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  1. Benjo3000

    Vet Hearne is now pretty hot

    Yeah. A parting blow cannot result in a placement, for the obvious reasons.
  2. Benjo3000

    Puzzle Time - Engineers vs FIsh

    Yeah, declare CA. I don’t think Greyscales is in range of anyone to pass, so he’s going to win the ball, and either punt it into open space. Or try a shot on goal. If he waits to shoot, Colossus will win the ball back, and greyscales is unlikely to get it back. After that, Greyscales is getting taken out by Colossus, with Hoist waiting in case he’s needed.
  3. Benjo3000

    The Faithful - New Beginnings

    I really don’t see that they will randomly be giving a couple of guilds extra captains, that would be a huge advantage and unbalance those teams.
  4. Benjo3000

    Locus: Where and When?

    Please just give him either a 2” melee, or swap stoic for study. Either of those tiny changes would make him so much more useable.
  5. Benjo3000

    Season 4 Token pack?

    Aren’t they the tokens to go with the game plan deck? The game plan deck is supposedly already “future proofed” to be ready for season 4. I’m pretty sure all the effects seen on those tokens can come from a game plan card.
  6. Benjo3000

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Can you explain the reasoning for this? It’s a character play causing damage after all.
  7. Benjo3000

    Rationale for measurement in ball scatter

    I think the Ball is a special case for measurement, as sometimes it’s base is relevant, such as for snapping or calculating interceptions, and sometimes it has no base, like when a player has possession, or when passing.
  8. I definitely think that Guild Ball can be a casual game. I’d consider most of my games casual, as I’ve yet to enter a tournament. We still try and play on the clock, as it helps keep things moving, and we stick to the rules, but it’s still just a bit of fun. The problem is the nature of the game, it’s a sport, not a battle, war, adventure, or anything else. Compare it to football. Whether you’re having a kick about in the park with a few mates, or playing in a professional team, the structure and game are pretty much the same. The length of the game might be set by the 90 minute clock, or just by the length of the lunch break you’ve started a game in. You can play until the clocks up and see who’s winning, or you can do first to a set number of goals. I don’t think anyone would argue that football can’t be a casual game would they? Theres nothing stopping players being as creative as they want, there’s loads of alternative game styles out there, multiball, dodgeball etc, it’s only limited by how much time you want to put into planning a game. 40k players will spend days on a campaign. Designing scenarios, setting up terrain, coming up with a story. There’s nothing stopping GB players doing the same thing. The rookie leagues are just a small example of something that adds a new element.