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  1. Fisher71

    New to masons - tackling blacksmiths

    What do you know I played my second game of Masons against a buddies brand new Blacksmiths just recently as well (small world). I was playing with pretty much the Kick Off! six minus flint (someone as using him as a proxy before I started my game). The blacksmiths are very strong indeed. I managed to win but, that was because a goal kick ended up placing the ball in way ferrite wasn't going to be able to get it before me. I hope they do have the nerf hammer come down on some of them: Sledge: needs OPT on Piledriver for damn sure. Just trivially being able to ignore pretty mulch any armor in the game for two hits is just broke. And I think if you reduce the apprentice/master auras to 4" makes them at least have to bunch up a little more and be careful in the order of operations. With this (I think anvil would have to lose sentinel maybe?) at least teams would have a better shot of being able to push masters away from apprentices or vise versa. Also the masters' playbooks prolly could not be built-to-wrap would be good
  2. Hey forum, I'm still kinda new to the scene but was curios what tactics or advise do you have for the fishies into farmers?? (Side note: what is your advice into Obulus? It has been brutal playing into him)