and make their tabletop gaming cool to look at.
  9. Priesmal

    Rationale for measurement in ball scatter

    The excerpt is from page 30 in the rules. Every other movement is using the leading edge of the model. If you try to do that with a 1" scatter the bases overlap. In your method, in order to be consistent you would measure 1" from the losing model and try placing the FORWARD edge of the ball marker there. Unfortunately, it won't fit because 30 mm > 1 inch.
  10. Priesmal

    Wild Season 4 Speculation

    1 in = 25.4 mm If the ball scatters 1 inch but has a 30mm base...
  11. Priesmal

    Taken-Out Carriers

    Thank you for the fast response and link. I see now why my search-fu failed me. I was looking specifically for Ratcatchers stuff when it was the exact same wording but with oKat.
  12. I swear I read about this somewhere but I haven't been able to find where. If it has already been discussed, please tell me what y'all typed in to search for it. I've tried combinations of Disease, Carrier, Miasma and Scourge and a couple other things... In short, if a Carrier ("...During the End Phase this model suffers the disease condition.") is Taken-Out, do they come back on the board diseased? As best as I can figure, Passive Traits happen whether the Player is on the Pitch or not so long as the conditions are met. The only condition here is "During the end phase". So it looks like unless a model was taken out in the Maintenance Phase from Bleed or some similar occurrence, the sequence is: 1) Player is Taken-Out and removes all conditions, 2) In the End Phase they gain disease, 3) Return to Pitch next turn with disease. Right??
  13. YES. I have a great time with Ox. I like him more because of how much he helps every other Butcher as opposed to the selfish Fillet. My games using him are definitely more strategic as I'm working hard to figure out proper positioning and sequence of activations. Ox always has decent damage output but I find more and more often that I do not attack with him as often as I'd like. Especially on Legendary turns. The first time I activate second tends to be his Legendary turn. Activate him first and pop it, buff/debuff as applicable and then move everyone else in to capitalize on damage. Using only the Butcher models you listed I would definitely endorse supplementing with Minx. She doesn't need influence to have a meaningful activation, and what she brings to the party works well with the other team members. I do prefer to run Butcher pure especially with Ox as captain.
  14. Priesmal

    vGutter card shown

    My feelings on vGutter have been a bit of a roller coaster. At first I was utterly and impressively "meh" over her. She did not have anything that leapt out as cool or interesting to me, especially after seeing so many toys show up for Farmers, Blacksmiths and Ratcatchers. Then I sat down and digested her card. She is our only 2" melee with 2/4 Influence, excluding Union contracts. That is significant. So I sat down and played with her and am at about 5 games with her at this point. 2 with Ox, 2 with Fillet and 1 that doesn't really matter because she was effectively handled by my opponent. After playing I felt better about her; she's a workhorse. Then veCimate's card (as our group has taken to calling vetDecimate) was released and I was frankly pissed. Comparatively she is so VERY much better than vGutter. Higher TAC, increased to 2" melee and easier access to 3 damage and KD, better character plays... Funny, when they discussed Gutter they were all about "What is a Butcher?" Yet when they showed vDecimate it was all "She's really a veteran now and has so much more to offer than before." Whatever. In comparison I don't think anyone can honestly argue that "vG>vD". We have different guilds and something good for the Brewers does not mean something bad for the Butchers directly. So: Yay for the Brewers, I'm glad they got someone useful. Her stats and playbook are EXTREMELY similar to Boiler's, and both have Anatomical Precision. What Boiler has that Gutter does not is synergy. He gets a lot from puppy power. That Princess-Boiler combo feels like that is why he has a low TAC, for a Butcher. And he also is a great way to get someone bleeding for Fillet. Any bonuses that Gutter can get could go to him as well. As a side not, the only other Butchers with 5 TAC all have other obvious perks. vBrisket / oBrisket (TAC 4) is a scorer and is dodgy. Tenderizer is about efficiency supposedly, though I personally don't really care for him. That's it other than Mascots. Her Character Play is EXTREMELY iffy and situational. It feels like there are only ever two times to use it. Someone is almost dead and you need to get one or two damage on someone far away (Sprint, Grapple and 1 Influence left to attack) or to try to flee someone with a full stack from laying into her using a counter attack, assuming there is another enemy model within 6 of her. And pray for enough hits to trigger it. For all my complaints about her, she still will most likely always make my 10. 2" melee, 2/4 Influence and AP. I also want to really like Resolute, but for whatever reason I often roll out two net hits or can't grapple to anyone. Even though she is solid in Ox lists, I may actually prefer her for Fillet. (Honestly, my favorite lineup for her so far is Girl Power: Fillet, Princess, vGutter, Brisket, Meathook and Minx. Not great but it's fun.) Fillet hurts, maims and kills just fine without Tooled Up. vGutter can take it instead and spend four actions gouging holes from 2" away without the counter attacks. And while Fillet is off doing her own thing, Gutter can hang back with the rest and play beater. The extra momentum generation from takeouts is actually strong if you're using the Game Plan cards for initiative. Is she better than Boiler at damage without Princess? No. His playbook is better for a TAC of 5 than hers for damage and he has Bleed and Marked Target. I cannot help but feel that she should have been balanced a bit better. If she were TAC 6 I think I would feel a LOT better about her seeming as how she is almost pure DPS, if you will. Grappling Hook being a dodge might be too powerful. I think it should negate the +2 TAC on a parting blow instead. Either of those would be good. Both of those would make her competitive. Just my .02, thanks for "listening" to my ramble.
  15. Priesmal

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    Calling it an "unfair exploitation" is a bit overly dramatic. It isn't an exploit at all, it's how a bashy team tries to buy time. Footballers basically race to score more than their opponents and are oftentimes really good at doing so. I started off playing Butchers. You don't get much more bashy (shush vRage) than that. Yet Butchers are so low ranked that many people question whether they are even competitive any more. That should say something about how "unfair" the tactic is. There is one win condition. 12+VPs. There are three ways to get VPs. Goals, Take-outs and Clock. The mechanic is built into the game. It's very similar to real life sports where a team with the lead will make ineffective plays while in control of the ball to purposefully RUN OUT THE CLOCK. Rather than howl that things are unfair, try asking a more constructive question: How does a scoring team handle their opponents' hiding the ball? That very much depends on you rather than your opponent. What are your strengths, what players and combos are available to you? Not to make it a personal attack, but it sounds like you need to better select your team members or make use of their abilities. I acknowledge there are some killy teams that can FEEL unfair, like pre-nerf Thresher. However, I usually find that with time and sometimes research that a way to handle them evolves. SFG is very active about watching for what people think are OP. Their design teams watch trends at tourneys and during their playtesting. Sorry, but I don't think your opinion holds water across the breadth of the hobby. All that aside, I believe that getting good with a footballer team is much more difficult than learning to bash. Learning to bash is, to me, about learning timing and target selection. Scoring is more complicated. It also needs proper timing, but positioning and setup are much more complicated. You mention your opponents are burying the ball at the back of his deployment... If they are chucking the ball on or behind their goal line they cannot generate momentum. That really makes their game tough. You should have advantage of first turn almost whenever you want, plus heals and Bonus Time... For further advice, we really need to hear what you're playing, and maybe what your opponents are running. The solution could just be a matter of team composition. Also, watch youtube games. Just one or two games a week.